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If you know Mushoku Tensei, you already figured out that Rudeus is naughty as hell. He worships the underwear of his master, probably has feelings for his childhood friend, and is now falling for his apprentice and partner in adventuring. With her fiery attitude and amazing swordsmanship, let’s meet one of the heroines of the series, Eris Boreas Greyrat.

Eris Boreas Greyrat

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Rudeus Greyrat and Eris Greyrat

Eris Boreas Greyrat has similar appearances especially when she was just a child and when she, Rudeus, and Rujierd were traveling on the Demon Continent in all of the adaptations. 

Eris throughout the series, has red hair, a feminine body structure, scarlet-red eyes, and various outfits as she grows up. Before Eris was teleported to the Demon Continent, she wore a dress. The dress had a white long sleeve top, a red and white blouse, a brown skirt, long socks that reached above her thighs, and what looked to be black dress shoes. While wearing the dress, Eris also sported a dark brown ribbon on the collar of the blouse and wore a hairband. 

When they formed Dead End, Rudeus bought Eris a hooded robe with cat-like ears which she treasured dearly (Anime: Episode 10). She then wore a white long-sleeve blouse with a dark brown ribbon on the collar and brown shorts. Eris also paired a leather chest plate, a leather belt, and brown boots with the outfit as well as leather bracers. 

On the cover of the 10th Volume of the Manga, Eris wears a thin silk dress that showed her figure. Her red hair has blue shades at the end and she carries a sword that was not present in both the manga and anime. Eris also wore winter outfits. When she left Rudeus, she cut her hair and went North where she was seen wearing a dark blue jacket, light blue pants, an orange scarf, and red gloves (Manga: Chapter 52). 

As Eris became an adult she also appeared with a different outfit. Eris now has a fur coat, similar to that of what Ghislaine wore, and has regrown her hair. She carries three swords on her waist, a crop top white blouse, shorts, leather leggings, and sandals. In all of her different outfits she never once removed her hairband (Light Novel Cover Volume 22).


Character Info

Alive (Anime and Manga)
Deceased 74 (Web Novel Vol 24)

Nickname: Mad Dog, Husband

Epithet: Mad Sword King,  Sword King

Race: Human

Birth: K405

Death: K479

More Information

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Red


Philip Boreas Greyrat (Father)
Hilda Greyrat (Mother)
Sauros Boreas Greyrat (Grandfather)
Unnamed Brother 1
Unnamed Brother 2
Unnamed Uncle

Party: Dead End (Former)

Rank: A «Adventure Guild», «Sword King», «North Saint»

Occupation: Adventure

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Light Novel Volume 2

Manga Chapter 6

Anime Episode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Ai Kakuma

English Voice: Lindsay Seidel


Ghislaine Personality Mushoku Tensei

To put it simply, Eris is a tsundere. Now if you’re not fluent with the language of the weebs, tsundere means that the character is aggressive in most of the interactions they engage in and tend to not show any other emotion other than being angry or annoyed.

When Eris and Rudeus first met, she immediately slapped him and called him impudent. When Rudeus slapped her back, Eris went on a rampage and beat Rudeus to the floor (Anime: Episode 5). Despite the initial attack, she became quite fond of Rudeus and admired him to an extent that she will kill anyone who tries to harm or threaten him (Anime: Episode 10). Although she admired Rudeus, she put all her pride on her swordsmanship. When Rudeus beat her after he gained the Farseeing Eye, she was frustrated and left while pouting (Manga: Chapter 29).

In terms of her family, she was very close to them before their deaths. She was especially loved by her grandfather and father. Because of that treatment, she was very spoiled when she was young, until Rudeus became her tutor. She is also very strong-willed and prideful when it comes to fighting. Eris also has a soft side, but rarely shows it and is only known to be open to Rudeus about her true feelings.


Strengths and Skills

Eris Boreas Greyrat

Rank and Influence

As a member of the Boreas Greyrat family as well as the granddaughter of the head of the Fittoa region and the daughter of the mayor of the town of Roa, Eris had political power before the teleportation incident. Eris was also a member of Dead End, which was an A-rank adventurer party and had a massive reputation in the Demon Continent. In addition, Eris became the second apprentice of the Sword God which spread her name further (Manga: Chapter 60.5).

In the later parts of the Light Novel, she married Rudeus who became one of the Seven Great Powers of the World. Her talent in swordsmanship as well as her aggressiveness and family background served as the foundation for her extraordinary reputation in both adventuring and politics.

Magical Abilities

When Rudeus and Eris were still children, Rudeus taught her fire magic along with Ghislaine. Eris never got to properly control magic as seen when she just trying to melt candle wax, but instead the flame on her finger went out of control (Manga: Chapter 43). Despite that, she is considered an Elementary ranked Fire Mage.


When she was still practicing with Ghislaine and Rudeus, she was already very talented and was an advanced level swordsman before the age of 15. Eris beat Rudeus who was considered a genius, many times in sparring (Anime: Episode 6). As they were venturing the Demon Continent, Eris gained the nickname Mad Dog for her aggressive attitude and swordplay. Eris defeated horrifying creatures which paled the monsters in the Central Continent (Anime: Episode 11).

