Monogatari Series | Easy to Follow Order (Author’s Recommended)


Are you planning on starting the Monotagari series but you don’t know where to start because there is no Monotagari first season and the second season. Instead, there are Bakemonogatari, Nisemonotagari, Onimonotagai, and so on?? (So confusing!). So you ask “Wait, which is that first one?”. Don’t worry, I am here to explain this to you!

So first of all, there are three watch orders that you can find on the internet. There is the release order, chronological order, and one which is recommended by the author. But in all honesty, the difference between the author’s recommendation and the release order is where they put the Kizumonotagari

Finally, chronological order is another thing. I am going to explain that at the end of the article but in this article, I am going to make the release order official because at the end of the day the first fans of this series watched it in this order and they must have released it in this order for a reason.


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Table of Contents

Chronological Order

  1. Koyomonotagari (Episode 1 ) 
  2. Nekomonogatari: Kuro 
  3. Bakemonogatari 
  4. Bakemonogatari (Episode 3-5) 
  5. Nisemonogatari 
  6. Kabukimonogatari 
  7. Onimonogatari
  8. Owarimonogatari (Episode 8-13) 
  9. Nekomonogatari (White) 
  10. Owarimonogatari (Episode 1-7)
  11. Otorimonotagari
  12. Koimonogatari 
  13. Tsukimonogatari 
  14. Owarimonogatari 2nd Season
  15. Zoku Owarimonogatari 
  16. Hanamonogatari 
  17. Koyomimonogatari (Episode 2 and 6-12).

Release Order

  1. Bakemonogatari
  2. Nisemonogatari
  3. Nekomonogatari Black
  4. Kabukimonogatari
  5. Otorimonogatari
  6. Onimonogatari
  7. Koimonogatari
  8. Hanamonogatari
  9. Tsukimonogatari
  10. Owarimonogatari
  11. Koyomimonogatari
  12. Kizumonogatari
  13. Owarimonogatari Part 2 
  14. Zoku Owarimonogatari


The first series that you need to watch is Bakemonogatari. It is a 15 episode long anime series that contains 5 small stories. These stories are almost individual, which means you can enjoy them without watching previous ones but of course, the whole story only becomes full if you watch all of them. So, sit back and let’s talk in detail about all the five stories!

Hitagi Crab

The first story is about a crab who took a girl’s weight and a girl who lost her weight. The main character Koyomi Araragi was walking on his school staircase when suddenly a girl was falling down and when Araragi caught her he realized she weighed like 5 kilograms (11 pounds).

This girl’s name is Hitagi Senjougahara. After this, Araragi asks his good friend Tsubasa Hanekawa about Senjougahara because she knows everything and they were in the same class for 3 years. But sadly he only finds out that she is clever and she doesn’t have many friends.


Later, Araragi meets Senjougahara again. Senjougahara asks him “nicely” not to tell everyone about her condition by shoving a cutter and stapler into his mouth. Obviously, Araragi agreed with her condition when he was in this situation but he also told Senjougahara that he knows a guy who could help her.

So they went to this guy, who is wearing a Hawaii T-shirt and living in an abandoned high school, Meme Oshino. This guy knows everything about unusual things and helps our friends but how this will end will be a spoiler and I think I spoiled the first 2 episodes enough.

The only thing I should mention is that in this abandoned high school, a small vampire girl is also living in and she has a strong connection to Araragi. Her name is Shinobu Oshino. Now she is just a side character but later she became a really important and loveable character.


Mayoi Snail

The second story is about a lost little girl, or more accurately a lost little snail. The story starts when Araragi was kicked out of his room by his sister on Mother’s day so he went to a nearby park, Namishiro park. Here she meets Senjougahara so they start a casual conversation until Araragi finds a little girl who seems lost in front of the maps.

Araragi offers his help to this little girl but she politely refuses his help. After some fun arguing, the lost girl, Mayoi Hachikuji, let them help her but they got lost every time. Well, it is not hard to guess but some unusual thing is going on. So Senjougahara goes to Meme and she finds out some interesting things.

Well, this is it. The ending of this story really surprised me and a lot of viewers so I am sure you will enjoy these 3 episodes. Finally, a little secret the ending contains not one but two big reveals.


Suruga Monkey

The third story is about a high schooler who was an ace in basketball but got an arm injury so she can’t play basketball right now, but the problem is that her arm is not injured. I would say, it is more like being possessed.

