10+ Beautiful Kyoto Animation Quotes as a Tribute!

Free Anime Quotes. Rin Matsuoka Quotes. No amount of natural talent trumps hard work.

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I want to thank Rai from Rai Anime Blog: her blog is something to see. She’s actually a writer, and writes for Anime News Network and The OASG, I want to thank her for this idea to make a tribute for Kyoto Animation. After suffering a horrifying tragedy, it’s fair to say we’d make quotes to reminisce the beautiful anime shows that they brought to life for us.

A Silent Voice Quotes

I think we all fall into patterns where we don’t truly understand the people in front of us. Due to lack of empathy, or whatever other reasons they maybe.

A Silent Voice Quotes. Shouya Ishida Quotes. Back then, if we could have heard each other's voice

Free! Quotes

Some feelings need to be said out loud.

Free Anime Quotes. Gou Matsuoka Quotes. Many things can't be expressed through notes.

I think this is so true, but I also thing working smart, also plays a huge role in that.

Free Anime Quotes. Rin Matsuoka Quotes. No amount of natural talent trumps hard work.

Hyouka Quotes

Talented people, who don’t want to work hard towards the gifts that they have, produce feelings of envy, in others who aren’t born as capable.

Hyouka Quotes. Fuyumi Irisu Quotes. Those with talent who aren't aware of themselves cause pain for those who have none.

The shortest path to success is hard work, but hard work doesn’t promise success.

Hyouka Quotes. Eru Chitanda Quotes. If we don't try our best, it won't help for sure

K-On! Quotes

This one is just cuteness.

K-on Quotes. Yui Hirasawa Quotes. 'He's so cute, I want to put peanuts in his nose.' Quote The Anime.

LOl. Just straight hilarious.

K-on Quotes. Sawako Yamanaka Quote. 'Where on earth would you find such a hot fifty year old.' Quote the Anime.

Nichijou Quotes

I think finding luck is definitely an art, that plays hand to hand with manifesting the things you want in your life.

Nichijou Quotes. Fe-chan Quotes. If you're always positive, good luck will eventually find you.

This one is such a good reminder for me, to remember that there’s something special happening in each day, that you don’t’ realize is actually happening.

Nichijou Quotes. Koujirou Sasahara Quotes. The ordinary days that we live in may, in fact, be a series of miracles.

Violet Evergarden Quotes

Such a beautiful line, I think if you haven’t had a serious relationship, you can really relate to this quote.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. 'I want to know waht I love you means..' Quote The Anime

I think a lot of us carry scars, and those scars are many more, more than we can see.

Violet Evergarden Quotes. Cladia Hodgins Quotes. 'You don't realize your body is on fire.' Anime Quotes.

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