In her arrival at the Sword Sanctuary, she beat every student with her bare hands and became a direct apprentice of the Sword God (Manga: Chapter 60.5). While continuing her training, Eris reached the rank of Sword King and received a sword and proof of mastery from the Sword God himself. The proof of mastery wasn’t even received by Ghislaine and other Sword Emperors (Light Novel: Vol. 14). Not only did Eris become a Sword King but she also became North Saint after being taught by the North Emperor and defeating several powerful swordsmen who trained in the North God Style (Light Novel: Vol. 11).

Eris’ swordsmanship was further enhanced when she obtained several great swords of the world. Her first sword was given to her by Rudes after Roxy’s father handed it to him when they arrived in the Migurdia village (Anime: Episode 9). Eris also received the Phoenix Elegant Dragon Sword when she became a Sword King (Light Novel: Vol. 14). Lastly, she was given the Yubi Ori or also called the Prominent by Rudeus after it was given to him by Orsted (Light Novel: Vol. 17).


  • Because of her aggressiveness especially when having sex, Rudeus calls Eris “Husband”.
  • Eris gained the nicknames Mad Dog and Mad Sword King because she tended to fight anyone she saw.
  • When she first left Rudeus, Rudeus was so depressed that he suffered from Erectile Dysfunction. His condition would only be cured by Sylphy who Rudeus thought was a boy when they met after the teleportation incident (Manga: Chapter 72).
  • Eris also inherited the Beast race fetish the Boreas Greyrat family is known for.
  • Rudeus eventually marries all three of the series’ heroines and only Eris had big breasts.
  • When they fought Orsted, Eris dismembered his arm.
  • According to Orsted, Eris was fated to marry Luke Notos Greyrat.
  • In Volume 24 of the Web Novel, Eris died because of old age in the year K479 when she was 74 years old.


Sauros Boreas Greyrat

According to her father, Eris was supposed to be the middle child and she had a younger and older brother but both were sent to the capital to be raised in the main Boreas Greyrat household. That also led to Hilda Greyrat hating Rudeus, but she eventually had a change of heart (Anime: Episode 8). 

Sauros Boreas Greyrat

      Due to being the only child left, Eris was raised poorly by her grandfather and parents which made her spoiled and violent. In most of her life, before Rudeus arrived, not a single tutor would take her as they were being punched just after they arrived. This would also result in one of the servants hating Eris and staging a kidnapping plot. At first, Rudeus thought this was all part of his plan but he realized things quickly when a thug entered and beat Eris. As she was laying bloodied on the floor, Rudeus healed her slightly and tried to escape. He then told Eris that he will only take her if she promised him not to be violent anymore and not speak loudly (Anime: Episode 5). 

Eris eventually agreed and the two set off to get back to the town of Roa. Just when the coast seemed clear, the servant appeared on the street and before Rudeus knew it, Eris was snatched behind him. He chased after them and was given an option to join them and they’ll give him a part of the cut. Rudeus considered it at first, but then decided to save Eris. He sent out a signal to the sky using Fire Magic and took Eris out of the kidnapper’s hands. While trying to fend them off, one of the thugs used the North God style and threw his sword at Rudeus. Luckily, Ghislaine saw the signal and arrived just in time. She blocked the sword and killed the kidnappers in one supersonic slash (Anime: Episode 5). 

When they arrived at the Boreas Greyrat household, the servant was taken away and Eris finally acknowledged Rudeus as her tutor. And so, the journey of sword and magic for Eris began.


Dead End

Rujierd Superdia

Rujierd Superdia

Rujierd Superdia was the one who rescued Rudeus and Eris after they were teleported to the Demon Continent. Rujierd not only served as their guardian but a mentor as well. He was called the Guard Dog of Dead End (Anime: Episode 9-11). Rujierd separated when Eris and Rudeus finally reached Fittoa. Although that would not be their last goodbye, it was certainly the last stop for Dead End (Manga: Chapter 49).

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat

Rudeus Greyrat was the tutor of Eris and the leader of Dead End. They would lose both of their virginity to each other but Eris would leave him to train in the Holy Land of Swords (Manga: Chapter 50-51). Later in the series, Rudeus eventually married Eris (Light Novel: Vol. 16). The two would have 2 children named Ars and Christina Greyrat.


sauros greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Sauros Boreas Greyrat

Sauros Boreas Greyrat was the grandfather of Eris and the one that governed Fittoa. Sauros was the one where Eris got her aggressive and wild personality. He eventually died when he took responsibility for the teleportation incident (Manga: Chapter 50).

Philip Boreas Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Philip Boreas Greyrat

Philip Boreas Greyrat was the father of Eris and the mayor of the town of Roa. Just like the other members of the Boreas Greyrat household, he also had a thing for beast maids. Philip was also very cunning and even suggested that he will make Rudeus the head of the Boreas Greyrat family if he married Eris (Anime: Episode 8).

