ALL Mob Psycho 100 Birthdays!

"everyone grows because of their encounters with other people."-Shigeo Kageyama

Mob Psycho 100 Birthdays

Hey, guys, it’s always great to see you back at Quotetheanime. Today we’ll be sharing an interesting topic and that’s “All Mob Psycho 100 Birthdays”. This topic will help you find your birthday twins.  Isn’t it amazing? So, get ready to read some fun information about the characters. Here we go!

Why Mob Psycho 100 is so popular?
Well, the reason is its genre and that’s action, comedy, and supernatural. This anime provides everything that creates addiction in the audience. Apart from that, there is so much to learn from every character. The main lesson we learned is that “power doesn’t make you powerful but having a kind heart does”.


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Inukawa Mameta

Birthday: March 8

Meet Inukawa; a fun-loving and cheerful person. Though he is a member of the telepathy club, he never took it seriously. Yeah, because he is a laid-back person and everything he does is for fun. Sounds cool!

Well, not just that, he is a person who doesn’t show interest in topics easily. In short, he doesn’t believe anything easily. Pretty Intriguing, right?


Hanazawa Teruki

Birthday: April 13

Teruki is a person who is full of himself. And that’s because he thought that he is the only powerful individual in this world. He was wrong and overconfident and soon realized that.

Ask how? Well, none other than Kageyama made him realize when he defeated him. But nature rarely changes, right? He still thinks that he is not so ordinary.

Serizawa Katsuya

Serizawa Katsuya

Birthday: April 20

Serizawa is a person who believes in others more than himself. Yes, that’s childish, right? He usually loses control over his powers and the reason is that he gets disturbed and tensed easily.

Apart from being naive, he has a very soft heart. Moreover, he is pretty sensitive and cares for others. That’s the reason you’ll find him sacrificing himself for the people he cares for. This is something that makes him innocent.


Ever wondered how crazy people find their ways out of the woods? Think, think harder! Definitely, by following the “Psycho Path”


Kageyama Shigeo

Birthday: May 12

Kageyama is the most interesting character in the anime. The thing that makes him unique is his extraordinary powers. He is so powerful that if he loses control, his surroundings would have a huge impact.

Well, that’s horrible, right? This has disturbed Kageyama a lot and that’s the reason he learned to fully control his powers. But because of that he became anti-social and isn’t close to anyone. Isn’t it heart throbbing?

Additionally, he is the most kind-hearted person you’ll ever meet. Amazing!


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Kageyama Ritsu

Birthday: July 2

Ritsu is famous as a perfectionist; in everything he does, he is number 1. But let me tell you, he has always felt inferior to Shigeo. That’s because Shigeo has extraordinary psychic powers. So, being a perfectionist in everything but lacking powers made him feel inferior to his brothers.

But one thing is true, despite being inferior; he loves his brother very much. Isn’t it cool?

Fun Fact:

Let’s guess! What is it that always goes up and never down? Yeah, you can guess it! Well, it’s “your Age”


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Reigen Arataka

Reigen Arataka

Birthday: October 10

Reigen never leaves a chance to surprise people on-screen and off-screen. That’s because he is unpredictable. No one can win against him if it comes to communication, he is an expert.

He is the smartest character you’ll find in the anime. Reigen knows how to manipulate people to his advantage. Yeah, no one would believe by looking at him that he is extremely clever.


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Toichiro Suzuki

Birthday: December 7

He is the antagonist in the anime. Toichiro is exceptionally powerful and that’s what made him full of pride and arrogance. That’s the reason he doesn’t consider anyone else’s feelings. In short, he is the most horrible person you’ll find in the anime.

He can kill anyone for his means and wouldn’t regret it. Yeah, that’s horrible! Hey, did you know there is a special path where crazy people drive?

I bet you know this! Any guesses? Well, of course, “A Psycho Path”

Comment if you don't want to be hypnotized!

Mob Psycho

So, from the analysis of the above-mentioned characters, we came to know that everyone is different in their way. But being the protagonist requires a soft heart and kindness.  That’s what we observed from Kageyama.

We hope you enjoyed reading the article. Let us know in the comment section about your favorite character and why you like them.

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