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Tatsuki Fujimoto is known for character-driven narratives. While he loves portraying erratic characters, there is always one character in his narrative that stands out for being the bone in the throat. And Chainsaw Man isn’t any different.

In Chainsaw Man, the bone in the throat is Kishibe, the strongest devil hunter. Surprisingly, Kishibe isn’t your typical Satoru Gojo who is under the spotlight all the time. 

Kishibe is rather simple, straightforward, and likes to keep things in check. He is calm and composed without an intimidating aura. But there’s more to this man than meets the eye.

Let’s dive right into the details. 

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Kishibe Table

Character Information

Title: Strongest Devil Hunter


Gender: Male

Species: Human

Age: Early 50’s

Professional Status

Occupation: Devil Hunter


-Public Safety Devil Hunters

-Tokyo Special Division 4

-Tokyo Special Division 1 (Former)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA
Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced

English: To Be Announced


Kishibe personifies the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Kishibe has a scrawny physique and partly grey hair. He is in his early 50s which gives off a weak vibe instead of him being the strongest devil hunter. 

Kishibe has a huge scar stitched from the left side of his mouth to his cheek. He also has two piercings on his left ear and one piercing on his right ear. 

Kishibe’s normal attire consists of the standard Public Safety Devil Hunter uniform with a long overcoat. He is always carrying a silver hip flask from which he frequently consumes drinks. 


“I’m a Devil Hunter with Special Division 1.”

“I Like Booze, Women … And Killing Devils.” – Kishibe

That’s how Kishibe introduces himself to Power and Denji. This shows that he isn’t a man of many words. He also asks Denji and Power to call him a Master as he likes being called that. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 29)

Kishibe always speaks his mind, but with caution. He is simple, straightforward, yet watchful and cunning at the same time. Kishibe always has his poker face on, regardless of his emotion. 

Being a devil hunter for a few decades has left him dull to such emotions. It’s not that he doesn’t get surprised, it’s just that Kishibe is unable to express those emotions externally.

As he said to Quanxi during their conversation, that he is getting mellow with the age while replying to the remark of him being the Mad Dog amongst the devil hunters. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)

“This isn’t like Mad Dog Kishibe. You’ve gotten crafty.” – Quanxi 

“I’m past 50 now. You mellow out at my age. I lost my fangs a long time ago.” – Kishibe

Kishibe didn’t just use the word mellow for the sake of conversation. In the later part of the story, Kishibe is seen to have concerns for Denji and Power’s well-being despite his hatred towards the fiends.

Not just that, Kishibe also takes care of Meowy when Denji and Power went on a trip to Hokkaido with Aki. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 72)

But, the most surprising development of Kishibe comes to light was when he blindfolds himself before Makima kills Quanxi and the fiends. And upon being asked by Yoshida about taking off the blindfolds, Kishibe refuses to do so to avoid seeing the corpse of Quanxi. 

“Aren’t you going to take off your blindfold?” – Hirofumi Yoshida 

“I don’t wanna see a thing…” – Kishibe

This shows that deep down he cherished his and Quanxi’s past friendship. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 70)

Strength And Skills

Not only is Kishibe the strongest member of Tokyo Special Division 4, but he is also the strongest devil hunter

“I’m the strongest Devil Hunter. A devil who can take down a powerhouse like me would be a powerhouse themselves…”  – Kishibe  (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)

While conversing with Aki, Makima tells him that Kishibe is stronger than the Angel Devil, making him the strongest and the perfect captain for Division 4. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 41) 

Kishibe might look like a scrawny old man from his appearance, but it’s a fact that he has contracted with three devils who are said to be fairly dangerous.

Devil Contracts Kishibe

Devil Contracts

Kishibe has made a contract with three devils, Claw Devil, Knife Devil, and Needle Devil. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61) Information regarding the price of the contract is unknown as of now.

We might get more details on the contract and the devils in the second part of Chainsaw Man, which is said to be in works by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Kishibe Strength

Superhuman Strength

In terms of strength, Kishibe is extremely powerful for a human. While introducing himself to Denji and Power, he picks both of them up with one arm each. He then snaps their neck and throws them on the ground. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 29) 

Not only that, he even broke the weapons made out of Power’s hardened blood while he was training both Denji and Power. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)

The fact that both Denji and Power are Fiends and he is human leaves no room to question his strength, even in his early 50s. He might have been even more powerful in his youth when he was known as The Mad Dog Kishibe among devils and the devil hunters. 

Kishibe speed

Superhuman Speed

Kishibe’s movements are inhumanly quick. Within a matter of seconds, Kishibe stabbed Denji four times with a knife after dodging his hammer swing. Following which he cut open Power’s throat without any wasted movements. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)

Kishibe Reflexes

Superhuman Reflexes

It’s hard to believe a man in his 50s can have such a reflex. To dodge a spear created by Power’s hardened blood at point-blank range and instantly dodging Denji’s attack from behind and counter-attacking with a kick, Kishibe is nothing less than a superhuman. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 31)

Kishibe Durability


After getting kicked down from the building by Quanxi, Kishibe lands on a car roof, hard enough to crush it. But what he says is a mere “Oww..”, that proves that he is a man with immense durability. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 62)

Kishibe Skills

Fighting Skills

Kishibe is highly skilled with knives. While training Power and Denji he uses a mere knife to take down both of them, that too within seconds. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)

And even without a knife, Kishibe defeated both of them this time during a planned attack by Denji and Power. His one kick was enough to make Denji powerless. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 31)


  • Kishibe is the strongest devil hunter. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)
  • Kishibe has contracted with three powerful devils. The devils are said to be fairly dangerous. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)
  • Kishibe always carries a silver hip flask with him. No matter how dangerous the situation is, he doesn’t shy away from taking a sip.