Hilda Greyrat Mushoku Tensei

Hilda Boreas Greyrat

Hilda Boreas Greyrat was the wife of Philip and the mother of Eris. Eris got her red hair from Hilda. Hilda passed away along with Philip during the teleportation incident when they were transported to a danger zone (Manga: Chapter 50).


Ghislaine Dedoldia

Ghislaine Dedoldia

Ghislaine Dedoldia was the first mentor of Eris when it came to swordsmanship. Ghislaine is a Sword King and was an S-rank adventurer before her party was disbanded. Ghislaine also accompanied Eris to the Holy Land of Swords (Manga: Chapter 52).

Gal Farion

Gal Farion

Gal Farion was the previous Sword God and Eris’ and Ghislaine’s master. Gal Farion was also the 6th of the Seven Powers of the World. He made Eris his apprentice because he was impressed by her potential and her wildness (Manga: Chapter 60.5).

Auber Corvette

Auber Corvette

Auber Corvette was the North Emperor that trained Eris in the North God Style. When the two first met, they engaged in a battle to the death as Auber felt that he had to kill Eris after he felt her bloodlust (Light Novel: Vol.11).


Mushoku Tensei

As Eris and Rudeus continued to train, Eris eventually got stronger when using the Sword God Style and Rudeus was accepted into the Boreas Greyrat family. When Rudeus was just about to show Ghislaine and Eris his most powerful spell, the teleportation incident happened (Anime: Episode 8). 

The two woke up in the Demon Continent and were accompanied by Rujierd Superdia as they went on a journey back home. They formed the adventurer party called Dead End, hunted monsters, and got into a lot of trouble (Anime: Episode 9-11) 

After Rudeus had a fight with Paul when they reunited, Eris comforted Rudeus telling him that she’ll always stay with him (Manga: Chapter 35). Rudeus later made up with Paul, but he, Eris, and Rujierd continued their journey back to Fittoa. Eris and Rudeus also rescued Lilia where Eris easily defeated a knight of the Shirone Kingdom (Manga: Chapter 44-45). 

Dead End were ongoing with their travels until they met the Dragon God, Orsted. When Orsted knew that Rudeus had ties with Hitogami, he and Dead End fought in which Orsted easily beat Rujierd and Eris. Orsted killed Rudeus which horrified Eris. As Eris was begging for someone to save Rudeus, Nanahoshi suggested that Orsted keep him alive to which he agreed (Manga: Chapter 46-48). 

Rujierd left Dead End and the group was disbanded. He told the two that he no longer sees children but two warriors. Eris disagreed and said that she was weak because she couldn’t protect Rudeus, but Rujierd made sure that she got her confidence back. This was the final meeting of Dead End, for now. (Manga: Chapter 49) 

Rudeus and Eris reached the Fittoa Refugee Camp and saw the damage the disaster brought. They were also reunited with Ghislaine. Ghislaine and the butler told Eris of the news of the entire Boreas Greyrat household dying during the incident. The butler suggested that Eris be the concubine of Piermont Notos Greyrat to ensure Fittoa’s revival but Ghislaine was against it. After the debate, Eris told everyone that she will make her own decision. When night came, she entered Rudeus’ bedroom and told him that she wanted a family. That night, the two became one. When dawn broke, Eris and Ghislaine were nowhere to be found. On the floor, Rudeus found Eris’ hair with a note saying that she left on a journey and they are not a good match (Manga: Chapter 50-51). 

Eris and Ghislaine went to the Holy Land of Swords where she beat up every student in the sanctuary and was eventually chosen as an apprentice for the Sword God, Gal Farion (Manga: Chapter 52, Chapter 60.5). She was then trained by Auber Corvette, the North Emperor but before that, the two fought to the death (Light Novel: Vol. 11). Eris also trained to fight against the Water God Style along with two other apprentices of the Sword God to stand a chance against Orsted (Light Novel: Vol. 13). 

Eris reached the rank of Sword King when she fought the other candidates and received proof of mastery which wasn’t even given to the Sword Emperors and Ghislaine, as well as the Phoenix Elegant Dragon Sword from Gal Farion (Light Novel: Vol. 14). When Rudeus sent her a letter, she immediately traveled back to him where Eris, Rudeus, Sylphy, and Roxy fought against Orsted wounding him, but losing anyway (Light Novel: Vol. 16). 

After the battle against Orsted, Eris and Rudeus would reignite their love for each other and Eris became his third wife (Light Novel: Vol. 16). When Hitogami used Gal Farion as a means to kill Rudeus, Eris along with Rujierd fought against Gal Farion and won (Light Novel: Vol. 23). Eris would have 2 children with Rudeus and in the web novel, she died of old age at 74 years old (Web Novel: Vol. 24).

Final Verdict

If you’ve reached this far, you’ve probably read the plot by now. Eris in the anime, is a bit stubborn. But as the series progressed you get to see that this angry girl also has feelings just like any other character. She cries, she loves, and fights to protect what is dear to her. Eris has been through a lot especially when she lost her family and when she left the one she loves the most. When thinking hard about it, Eris is one of the characters that was in rock bottom but she still keeps moving forward with her head held high.


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