23+ Emotional Lucy Heartfilia Quotes (Wallpaper)


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Emotional & Sensitive
Lucy Heartfilia Quotes

  1. Lucy’s completely right, what’s actually the fun, if things are already decided for you. I can relate and tell you that a lot of my childhood, I felt as if my parents really wanted me to do things, and decide my future for me in a way. But I made sure early on to cut that string and not let that happen. I do see this happen with a lot of Asian-background families. Myself, coming from a south-Asian country as well.
lucy-heartfilia-quotes-There's nothing fortunate about having your fate decided for you. You have to grab your own happiness-fairy-tail-quotes

2. Lucy is a big believer in the power of human emotions.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-feelings are connection-they surpass time-and find their way back to the people you love-fairy-tail-quotes

3. This is such a great quote. Reminds us that life is to be enjoyed with all it’s peaks and troughs, all the highs and lows.And not just highs.

fairy tail lucy quotes i'm going to see many more sunsets.. and shed countless

4. I think this has happened to me, when I’m really exhausted and all as well. When I’m truly exhausted with life, but I still don’t’ wanna give up on myself. Just because things are hard.

fairy tail lucy quotes. i'm so sad and lonely but the tears just won't come out

5. THat’s so true, at the end of the day, no matter how intimidating someone see, they’re also scared of something. No matter how hateful, spiteful, and angry a person seems. That at some point, they’ve loved something or someone. Also, since every person, is human, whether they’re rich or poor, they don’t get to escape the experiencing hardships, heartbreak and other negative aspects that are a part of a full life.


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6. Wow. Lucy is truly such a gentle soul, and feels like she’s really in touch with her intution, and self-love, and self-care.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-you dont need a reason to cry all you need to feel is the warmth in your chest-fairy-tail-quotes

7. Yes. I love this, one. Anytime I get in a situation that’s hard, or problematic. I just have to remember I’m still alive, and that I can still do things to change outcomes.


8. Oh my god. So deep.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-worst kind of pain is when you're smilling just to stop th etears from falling-fairy-tail-quotes


lucy-heartfilia-quotes-feelings are connection-they surpass time and find their way back to the people you love-fairy-tail-quotes

10. This is one of my favorite lessons in life from anime. I was playing chess with my girlfriend the other day. And she ended up losing twice in a row. It was interesting, because I asked her what she learned from the last time she lost. And she said, “nothing.” I knew then that she was actually not even learning from her losses, and that meant she actually wasn’t even getting better.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-forget what hurt you in the past-but never forget what it taught you-fairy-tail-quotes

11. Love this quote. We definitely have these three options. I’m actually going to use this quote a lot now. You can either give up, and walk away from something or someone. Or you can give in and submit to the situation or the person, and let them/it do whatever it wants. OR number three you can give it your all in order to make the situation more suitable to your conditions.

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-you have three choice-you can give up-give in-or give it your all-fairy-tail-quotes

12. Lucy says this to Brandish. I really like this quote, because I actually associate, frustration, confusion, and excitement with me being on the right path. I only truly feel like that, when I’m working on things, that I’m passionate about.

To Brandish, Episode 309

lucy-heartfilia-quotes-confusion worries failures..I think they help us grow as people-so embrace your confusion-I feel its proof that youre alive-fairy-tail-quotes

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Motivational Quote

Family, Friendship & Comrades
Lucy Heartfilia Quotes

  1. Lucy’s got some great intuition. It’s true, we can only run away from so long, there comes a point in our life, where we have to turn around and face the storm head on. We can run away from problems as much as we want, but there will come a time, when we actually have to stand and face the problem head on.
lucy-heartfilia-quotesI don't want... to run away by myself. Because no matter what, I'd rather be together with everyone-fairy-tail-quotes

Standing Up for herself
Lucy Heartfilia Quotes

  1. This is true, because sometimes I think all of us have caught ourselves doing this to someone else, and it’s something that we have to train and practice ourselves to not do. We cannot judge people just by their covers. There’s so much more to each person.
lucy-heartfilia-quotes-dont judge me unless you have looked through my eyese whxperience what i went through-fairy-tail-quotes

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