This story starts when Araragi meets a girl named Suruga Kanbaru. A girl who is not very happy about the fact that Araragi got a little too close to Senjougahara. After this meeting, a mysterious person attacked Araragi and beat the crap out of him.


Basically, Araragi knows only one person who doesn’t really like him but the problem is that she is a cute high school girl and the mysterious person was a monkey-like beast so she can’t be that.

Well, the thing is that Kanbaru is the beast because when she invited Araragi to her room, she revealed that her arms are not injured but possessed. In short, her arms look like monkey arms.

So Araragi does the usual, he goes to Meme to ask him about this, and he reveals that she is not possessed by a monkey beast but rather something else. I hope you know the drill now. This part is 3 episodes long and has some surprisingly good fights, I am sure you will love them.


Nadeko Snake

The fourth story is about a girl who was cursed by a snake. The story begins when Kanbaru went to North Shirahebi Shrine to place her amulet. While she was walking towards this shrine, she met Araragi so they decided to go together.

But when they arrived, they saw really unusual things. A really cute school girl killed white snakes near the shrine and offered them to the shrine. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a chance to ask this girl what was she doing but Hanekawa informed Araragi that this girl seems to be really interested in the occult because she saw her reading some occult books in the library.


Araragi couldn’t hold his curiosity anymore so he went to integrate this girl. With the help of Kanbaru, they found this girl whose name is Nadeko Sengoku. Sengoku informed that she has a curse that was slowly killing her and this curse has some connection to snakes.

So Araragi did the obvious and asked Meme to help so they went back to the shrine to cure her curse but then they found out there is more about this curse. This part is 2 episodes long but you wish it will be more, and I mean not just the story but for the opening. If you are on the internet long enough you will recognize this opening.

Tsubasa cat

The fifth story is about a cheerful high school girl who is possessed by a cat but you shouldn’t worry about this cat because she only gets rid of things that make her stressed.

This story starts when Sengoku and Hanekawa start a casual conversation until Araragi appears. Because after he appeared, Sengoku leaves, leaving Araragi and Hanekawa alone. They just casually started to talk about themself and later about Senjougahara and how she changed after Araragi appeared in her life.


The conversation ends when Hanekawa says that Araragi should change and not make Senjougahara embarrass herself. They’re just talking casually like good friends but deep down,  Araragi’s new relationship makes Hanekawa stressed. So her other self appears once again to solve this problem.

Yes, I didn’t write it wrong, once again because in this order you will find out the “White cat’s” first appearance later. So Araragi once experienced this white cat but he resolved the situation with the help of Oshino, the little vampire, but now he didn’t know where Oshino was, and of course, the white cat is too strong for him. So what should he do? Well, you can find out if you watch 5 episodes long stories about them.



So you have finished the Bakemonogatari series so it is time for the next series, the Nisemonotagari. This series is 11 episodes long and contains 2 little stories. Two little stories about two little sisters. Already sounds good, am I right?

Karen Bee

The first story is about a reckless little sister who was cursed by a flame-whether bee. This story is about the older little sister: Karen Araragi. Karen found out that someone is selling fake charms to students. So she asked Hanekawa for help to find out who he is but she refused any help when it came to teaching him a lesson. 

But Karen is not afraid of anyone because she is so strong. Well, it turned out his enemy was not playing fair. Because his enemy, Deishuu Kaiki cursed him with a bee curse which made her sick with a fever. When Araragi…let’s call him from now on Koyomi, found this out he scolded his little sister for not asking for help and this resulted in a family-gore fight.

However, later Koyomi found out this all was a plan. This is the longest story so far 7 episodes but for a little sister episode maybe this is too short for some people.


Tsukihi Phoenix

The second story is about a silent little sister who is not really a little sister. This story is about the youngest little sister: Tsukihi Araragi.

The story starts when Koyomi and Karen leave the house leaving Tsukihi home alone. This is when two people decided to visit the Araragi household, Yozuru Kagenui, and Yotsugi Ononoki who are specialists in immortal beings. But who is the immortal being, no other than the little sister, Tsukihi?


So these two specialists attacked Tsukihi with the Unlimited Rulebook, destroying her body and making Koyomi, who just arrived at the scene, very very angry. But he was pinned down by Yozuru so Shinobu needed to save the day, but she also found out that Tsukihi is not possessed by the thing which Yozuru thought.

