Naruto Theory: Minato Vs. Orochimaru (would Minato win?)

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Minato vs Orochimaru

After the third shinobi war Minato was chosen as the fourth hokage. But there was also another candidate for this position: Orochimaru. Hiruzen Sarutobi chose Minato over Orochimaru. That was because Orochimaru became more and more evil during the war period and the third hokage decided that he was unsuitable for the position of the fourth hokage. That means he didn’t consider him as weaker than Minato, he just considered him because of his evil ambitions as not suitable for the position of hokage. However, what if the two of them would fight in a battle? Which one will be stronger?

Before we talk about the fight let’s take a short look about their personalities and jutsus.

Minato Namikaze

Minato was one of the smartest persons in Konoha, if not the smartest. He graduated at the age of ten the academy and he developed the Rasengan; an A-class level jutsu. He also perfectioned the Flying Thunder God technique, making him the fastest shinobi ever(besides Naruto in six-path- mode). He also learned the sage mode, but he rarely used it at battles, because it didn’t harmonize well with his combat techniques. In contrary to his son Naruto, Minato is a very calm and analytical person. He would never rush in a fight, without thinking it thoroughly through first. He is also a very caring person that loves his friends and family. Nevertheless he can also be a fierce  ninja when it comes to defending his village and friends. In the third shinobi war he defeated over one thousand ninjas, forcing the third tsuchikage to give up.


Orochimaru is also a very smart person. At an early age he was considered as a genius. He mastered various techniques very fast, making him the favourite student of his sensei; Hiruzen Sarutobi. He is also known as one of the three legendary sannin. A title that was given by Hanzo the salamander; one of the strongest shinobi during the second shinobi war. He has mastered over hundred jutsus, which is very remarkable. But he is mostly known for his use of kinjuts. He mastered the kinjutsu “Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation”. This jutsu allows the user to bring be the soul of a deceased person back to earth and bind it on an earthly body. He also uses different variations of snake techniques. He owned the sword Kusanagi, which is known as the strongest of all swords. Orochimaru is also an inhuman and atrocious person. He became obsessed with the thought of mastering all jutsus in the world. In order to reach that goal he had to achieve immortality. He did various experiments on human beings to achieve immortality. If the humans were no longer useful, he just killed them. But mostly they died during the experiments. You can say that Orochimaru didn’t see any worth in other human beings unless they were used for his experiments.

The fight

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Let’s talk about the actual fight. The battle ground  in this case is very important. In order that Minato can achieve his full potential he mustn’t protect other persons. If he had to it would be an advantage for Orochimaru, because he won’t take care of other humans during their fight. So let’s say they fight in an empty landscape without any human beings in their radius. Of course, it’s a little disadvantage for Minato. Because of the empty landscape he probably wouldn’t be able to launch a surprise attack. But it’s important to consider that at the decision of the battle ground we mustn’t pay attention to the individual fighting styles.

(In this following section everything is hypothetical. In order to increase reading fluency I am going to use the present tense) ( This fight occurs right after the third shinobi war. Orochimaru and Minato are at their prime)

The fight starts: Minato throws a docent of his teleportation kunais on various spots on the ground. Orochimaru tries to summon strong shinobis but he fails as Minato already launched an aggressive frontal attack, to stop him from summoning any legendary shinobi. Orochimaru accomplishes to defend the attack and sinks in to the ground. He appears right under Minato and he tries to grab his foot. At the last second Minato manages to teleport away. The next minutes they fight each other hand in hand. After that Minato decides to step up. So he attacks Orochimaru several times with the Rasengan.

The first two times Orochimaru manages to counter the attacks but at the third one he failed, because of Minato’s incredible speed. Minato hits him with his Rasengan in Orochimarus face and Orochimarue flies over 30 meters back. This alone isn’t enough to take one of the three legendary sannin down. Orochimaru also decides to step up and he summons Manda. Consequently Minato summons Gamabunta. The two animals fight against each other, which end in a draw. Both animals disappear. After another ten minutes of fighting both, Orochimaru and Minato, decided to go full out. Orochimarus uses the Eight Branches Technique. Orochimaru has transformed into a giant white serpent with eight heads and eight tails. The white giants snakes looked like a mixture between a dragon and a snake. Minato has already planned ahead and he gathered natural energy during their combat that lasted ten minutes, in order to enter sage mode. Minato now enters the sage mode. Minato knows that he has to end the fight fast, because the sage mode doesn’t last very long. And without the sage mode, it would be very difficult to win the fight.

Before Orochimaru has the chance to attack, Minato has already started a full frontal attack. He throws eight teleportation kunais at the head of the snakes. He decides to attack each head of the snake with a Rasengan. He does that so fast that it seems like he attacked them all at once. Much to the surprise of Minato it didn’t has any effect on the snakes. Orochimaru attacks Minato with the Kusanagi sword, but Minato manages to counter. Minato comes to the conclusion that the only way to beat Orochimaru is to seal the eight snakes away. Because of Minatos large knowledge of sealing techniques this isn’t going to be a problem  for him. But before he has the chance to seal the snakes away Orochimaru manages to hit Minato in the leg with the Kusanagi. Now Minato has to perform the sealing technique. He starts to make the hand signs and a huge seal appears under the ground of the snakes. He manages to seal the big snakes and the Kusanagi away. Now the wounded Minato has the chance to finish Orochimaru. Orochimaru is very weakened, because he lost a lot of chakra of the snake summoning. Minato attacks Orochimarus with the Rasengan. He hits Orochimarus with the Rasengan in the face, so that Orochimarus crumbles to the ground. After that Minato throws various kunais at Orochimaru, which pierce his body. Minato wins.

Explanation why Minato is stronger

Orochimaru and Minato are both nearly equal on power. But Minato’s Flying Thunder God is just overpowered. He can teleport at any time at any place, without any restrictions. Additionally to that he has the Rasengan. One hit from the Rasengan is enough to defeat an elite jonin. Of course Orochimaru has also an overpowered jutsu which is the “Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation”. He can summon several legendary shinobis, which will fight for him. But this fight finds place right after the shinobi world war, so you have to consider that this technique wasn’t perfect at this time. Even if he could summon an legendary shinobi like Hashirama or Madara they woulnd’t be able to fight with full power, which making the technique less stronger. Even with the perfected “Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation” there are still restrictions and weaknesses to that jutsu. As example in order to summon someone, you first need to find their DNA, which is rather hard, if you weren’t present at their death. Also the summoned bodys can easily be sealed away, as we saw during the fourth shinobi war. Of course, for a normal shinobi it would be pretty hard to seal someone away. But you have to consider that Minato perfected nearly every sealing technique. That means that this kinjutsu won’t challenge Minato that much. Also, Minato could end the fight just in few second. How are you gonna counter someone, who is as fast as light? That is nearly impossible. Of course, Orochimarus would somehow be able to counter him, but in the long run I don’t think he would stand a chance.

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