Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid Personality Quiz

miss kobayashi

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid is a fun little anime that will lift up your mood in no time. It offers a number of very adorable and dorky characters who are going to steal your hearts instantly.

The characters have really fun personalities and are extremely hilarious to the point that you’d randomly find yourself laughing while remembering their cute yet stupid conversations. We’ve made this quiz for you to find your personality twin from Miss Kobayashi’s Maid. Let’s go and take the quiz!


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Table of Contents

1- Kobayashi


Kobayashi is the main protagonist of the series and is introduced to us as a Computer Programmer. She looks very cold and aloof all the time. However, she is the kindest of all the characters in the series. 

She serves as a very level-headed individual who thinks logically and comes to a conclusion all the time. One interesting aspect about Kobayashi is that when she’s intoxicated, she becomes quite aggressive and Tohru always becomes the victim of her intoxication.

2- Tohru


Tohru is one of the main characters of the series after Kobayashi. She’s a dragon that has the ability to transform into a human. She falls in love with Kobayashi after she’s saved by her and decides to serve Kobayashi as a maid.

In the form of a dragon, Tohru had nothing but contempt towards humans, wreaking havoc everywhere. After meeting Kobayashi, Tohru became a little less aggressive and very cheerful. She’s a hard-working maid and cares deeply for her master, Kobayashi. Tohru is pretty naive and is easily manipulated by other people. 

She serves as a mother figure of Kanna and is very protective of her. Tohru has a very warm and loving personality that makes her all the more appealing and desirable.

3- Kanna Kamui


Kanna used to be a dragon who played a lot of pranks in her dragon world. As a result, she gets exiled from her world and ends up on Earth. Kanna has a very quiet personality and has trouble expressing herself. She often shows her childish nature and spends most of the time playing games. 

Kanna often bursts out her emotions as she had been bottling them up inside for a long time. That can be noticed a lot of times. Kanna tends to play a lot of pranks even on Earth which shows that she hasn’t changed much. 

Initially, Kanna was very distrustful of Kobayashi as well as other people around her. But slowly, she grew closer to Kobayashi and became very possessive about her. 

4- Lucoa


Lucoa is the former dragon goddess and a close friend of Tohru. Just like Kanna, Lucoa was also exiled from her world. The reason why she got exiled was that she consumed some cursed liquor that landed her in a bit of pickle. 

Lucoa is a calm individual with a sweet smile on her face all the time. She has got that laid-back attitude that makes her look carefree all the time. She is seen to be a little cunning when it comes to the things she wants. She has no sense of dignity as she offers up her body to get something.

She is often seen to be flirty with the people around her and uses her body to seduce them. The only time she’s seen flustered is when anyone mentions the time when she got drunk. She also hates to fight and avoids it by all means. She doesn’t care if her friends are in trouble. Lucoa is always seen to be very protective of herself and cares only about herself.

5- Makoto Takiya

makoto takiya

Makoto Takiya is a co-worker and fellow programmer of Kobayashi. He is a pure otaku and loves being vocal about his interests.

Just like Kobayashi, Takiya is also very kind-hearted. He has a very good nature and is also seen offering a helping hand to others. When drunk, Takiya’s personality completely changes and is often seen to be arguing with Kobayashi.

6- Elma


Elma belongs to a faction opposite Tohru’s. Just like Tohru, Elma is also a dragon who can transform into a human. She is shown to be very persistent, showing her extreme desire to take Tohru back to the dragon world. 

Elma loves to eat food but is also very indecisive when it comes to picking one option out of many. She’s also seen to be very confused about which toothpaste to use. She has a sweet tooth and can’t control herself when she sees a lot of food in front of herself. All she knows is to eat, eat and EAT!


We hope you liked taking this personality quiz and found it amusing as well. Comment down below your personality twin from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid!

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