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Mushoku Tensei has an endless amount of characters, especially from the light novel. From beastmen, to elves, to even literal gods, there is no shortage of powerful and unique individuals in the new world Rudeus was reincarnated in. Although, at the beginning of the series, none could have given a more intimidating aura than the mentor and bodyguard of Eris. Let’s get to know more about one of the handfuls of swordsmen who managed to become a Sword King, Ghislaine Dedoldia.

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All of Ghislaine Dedoldia’s appearances in the anime, manga, and light novel look similar to a certain extent.  

Ghislaine is a member of the beast race and of course has half-human and half-animal features. Ghislaine has silver-white hair in the manga and light novel but her hair becomes much darker in the anime adaptation. In all of the adaptations, she has dark skin. Her top clothes are close to nothing as she only has a leather strap and what seems to be a collar on her neck. She also has red eyes, a tail, and ears similar to that of a snow leopard. Ghislaine has a very muscular body structure that has scars, with the most noticeable ones being on her belly button and left cheek. 

Just like her hair, the straps from her pants that are attached to her leather strap that were present in the manga and light novel, but were removed in the anime. Ghislaine wore a black jacket with a fur coat. She also wore a khaki jacket much like a trench coat with a fur covering on her ears when she and Eris went off to train (Manga: Chapter 52). She wears unbuttoned olive pants and brown sandals on the bottom. Ghislaine has a white eye patch that covers her right eye as well as a katana-like sword that she always carries.

Ghislaine Dedoldia

Character Information


Musclebrain (by Paul)
King’s Hound


Black Wolf Sword King


Beast Race






Gustav Dedoldia (Father)
Gyes Dedoldia (Brother)
Minitona Dedoldia (Niece)
Rinia Dedorudia (Niece)



Sword God»
Ariel Anemoi Asura»


Fangs of the Black Wolf»


Adventurer (Swordsman)


S «Adventure Guild»
«Sword King»


Light Novel Debut

Volume 1: Infancy Period

Web Novel Debut

Volume 1

Manga Debut

Chapter 6

Anime Debut

Episode 4

Web Novel Debut

Volume 1

Manga Debut

Anime Debut


Ghislaine is a straight forward and loyal individual who would do anything for the people she serves under, especially Eris. Ghislaine also looks up to Rudeus and has complimented him several times. Ghislaine remarked one time, that she was impressed with Rudeus when he talked back to Sauros and how Rudeus learned Beast Tongue so fast after she just introduced it to him (Manga: Chapter 9, Chapter 14). She’s also not afraid to give words of inspiration, where she said to Rudeus that she respects him and not only has he gained the acknowledgment of the Boreas Greyrat family, but of the whole town of Roa as well (Manga: Chapter 15)

When talking about Eris, Ghislaine would do everything in her power to keep her safe and followed her with any decision she made. When Ghislaine and Eris reunited at the Fittoa Refugee Camp, she exclaimed that she doesn’t care if Fittoa will recover or not but she would not allow Eris to become the concubine of Piermont Notos Greyrat. So that Fittoa would prosper once more (Manga: Chapter 50). Ghislaine is also not afraid to kill just for the sake of her master and this was proven when she killed the two men who kidnapped Eris (Light Novel: Vol. 2 Chapter 2, Manga: Chapter 8, Anime: Episode 5).

Strengths and Skills

Rank and Influence

Ghislaine is a Sword King as well as an S-rank adventurer. She was the first apprentice of the Sword God who is now the head of the Sword Sanctuary on the Holy Land of Swords. The title of Sword King was given to only a handful of people in the world of Mushoku Tensei and signified the power one has when wielding a sword. As an S-rank adventurer, Ghislaine is regarded as one of the best and most experienced adventurers in the world. 

Additionally, Ghislaine is part of the Dedoldia Clan of the Beast race. She has significant influence as the sister of the Great Forest’s Chief, Gyes Dedoldia.

ghislaine swordsmanship Mushoku Tensei


Ghislaine’s rank as a swordswoman is Sword King only next to Sword Emperor. She received direct apprenticeship from the Sword God himself (Manga: Chapter 60.5) and is now very proficient in the Sword God Style, the strongest of the three schools of the sword. The Sword God Style is an aggressive and fast-paced style. Techniques of this style include the Longsword of Light which is the most powerful technique, Light Reversal, and Longsword of Silence. The Longsword of Light was what Ghislaine used against Eris’ kidnappers (Light Novel: Vol. 2 Chapter 2, Manga: Chapter 8, Anime: Episode 5). 

