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Lilia Greyrat

As a series, Mushoku Tensue is known for its complex and nuanced characters. Being a top tier isekai, many of its side characters are often just as interesting and compelling as many of its main characters. Lilia Greyrat only extends this trait further. She is one of the side characters introduced in the first season of the anime. In terms of screentime, Lilia doesn’t get much but what she does get makes a case for her as a compelling and well thought out character.

 She is the stepmother of Rudeus and the mother of Aisha Greyrat. Though she only has a handful of important moments in a few episodes, she does leave a strong impression for being a compelling character. Many fans of the show are doubtless waiting to see more of her in season 2.

 Today, we’ll be discussing some of her key traits as well as delving into some of her background. We’ll also be taking a look at some of her abilities and affiliations. As is tradition, we’ll also delve into some lesser known trivia regarding her. We know the wait for Cour 2 of the anime is a long one, and we hope that this might tide you over until then.

 Lilia Greyrat is initially a maid working in the Greyrat Household. In her past, she worked in a swordmaster’s dojo and she was even one of Paul’s classmates here. She worked her way up the ranks untilshe had the prestigious position of being a princess guard (Chapter 44). Later in life, she suffered a critical injury that made her unable to keep her post. This is when she became a maid in Paul and Zenith’s household. After the events of the first season of the anime, she is eventually taken in as Paul’s second wife (Volume 6).

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Lilia Greyrat

Lilia Greyrat

Character Info


Age:     –

More Information

Gender: Female

Occupation: Maid


Augusta (Father)

Flute (Mother)

Paul Greyrat (Husband)

Aisha Greyrat (Daughter)

Rudeus Greyrat (Stepson)

Norn Greyrat (Stepdaughter)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel: Volume 1

Web Novel: Volume 1

Manga: Chapter 21

Anime: Episode 1

Voice Actors

Japanese:  Lynn

English:  Dani Chambers


Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Lilia Greyrat has very long, red hair. In the anime, she was mostly seen wearing a maid outfit. She was also often seen wearing glasses and a large hairband. Outside of that, she is known for being very attractive, as evidenced by the events of the first season (Episode 1).


Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Lilia Greyrat has several key traits to her personality that help make her a nuanced and complex character. We will be discussing some of these traits now as well as going over some examples that really help highlight these.

She is very brave, almost to a fault. In the world of Mushoku Tensei where many characters aren’t as pure as they seem on the surface, Lilia at least has a courage and resolve that forces her to see things true. The best evidence for this is when she was under threat of having to take her baby on a journey alone in the winter. It was a journey that was likely to be extremely difficult and end up resulting in her death. All the same, Lilia seemed determined to go through with it if that’s what it took (Volume 6).

She is also shown as being very grateful towards the people who end up showing her kindness. This is most exemplified in her interactions with Rudeus. Initially, she is shown as being very reluctant to interact with him, since she thought he acted very strange for his age (Episode 1). We then see this dynamic take a complete turn when Rudeus helps to save her life. After that, her whole demeanor changes and she ends up trying to repay him for how she had acted before. She even went so far as to try and teach her daughter to do the same (Episode 4).

She is also patient and hardworking, more so than many of the other characters we see during the course of the show. Lilia had the patience to not completely panic after a sudden injury completely flipped her life around. Many people in her position might not have ended up recovering as well as she did in the end.

In the vein of Mushoku Tensei having nuanced characters, Lilia does have one main negative trait. She appears to be very lustful and has little self control. This was the key reason behind her affair with Paul, which put her in a sticky situation at the Greyrat household (Episode 4).

Strengths and Skills

Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei


 In the past, Lilia was known for her expert swordsmanship. She had to be, considering she was good enough to become one of the Princess’s royal guards. It is likely that at this time, she was even stronger than Paul who never seems to have gotten such a lofty position. Sadly, it appears she might have lost many of these skills after her injury, which was why she was forced to leave her post (Volume 6).

Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Water God Style

This is one of the three main swordsmanship styles in the world of Mushoku Tensei. It is a highly defensive style and focuses more on counter attacks rather than being more aggressive. This is the same style of fighting used by Paul in the anime (Episode 3).



  •     At some point, Lilia was likely a much stronger and more accomplished swordsman than Paul is (Volume 6).
  •     It wasn’t even the injury that made her resign, rather it was poison on the wound she received that ended up robbing her of her abilities.
  •    Despite only being her stepdaughter, Lilia seems to care as much for Norn Greyrat as she does for her own daughter.


Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Lilia served as one of the guard-maids in Asura’s palace. Here, she lived up to her name. Mostly, her work revolved around the maid part of her job. However, if anything were to ever happen in the palace it was her sworn duty to take up her sword and help deal with it. During this time, she was somewhat unremarkable, mostly fitting in with all the other similar people working in the palace (Volume 6).

However, during this time, she was known for only having slightly above average combat ability with her sword. When the princess was targeted by an assassin, this shortcoming of her was even more important. Lilia had sustained an injury from the assassin’s sword, a sword which was covered in deadly poison. This poison was dangerous, dangerous enough that the assassin trusted it to kill royalty itself.

Lilia had wanted desperately to get her injury treated and healed but that was impossible. There was no way to heal this kind of injury. The wound itself wasn’t that big of a deal in the world of Mushoku Tensei, but the lasting effects of the poison would be even more important later on. Eventually, she found that she just simply couldn’t use her full strength for anything, whether it be fighting or running. It didn’t take long after that for her to be dismissed from her post (Volume 6).

Lilia had seen this coming and she was determined to put this past her in her life. She moved away from the palace, intending to build a new life away from it all. She went to the far borders of the Kingdom and tried to find any work she could. Here, she ran into another obstacle. She couldn’t really find a job based on the strengths she had. She could have taught swordsmanship but her abilities were limited after her injury.

She instead decided to focus on being a maid, thinking that this way there would be less competition. During this time, she came across an advertisement looking for someone of her services. This advertisement especially highlighted someone who could look after and take care of a child. Lilia decided to pursue this and ended up finding out it was Paul who had made the advertisement. It was a strange reunion, but Paul offered her more money than Lilia had been expecting for her job. She took it and became a member of the Greyrat household (Volume 6).


Paul Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Paul Greyrat

Lilia serves as a maid working in Paul’s household. During this time, she ends up seducing him and then getting pregnant with his child. During this time, she seems to harbor a strong affection for Paul that is mutual. She was also acquainted with Paul in the past during their training, where they had also slept together at one point (Episode 2).


Zenith Greyrat

Zenith is Paul’s wife and it was Lilia’s job to help ease her burden as much as she could. In fact, she was initially hired because Zenith was near childbirth and Paul needed someone to help look after the baby. She got much closer to Zenith after the birth of her daughter, contrary to what one might expect.

rudeus greyrat appearance

Rudeus Greyrat

Initially, Lilia had a bad impression of Rudeus and thought he was extremely creepy for his age. She tried not to interact with him as best as she could. After Rudeus helped save her life, she thought much better of him and even seems to be very affectionate towards him (Episode 4).


Greyrat Household Mushoku Tensei

Greyrat Household

Lilia serves as the sole maid of the Greyrat Household. This is a position we see her holding from the very first episode of the series. As a maid, she seems to be diligent and hardworking and there were never any complaints in the house regarding her duties. As a maid, she also seems to harbor a strong affection for the place she works at (Episode 1).

Ariel Anemoi Asura - Mushoku Tensei

Asura's Palace

In the past, she served as a maid in the Asura Palace. Here, she was not only expected to be a maid but to also defend the royalty should an attack ever happen. Like in the Greyrat household, no-one ever made any complaints about her maid duties. She seems to harbor some degree of resentment for the palace after they forced her out following her injury (Volume 7).


Lilia Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

During the first few episodes, Lilia is frequently seen going about her duties. During one scene, she was shown to try and seduce Paul, who accepted her advances. She announced her pregnancy soon after Zenith announced hers and there was a tense situation. Lilia could have been forced out of the home and be made to take a trip she was unlikely to survive. Thanks to some clever thinking from Rudeus, she was allowed to stay in the house (Chapter 8).

After this, she seemed to get much closer to everyone. She gave birth to her daughter, Aisha, soon after. She raised her alongside Zenish who was raising her own newly born daughter. Thanks to Rudeus’s effort, Lilia decided to try and spend her life repaying him as best she could. She even decided to try and teach her daughter to do the same (Episode 4).

Mushoku Tensei

Voice Actor

Lilia Greyrat

l  Japanese – Lynn

l  English – Dani Chambers

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Lilia once again shows that you can have a complex and interesting character without dedicating a lot of time into building them up. This is the kind of thing that Mushoku Tensei does extremely well. Many anime watchers are doubtless eager to see more of Lilia in upcoming episodes.


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