Naruto Theory: Minato’s Parents: Tsunade and Dan’s Son (INSANE Theory)

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What’s Namikaze? 

Well we don’t know that much about the Namikaze clan. The only thing we know that Minato is from that clan and that he is a very intelligent person. But we don’t know any of his relatives. We don’t even know who his mother or father was. So the only way to ascertain who his parents were is through a theory.

Dan and Tsunade, parents of Minato Namikaze

There is nearly nothing known about the Namikaze clan. And because of that we also can’t make judgements about other Namikaze clan members being Minatos parents. So we have to go a little further. Tsunade is a descendant of the Senju clan. She has enormous chakra strength and is also very skilled kunoichi. She also had a lover who died during the Second Shinobi World War. His name was Dan Katō. He was also a very skilled shinobi. So it would make sense if Minato was their kid. Although Minato didn’t have a lot of chakra reserves he was very skilled in fighting; and so was Dan. Dan had also a special technique which he probably invented by himself (although that isn’t known)
called the Spirit Transformation Technique. And just like Dan, Minato also invented several different techniques.

Love Story & Love Child?

Minato invented the Rasengan and several teleportation jutsus. But if both of them were his parents why didn’t he inherit the enormous chakra reserves of Tsunade? Well, he doesn’t have to inherit everything from both of his parents. Minato and Kushina were the parents of Naruto. And it is clear that Naruto inherited the personality and probably the intelligence of Kushina. Naruto wasn’t the most intelligent person, but Minato was one of the most intelligent. So that means Naruto inherited a part of Kushinas personality and Minatos hair colour (and probably his great fighting skills). And it is possible that the same way goes with Minato. He probably inherited Dan’s fighting skills and Tsunade’s hair colour. Another point why he didn’t inherit her chakra reserves is that Tsunade gained most of her enormous power through years of training.  

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Why Dan and Tsunade are not Minato’s Parents

Some points why I disagree:

– Dan’s last name was Kato and Tsunades’s last name was Senju. So there is no Namikaze.

– It isn’t a real valid point to say they are his parents just because of the hair colour. And if it were like that Minato wouldn’t have such a tint of yellow hair. His hair would be much brighter if Dan and Tsunade were his parents. Dan has white hair and Tsunade a bright yellow hair colour. And Minato’s hair is more like a dark yellow.

THIS BLOG: New Theory Proves That Minato Was Actually   – The blog also says that the Namikaze clan didn’t exist just because we haven’t heard anything about Minatos’s relatives. Just because we haven’t heard anything about his relatives doesn’t mean that the clan had never existed.    

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Uzumaki & Senju Clans

      – The blog says that Naruto had to have ancestors at some point of history. And that point is true. But it makes a lot more sense if the ancestors are on the side of Kushina relatives. Why? The Senju clan was also known for their enormous chakra reserves. And Kushina was known for her special chakra and her huge chakra reserves. Minatos have never been known for that. Minato was a very intelligent person and one of the best fighters, but he just didn’t have a lot chakra reserves. So the Senju ancestors are on the side of Kushina and not Minato.    

Orochimaru and Tsunade

– Maybe you remember when Orochimaru tried to convince Tsunade to heal his sealed arms. He said that he could bring her loved ones back. And that were Nawaki (her brother) and Dan (her lover). But why didn’t he mention Minato if he was really her son? Orochimaru would for sure know if Tsunade had a son. Jiraya, Tsunade and Orochimaru spent a lot of time together before Orochimaru went complete evil. Of course Minato was sealed in the Reaper Death Seal. But Orochimaru would probably lie and say that he can bring him back. But he didn’t. So that’s another point why Minato can’t be Tsunades son.

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Dan & Tsunade’s Son Vote -> Yes or No

Ia Minato actually Dan and Tsunade's Son?

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    Fire says:

    The reason why Orochimaru didn’t know is because of Tsunade’s continuous genjutsu can make it seem that she wasn’t pregnant and they weren’t that close. I know there’s an episode where Jiraiya made a reference to Tsunade having a child. He probably found it out by accident or Tsunade trusted Jiraiya enough that she told him she was pregnant. Minato’s darker hair is probably a somewhat mix of Hashirama and Tsunade’s hair. (To those who don’t think these kinds of things aren’t possible. I even heard of a true story that a girl was born black when her parents are both white. They apparently had ancestors that were black somewhere down the road so, in theory, Its possible for it to be the same with hair.)

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