Ghislaine’s swordsmanship is further boosted by her sword, Hiramune. Hiramune or also known as the Flat Core is one of the Seven Swords of the Sword God. The Sword God gives these swords to worthy students who reached the rank of Sword King.

Ghislaine Demon Eye Mushoku Tensei

Demon Eye

You might be wondering why Ghislaine has an eye patch. The first thing that comes to your mind was that her eye was wounded along with the many scars on her body. To your surprise, Ghislaine’s right eye is called the Demon Eye, which she used before the Fittoan Incident and gave her the ability to detect the flow of mana (Manga: Chapter 16).

Superhuman Attributes

Apart from her amazing skills when using Hiramune, Ghislaine also has attributes that are superior to that of a normal human. Because of her race, she has super strength, agility, senses, and reactions and this was enhanced because of her experience as an adventurer and as an apprentice of the Sword God. Her superhuman reactions were displayed when she protected Rudeus from Almanfi when he was accused of starting the phenomenon before the Fittoan Teleportation Incident happened (Manga: Chapter 16).

ghislaine dedoldia magical abilities Mushoku Tensei

Magical Abilities

Despite being only an Elementary ranked Fire Mage when she was taught by Rudeus, this can be considered a skill since not all individuals are capable of using magic.


  • Ghislaine did not know how to read and write before Rudeus became her tutor.
  • Paul called Ghislaine a meathead.
  • Ghislaine’s first time was taken by Rudeus’ father, Paul Greyrat when they were at the same party.
  • Ghislaine has the nicknames Black Wolf Sword King and King’s Hound.
  • She tends to be weak when it comes to analyzing questions but always guesses the correct answers when given multiple choices.
  • When the beast race is in mating season, males challenge other males that beat strong females. Rudeus was challenged by several beastmen when he beat Ghislaine’s niece, Linia, and her friend, Prusenia (Manga: Chapter 65).


Ghislaine Dedolia The sexy yet muscular beast, Ghislaine has a charm that we don't see with many Anime characters. Having the Cancer zodiac, she's natural at picking other people's energy. Ghislaine can easily tell the situation, and that's why she's been instinctively helping our MCs multiple times in the series. While Ghislaine is intimidating, she's smart, beautiful, and powerful. If you expect to beat this woman, you're in it for some beating. Hence, Ghislaine comes with the Cancer zodiac sign and I can see how it is true!

Ghislaine’s past is a bit vague than that of Rudeus since Ghislaine is only a supporting character.  

In her childhood, she was more powerful than the other kids especially her brother, Gyes Dedoldia. She always made fun of him and teased him for most of their days as kids. Ghislaine also trained in the way of the sword and reached the rank of Sword Saint.

Before her appearance in the Mushoku Tensei series, Ghislaine was known to be a member of a party of strong adventurers known as the Fangs of the Black Wolf. The party included other S-rank adventurers such as Paul and Zenith Greyrat, who would later be the reason why the party disbanded, Elinalise Dragonroad, Tallhand, and Geese (Light Novel: Vol. 2 Chapter 3, Manga: Chapter 9, Anime: Episode 6). 

After the party disbanded, Ghislaine traveled all over the region and into caves and labyrinths. While on her journey, she went to the Holy Land of the Sword and became the first direct apprentice of the Sword God himself. Ghislaine ascended to the rank of Sword King, left the sanctuary, and went on with her journey. 

Just before she met the Boreas Greyrat Family, Ghislaine lost all her food supplies and failed to properly estimate how long it will last which led her to eat nothing for 3 days (Light Novel: Vol. 2 Chapter 3, Manga: Chapter 9, Anime: Episode 6). While on the verge of hunger, she was found by the Boreas Greyrat nobles and became their bodyguard and Eris’ mentor in swordsmanship.


Boreas Greyrat Family

Eris Boreas Greyrat happy

Eris Boreas Greyrat

When the rest of the Boreas Greyrat family died during the Fittoan Incident, Ghislaine dedicated herself to serving Eris Boreas Greyrat and help her in becoming one of the strongest swordsmen in the world (Manga: Chapter 50).

Sauros Boreas Greyrat

Sauros Boreas Greyrat was the head of the Boreas Greyrat household and Eris’ grandfather. Just like the rest of the Boreas Greyrat family, he had a thing for the beast race. He was executed when he took responsibility for the disaster (Manga: Chapter 9, Chapter 50).

