11+ Powerful Levi Ackerman Quotes – AOT (HQ Images)

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-if you dont want to die.. think

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Shingeki No Kyojin or Attack on Titan is such a great show. So we had to get all the quotes together for you guys. From sad anime quotes to inspirational quotes. Love, pain, funny and savage. I’m not sure why but Levi Ackerman a lot of times has a depressing face for some reason as well… LOL, so all the pics I could find only have a depressing face. But I guess there’ll be a moment in the anime, where he’ll smile. Let’s just wait for that day.

Inspirational Quotes By Levi Ackerman

  1. We all have choices, in any circumstance. Whatever it may be, we also have a choice, and I think that’s what Levi was trying to convey here. That no matter the circumstance, you can choose to decide your fate and what you wanna do.
Attack On Titan Quotes. Levi Ackerman Quotes. The difference between your decision and ours is experience. But you dont' have to rely on that.

2. This one is so true. You can’t truly embody anything you’ve learned till you actually apply it. I completely believe in that.

levi-quotes-ackerman-attack on titan-The lesson you need to learn right now, can't be taught with words... only with action

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3. Attack on Titan is so focused on warfare and pain, and hence really has the best quotes on pain.

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-I think pain is the best discipline

4. Just straight savage, with a little touch of care at the end. Gotta love Levi.

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-its good to see that someone ahs the balls to go.. but dont forget to do your damnedest to stay alive.

Levi Ackerman Decisions & Quotes

1. I think in the moment, or in short-sight we’ll always feel bad when we make a mistake or make the wrong call. But i believe in the long run.

Attack On Titan Quotes. Levi Ackerman Quotes. The only thing we're allowed to do is to believe.

2. LIfe is full unexpected circumstances we can say at the least. Specifically when we’re meeting new people, or we’re getting out of our comfort zone.

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-a lot of the times you're going into a situation you know nothing about. so what you need is to be quick to act..

3. Simple, yet profound. The fact that we in hard situations sometimes, turn on our defenses and turn off our creativity. This is a great reminder, that in the hardest of circumstances, we just need to get more and more creative.

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan-if you dont want to die.. think

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Savage or Funny Levi Quotes

  1. So savage.
Attack On Titan Quotes. Levi Ackerman Quotes. Whether you have the body, dead is dead.

2. That’s how we have to approach people, everyone with the same kindness. But don’t be afraid to draw the line, and state your boundaries with people if you need to.

levi-ackerman-quotes-attack on titan- dont get me wrong its not like i trust him if he betrays us or goes berserk ill put him down without hesitation

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