11+ Powerful Laxus Quotes – (HQ Images)

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  1. This is the cutest thing in the world. I love that sign. Honestly when I saw this episode of Laxus with Makarov, and how he was when he was younger, was really heart-warming.
laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-im always looking at you gramps

2. This is such a typical Laxus line. I guess this is why we all love him. His intensity to protect the people he cares about is truly what’s admirable about him.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-its not about strong or weak-its about returning it 100fold

3. This was truly courageous of Laxus, and just shows how much of a natural leader he is. This is the moment where Makarov dies using Fairy Law to protect all of Fairy Tail guild. This is when Laxus, even though his grandpa passes away, is comforting the First master, Mavis Vermillion, and showing her what she needs to do as a leader.

To Mavis Vermillion, Episode 308

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-stand up first master-we cant win this without you

4. This is that intensity and powerful quote that we all love Laxus for. The funniest thing was he said this to his dad.

*To Ivan Dreyar* 

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-ill crush my familys enemies

Laxus Poster

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5. I love this quote, because it signifies, not matter how powerful you might be. Doesn’t mean we’ll give up, doesn’t mean that we don’t’ stand a change. we’ll fight, and we’ll win. It doens’t matter the extent of your strength.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-even if you can kill gods, it doesnt mean that you can kill fairies

6. Beautiful line this one. I believe when someone puts out their goal in the world to see, it changes everything. It is now physical, it is now real. It is no alive, and more closer to manifesting in real life.

*To Makarov*

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-im gonna surpass you one day

7. Acknowledging our mistake is the best thing we can do to move forward.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-i did a bad thing and hurt my friends and my family- but now al li can do is move forward

8. His ferociousness towards anyone who tries to hurt his family or friends is truly admirable.

*To Team Raven Tail* 

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-masters enemies are my enemies after all

9. Nothing in our past matters. The only thing that matters is that you acknowledge your opponent for who they are right now, in the moment. And you have a “man-to-man” fight. There’s nothing more respectful than that, towards an opponent.

To Jura Neekis

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-Stop right now! You're not some old guy with a fancy title, and I'm not anybody's grandson. We're just two men

Mighty Laxus Sticker

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10. Wow, stuff like this is exactly why love Laxus so much.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-if this is the end then take my hand ill be there till the very end

11. It’s true that we all forget how the important things, that are also so beautiful are around us all the time. Yet sometimes we get so caught up in our thoughts, that we forget to appreciate them for what they are.

laxus-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-open your eyes its easy to see that this is a beautiful world

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