Philip Boreas Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Philip Boreas Greyrat

Philip Boreas Greyrat was the father of Eris and the son of Sauros. He was married to Hilda Greyrat and would eventually take in Rudeus as the tutor of Eris (Light Novel: Vol. 1 Chapter 11, Manga: Chapter 6).

Hilda Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Hilda Greyrat

Hilda Greyrat was the wife of Philip and Eris’ mother. She initially hated Rudeus but treated him as her son later (Manga: Chapter 14). She would pass away with Philip during the Fittoan Incident (Manga: Chapter 50).

Fangs of the Black Wolf

Paul Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Paul Greyrat

Paul Greyrat was the leader of the Fangs of the Black Wolf and Rudeus’ father. His marriage with another party member, Zenith was the reason the party disbanded.

Zenith Greyrat

Zenith is one of the few healers who reached the rank of S-rank Adventurer. She would marry Paul and have a son they would name, Rudeus Greyrat.



Tallhand is a dwarf that is also, with no surprise, a drunkard. He was the magician of the group and also served as their middle guard.



Geese was another S-rank Adventurer that just happens to do almost anything. He was also known to be the last member of an extinct tribe called Nuka.

Elinalise Mushoku Tensei

Elinalise Dragonroad

Elinalise Dragonroad is from the elf race and also another S-rank Adventurer, just like the rest of the party. She was a warrior and charged on the front lines.


Linia Dedoldia Mushoku Tensei

Linia Dedoldia

Linia Dedoldia is the eldest daughter of Gyes and also Ghislaine’s niece. She would later meet Rudeus at Ranoa Magic University and eventually call him boss (Manga: Chapter 55).

Gyes Dedoldia Mushoku Tensei

Gyes Dedoldia

Gyes Dedoldia is the successor of Gustav of being the village head and Ghislaine’s brother whom she used to bully when they were children.

Gustav Dedoldia

Gustav Dedoldia is Ghislaine’s father and was the chief of the Dedurodia village of the beast race. He would be succeeded by Gyes as the next head of the village.

Minitona Dedoldia

Minitona Dedoldia is a rather obscure character. All that’s known of her is that she is Linia’s younger sibling and the niece of Ghislaine.


Mushoku Tensei

Ghislaine first appeared in Chapter 11, Vol. 1 of the Light Novel where after Rudeus was knocked out by Paul, he woke up in a carriage with Ghislaine. When Rudeus read the letter his father sent him, it stated that Rudeus would be taught by Ghislaine in swordsmanship while Rudeus would become her tutor in reading and writing and he will teach Eris and Ghislaine magic (Manga: Chapter 6, Light Novel: Vol. 1 Chapter 11). 

Eris was kidnapped by thugs and while Rudeus initially held them off, Ghislaine killed both of them using the Sword God Style when she arrived (Light Novel: Vol. 2, Chapter 2, Manga: Chapter 8). Ghislaine also helped in motivating Eris when studying magic by telling her the stories of the days when she was still an adventurer (Light Novel, Vol. 2 Chapter 3, Manga: Chapter 9)

As Rudeus, Ghislaine, and Eris trained, the Fittoan incident happened. Using her Demon Eye, Ghislaine spotted the abnormal flow of mana in the sky and protected Rudeus from Almanfi when he was wrongly accused of starting the whole thing. When everything turned white, she was separated from Rudeus and Eris (Manga: Chapter 16)

The next time Ghislaine appeared was when Rudeus and Eris, after 3 years, finally returned to the region. The three reunited at the Fittoa Refugee Camp and Ghislaine broke the news of the deaths of Eris’ parents and grandfather. After a heating debate with the last servant of the Boreas Greyrat family, she and Eris eventually left Rudeus. The pair went to the Holy Land of the Swords where Eris trained and instantly became a Sword Saint (Manga: Chapter 51, Chapter 52, Chapter 60.5). 

When Eris and Rudeus reunited, the last we would see of Ghislaine was when she went on a journey. Her aim is to kill every single individual involved with the death of Sauros Boreas Greyrat.

Final Verdict

Ghislaine was not only involved in saving Rudeus’ life but she also became the pillar that supported Eris. Ghislaine had a big role in the series that made her influence the lives of the most important characters. When she bid farewell, her strength, her teachings, but most of all the experiences they had with her, will be treasured by Rudeus, Eris, and the future generation.


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