This story is only 4 episodes long but still longer than other stories from Bakemonogatari so you can enjoy it longer.


Nekomonogatari Black

Well, I said we will come back to the White cat’s first appearance. So here it is. This 4 episode story tells the tale of how was Black Hanekawa born and how Koyama dealt with her.

Tsubasa Family

The story starts when Koyomi and Hanekawa meet on the road from the school and they start a casual talk. Here Hanekawa mentions she has a lot of stress because of her stepparents. In short, they are quite cold with her. But she is not hoping for Koyomi to help but rather she is just complaining a little.

On the route to home, they found a dead cat, and Hanekawa decided to bury her and so, Black Hanekawa was born. She looks like a white-haired catgirl who is really bad because she is draining other people’s energy so Koyomi and Meme need to confront her. But can they beat a really strong catgirl, well I’ll let you find out?


Tsubasa Tiger

The story starts when Hanekawa was going home when she met an odd tiger who could talk to her. After she talked to her a little she came to a big surprise: her house was burned down. So without a house to live in, she accepts an offer from Senjougahara to let her in her house for a little while after she also lived in Araragi’s house a little bit.

But then she realized she had to do something with that odd tiger, so while she was walking she met Episode, the vampire-hunter who once almost killed her.  Again, this story is going to be revealed later, but she also met his client, Izuko Gaen who revealed to her that this odd tiger’s name is Kako.

Later, she found out that this new oddity targets places whichHanekawa considered to be her home. So this tiger can destroy Senjougahara and Araragi’s house soon, so she has to deal with her as quickly as possible and she has to do it alone. How is she going to do it?



Now, let’s move on to another character. By that, I mean our favorite elementary snail girl, Mayoi, or is she an elementary school girl? Let’s find out in this 4 episode long series.

Mayoi Jiangshi

I’m sorry but the thing is that I can’t tell you this story without spoiling the ending of Mayoi Snail and Tsubasa Cat. So the only thing is that I can tell you that this is a time-traveling story that goes wrong. Basically, a classic butterfly effect story, if you like this kind of story you are going to enjoy it in the Monotagari way, too.



Let’s go back to our snake girl and let’s see another story about how she became a God. Yes, that is something and in just 4 episodes!

Nadeko Medusa

This story is the aftermath of Karen Bee’s part. Remember those fake charms that were sold by Deishuu? Well, we see now that made an entire class into a bad mode. Our heroine for this part, Nadeko, is trying to solve this problem as a class president unsuccessfully and this is not enough for her.

She meets a strange girl, Ougi Oshino who said she shouldn’t lean on the charm to escape reality. And it is revealed that she starts dreaming about a big white snake, Kuchinawa. So in her life, everything became stressful but Kuchinawa offers her a deal and she only needs to steal a talisman which is in Araragi’s house. But by doing that she became a strong oddity God who wants to and can kill Araragi and Hitagi. But at the last moment, Hitagi offers her a deal. Well, remember this because we will come back to this story.



Finally, let’s see some story about our little vampire girl and her past in this 4 episode long part.

Shinobu Time

In this story, we get a little background on what Shinobu was doing before she met Koyomi. We get to know her previous minion who Shinobu turned into a vampire, Darkness. Everything is fine until this character mysteriously appears and asks for Mayoi, so Koyomi and Shinobu had to confront this character once again.


This is the end of Monotagari season 2. We finished it with the girl who we started it with. We get to enjoy Senjougahara once again in these 6 episodes.

Hitagi End

Well, I hope you didn’t forget about the Nadeku Medusa story because this story is happening right after that. So Hitagi doesn’t want to die and neither does she want Araragi to be killed so she asked a professional, Deishuu, to deal with the snake God somehow.

Well, the asking is not an easy task for Hitagi but the real challenge is how will Deishuu deal with a jealous, teenage girl snake God who can kill everyone very easily?



After some serious stories, let’s go back to some less serious topics like collecting the devil’s body parts with Kanbaru in this 5 episode long story.

Suruga Devil

This story starts when Kanbaru heard that some devil solves all kinds of problems for people. When she went to investigate this she found out that this devil is none other than her old basketball rival, Rouka Numachi.

