17+ Powerful Mikasa Ackerman Quotes (HQ Images)

I’m sorry, Eren. I won’t give up. I’ll never give up again. If I died, I won’t be able to remember you. So I’ll win, no matter what! I’ll survive, no matter what!

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Shinkegi no kyojin’s Mikasa Ackerman. One of my favorite characters obviously because of the fact that she’s badass, and super-strong. ANDDDD Ofcourse the fact that she’s a female & Super hot. lOLL..

Inspirational Mikasa Ackerman Quotes

  1. It’s so true, if we don’t fight back and all we do is run away, how will we ever be able to win.
mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-you dont stand single change to win, unless you fight

2. this was such a crazy moment. Mikasas barely gives up ever. But this is what shows how important friends and people close to us are. People who can bring us back when we get lost, when we lose our footing. People who can keep us grounded.

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-im sorry eren i wont give up ill never give up again-if i died i wont be able to remember you-so ill win no matter what

3. So beautiful. Realizations like this are some of my favorite anime quotes

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4. So sad. Whenever Mikasa cries.. it makes me so sad.

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-once im dead in wont be able to remember you so ill win no mater what ill live no matter what

5. She says this to Erene right after he seals the Wall Rose. Because Eren was having a hard time believing he did it so easily and without any hiccups.

To Eren, (Season 3, Part 2, Episode 50)

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-believe in your own power


Mikasa Savage Quotes

1. Straight savegeness from Mikasa. Gotta love her powerful side.

Mikasa Ackerman Quotes. Attack On Titan Quotes. My specialty is lacerating flesh. Anyone interested in experiencing my skill first hand

2. They live in such a harsh world in Attack On Titan. People literally have no heart to spare, because it can literally mean their death.


3. She said this to her whole troop. In order to motivated as she stormed into fight the Titans by herself.. This motivated the rest of the troop and they all followed suit.

Mikasa Ackerman Quotes. Attack on Titan Quotes. I am strong. Real strong, none of you come close.

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Sad but True & Depressing Quotes

  1. Isn’t this simply the truth?


mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-i dont want to lose what little family i have left

3. Mikasa’s perspective of the world is so sad. She believes the world is only filled with cruelty and sadness for some reason.

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-this world is filled with cruelty

4. With a mentality like that no wonder she wins all her fights.

mikasa ackerman quotes- attack on titan-only victors are allowed to live.. this world is merciless like that

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