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rudeus Greyrat

I think we all know who this guy is. Rudeus was a 34-year-old shut-in who was reincarnated as a baby in the world of Mushoku Tensei after Truck-kun sent him down under. Rudeus decided that he’ll no longer make the mistakes he did in the past and live a life without regrets. As he grew up, the memories of his past life remained and he used that to make sure that this new beginning wasn’t wasted.

Even though he had amazing talent as a mage, he didn’t show off and was mostly passive about everything that came his way. He didn’t show a lot of confidence and preferred to be level-headed. Rudeus tends to talk politely to everyone…sometimes too polite. 

Aside from that, Rudeus is a master tactician. He uses his head in every battle he fights in and tries to avoid meaningless bloodshed as much as possible. Even though he can one-shot a Demon King, he hides his powers and uses deadly force only when necessary. From an arrogant NEET to one of the strongest individuals in the world, Rudeus definitely went through one heck of a Redemption Arc.


Eris Boreas Greyrat

One word that can describe Eris is TSUNDERE. Not just any Tsundere, the ULTIMATE TSUNDERE. Eris is very aggressive and prefers to fix things through her blade rather than just talk it out. She didn’t get the nickname Mad Dog Eris for nothing. During her childhood, Eris was spoiled by her family which led to her unpleasing behavior but as the series went on, she became more matured and eventually became one of the strongest swordswomen in the world.

Her talent with the blade is so amazing that she became a Sword King at a very young age. Together with Rudeus and Ruijerd, she traveled the Demon Continent while slaying monsters that could just kill you with a flick. Despite growing up a bit, Eris still latched on to her deadly personality. She isn’t good with words either which gives her problems from time to time. As one of the greatest sword-wielders in the world, Eris is definitely a force to be reckoned with.



Sylphiette is the polar opposite of Eris. Sylphie is very reserved, shy, and just a big softie. Even her voice is super cute. She is basically the childhood friend with the short hair in any RomCom anime series. Sylphie is very attached to Rudeus as he was her first friend and first love. Even as the series progressed, she remains to be very timid but has also grown a lot.

One thing to note, just like Rudeus, Sylphie was able to cast Silent Incantations which is an amazing feat in itself. Due to some circumstances after the Fittoan incident, Sylphie became a quiet and serious person. She became the bodyguard of a royal and could take on deadly assassins all on her own. However, even though she went through so much hardship, she still loved Rudeus deep inside her heart and her beautiful smile never went away.


Roxy Migurdia

Roxy is the living symbol of a teacher. Despite her young appearance, she is actually 40-60 years old. She is the right balance of childish and wise. She taught Rudeus how to properly use magic and she even became one of Rudeus’ deities. Roxy wants to be very independent and left her village at a young age (by Migurd standards). She was the only Migurd who couldn’t communicate telepathically so she felt left out.

However, Roxy’s skills aren’t mediocre. She basically trained one of the strongest mages in all of Mushoku Tensei. Roxy is a Water King ranked mage and this also makes her one of the most powerful magic-users in the world. With her amazing talent, she is very mature, especially out of all the characters in the series. Just look at Rudeus, this is already his second life but he’s like me. Roxy knows how things work in the world, she knows how to teach, and most of all she knows how to become stronger while making others grow.


Ruijerd Superdia

Ruijerd is one of the few Superds left in the world after they were targeted because of Laplace’s scheme. Ruijerd is literally the batman of Mushoku Tensei. He doesn’t want to do any bad thing and will literally cut your head off if you punch a child. You can destroy a town just don’t touch a kid bro. Ruijerd was very aggressive at first but after he met Rudeus he started to realize the faults in his actions and became more understanding.

Ruijerd is really tough but he actually has a very soft heart. He accompanied Rudeus and Eris until they got back home. Ruijerd can fight toe-to-toe against the Sword God and is so powerful that he can slice a giant cobra in half with one swing. Ruijerd is also very protective and will do anything to keep his promises. He has a strong will, amazing strength, but most of all he’s starting to open his heart.


Kishirika Kishirisu

Kishirika Kishichurva or whatever her name is was once one of the most influential beings in the world. That is after she died a horrendous amount of time and lost every battle she led. She doesn’t care about what happens to her, she just wants to live life her way. Everywhere she goes Kishirika just laughs and tells everybody that she’s the Great Empress of the Demon World.

Kishirika is the embodiment of idiotic and carelessness. Demon Eyes are one of the most powerful abilities you can have and she just gives it away like their candy. She walks the wasteland with brainless confidence. Kishirika will always laugh no matter the circumstances which is positive in its own way.




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