Then of course she found out that her goal is not to help people but rather to collect all the body parts for the devil. Kanbaru tries to stop her so she challenges her to a 1 on 1 basketball match for the devil’s body parts. Who will win?



We officially started the final season and what else is a better start than a story about the ominous doll character who was introduced in the Tsukihi Phoenix story. This part is 4 episodes long.

Yotsugi Doll

This story starts when Koyomi realizes that he has no reflection in the mirror so he asks Onoki and Yuzuru for advice. It turned out that Koyomi used his vampire power for so much time that he is slowly turning into a full vampire and when this happens one thing is that he loses his human side but Onoki has to hunt him down then. But unfortunately, there is nothing they can do but if Koyomi doesn’t use his vampire powers anymore then he would stay human.

Easy right? Well, until Koyomi was informed that Kanbaru and his sisters were kidnapped by an oddity specialist, Tadatsuru Teori. So sadly it seems Koyomi once again needs to use his power unless he gets some help.



This is a series that contains 4 almost individual stories about our favorite characters. This anime series is 13 episodes long.

Ougi Formula

This 2 episode long story is about Koyomi and Ougi’s first meeting which resulted in a strange situation. They found themselves in a strange classroom where there is no way out or they do not find it. But there seems to be a memory from Koyomi that he is missing from the first semester that he needs to remember before leaving this classroom.


Sodachi Riddle and Sodachi Lost

So this story is the direct continuation to the Ougi Formula. So, without spoiling it, I can’t tell much about it. But it introduces a new character, Sodachi Oikura, who is Koyomi’s rival in Mathematics. She is going to cause some problems for our heroes. The Sodachi Riddle is 2 episodes long and the Sodachi Lost is 3 episodes long.


Shinobu Mail

The story is about Seishirou Shishirui, a vampire who was turned into a vampire by Shinobu but he doesn’t know why. Later he sends some oddities against them and finally, he comforts Shinobu and Koyomi. Finally, he fought against our heroes to find out why he is turned into a vampire but he may have another goal.

Owari no Seraph


Koyomimonogatari is a series of short stories about Koyomi. In every episode, he met another girl from the series, so every episode contains an individual story that is happening somewhere in the Monogatari timeline. But the ending of this series may surprise you. I hope you will enjoy this 12 episode series.



This is kind of an odd one here because this is a 3 episode long movie series that tells the story of how Koyomi and Shinobu first meet. Well, it was not easy for them because Koyomi’s first mission as a vampire was to defeat three very strong vampire-hunters,  Dramaturgy, Episode, and Guillotine Cutter. But of course, this story won’t end so easily even after he defeats all enemies. Oh, and this story also tells how Koyama and Hanekawa first met.

Owarimonogatari Part 2

So now we can continue our Owarimonogatari stories after we finish some short stories about Koyomi. This season contains 7 episodes and 3 stories.

Mayoi Hell

So in short I can’t tell you anything about this story without huge spoilers, so this is the continuation of Koyomimonogatari final episode and it is 2 episodes long.


Hitagi Rendezvous

This is a story about Senjougahara and Koyomi finally going on a date after they finished everything, every test, and every unusual supernatural thing. So 2 episodes about a wholesome, romantic relationship.

Ougi Dark

Then lastly the team decided to confront the true enemy who causes a lot of misfortune to them: Ougi. But they also need to deal with the problem which Mayoi caused them, so finally how do they deal with this problem, you can find out if you watch the last 3 episodes of the season.


Zoku Owarimonogatari

The final season which currently has an anime adaption is the Zoku Owarimonotagai which has 6 episodes.

Koyomi Reverse

This story is about Koyomi who somehow entered a mirror world which is a kind of alternative reality to him. So not only everything is mirrored but everything and everyone is different from the original. So how will Koyomi escape from this world? No one knows.



So this is the Watchorder that I recommend to you if you are planning to watch the Monogatari series. But not the only one. What I recommended for you was the release order but you can watch it in Chronological order if you want.

Or you can watch it like the author recommends, which is basically the same as the release order but you watch Kizumonogatari right after Bakemonogatari.

I hope you enjoyed this little article and if you like the series you can continue the story by reading it because Orokamonogatari, Wazamonogatari, Nademonogatari, Musubimonogatari, Shinobumonogatari, Yoimonogatari,  Amarimonogatari, Ougimonogatari, and Shinomonogatari haven’t gotten an anime adaptation yet.

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