The extra pages of Chainsaw Man Volume 8 show a young Kishibe trying to ask out Quanxi for a date and gets hit every time he asks that.

But after asking relentlessly to date Quanxi for 9 years and even confessing his feelings for her, Kishibe gets rejected as Quanxi says she might be into girls. To which Kishibe says that he knew all along. The extra also tells us that both Kishibe and Quanxi used to be partners.

That can be confirmed by the fact how Quanxi called him the Mad Dog Kishibe. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61) 


Public Safety Devil Hunters

Tokyo Special Division 4

Kishibe is a Public Safety Devil Hunter. He was in Special Division 1, but after an assault, he became the captain of Tokyo Special Division 4.




Quanxi is also a devil hunter, for whom Kishibe was head over heels for nearly a decade. Kishibe partnered with Quanxi in his youth as a devil hunter. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Volume 8 Extra)

Kishibe reunited with Quanxi when she came after Denji that takes place in the International Assassin Arc of the manga. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61) 

Unfortunately, that was also the last time he saw Quanxi as she was soon killed by Makima. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 70)

Makima Chainsaw Man


Kishibe’s relationship with Makima was more like a cold war. No one revealed their true colors. Though both of them knew about each other’s intentions from the very beginning, they didn’t lose their nerve and never took the wrong step.

Both played their roles until the end, but at last, Makima lost to Kishibe’s calm-headedness. 

power denji

Denji and Power

To the Mad Dog Kishibe, Denji and Power would have been nothing but toys to play with. However, to Kishibe who is in his early 50s, Denji and Power are not toys but someone he began to care about as the story progressed. And in the end, he even helped Denji save his life and asked him to stay alive.


Eternity Devil Arc

Kishibe debuts in chapter 19 of the Chainsaw Man manga. But as it is Himeno recalling her memories of Kishibe, that isn’t counted as his official debut.

Katana Man Arc

In this arc, Kishibe makes his debut when Makima takes both Denji and Power to meet him in the cemetery. Kishibe asks both of them a few questions, and both Power and Denji answer those questions which are followed by Kishibe’s instant approval. 

Kishibe introduces himself as someone who loves booze, women and killing devils.  And just like that without wasting any time, Kishibe asks Makima to leave both of them in his trustworthy hands and begins their training. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 29) 

Though both of them were stabbed to death most of the time, Kishibe told them to think about how they were gonna attack him and left for his home to get a good night’s sleep. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 30)

The next day, Power and Denji devise a plan. While Power plants bottles of his blood at the top of the entrance and stands behind the door with a spear made of her hardened blood, Denji was prepared to attack from behind if Power fails to execute the plan. And guess what, both of them fail. Again. Kishibe is way too quick for them. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 31)

And soon, their daily training was turned into a weekly one as they managed a cut on Kishibe’s cheek.  

Later, Kishibe meets with Makima asking her why she didn’t alert them about the assault on the Special Division if she was aware of it. To which Makima replies that she is on humanity’s side with a smile on her face. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 32)

Later, he declares that there will be no plan of attack. All the Special Division Members will go inside the building to defeat the enemy. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 34)

Bomb Girl Arc

After the Special Division’s battle with Reze and the Typhoon Devil, Kishibe goes there to assess the site. While doing that, he tells Aki about how Reze is one of the children who were kidnapped by the army in the Soviet Union and trained to become formidable soldiers. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 52)

International Assassins Arc

To protect Denji from the outside forces, Kishibe meets with Makima talking about how Quanxi from China and Santa Claus from Germany might be preparing to attack. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 54)

Soon, the attacks begin. Kishibe finds Denji’s group attacked by assassins and asks Kobeni and Violence Fiend to take care of the dolls while he takes care of Quanxi’s group of fiends. 

After capturing the fiends, he forces Quanxi to negotiate where he secretly asks her to cooperate with him in killing Makima. Though Kishibe promises her and her harem of fiends’ safety, Quanxi refuses and kicks Kishibe out of the building and he crashes on the roof of a car. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)

Thanks to Quanxi, Kishibe along with Aldo and Hirofumi were left behind before everyone else in the department store were transported to hell by Hell Devil. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 63)

Later, Kishibe and Hirofumi talk about how Makima and Santa Claus’s objectives seem to be similar but they couldn’t poutine it out. Following which, they approached Quanxi for a fight but as Makima appeared they blindfolded themselves.

Makima slaughtered Quanxi and her two friends in front of Kishibe, which he denied looking at. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 70)

Gun Devil Arc

In this arc, Kishibe takes care of Power’s cat Meowy when Denji and Power go on a trip to Hokkaido with Aki. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 72)

After returning from the trip, Aki asks Kishibe if Tokyo Special Division 4 can withdraw from the mission to capture the Gun Devil.

Kishibe tells Aki that if he withdraws he won’t get to know if the Gun Devil is dead, much less taking his sweet revenge. On asking about the reason, Aki tells Kishibe that he is worried about Denji and Power. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 72)

Control Devil Arc

Kishibe ambushes Makima with the Anti-Makima squad. The squad members sacrifice themselves and ask the Hell Devil to kill Makima and cast her into hell. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 83)

While she escapes that fate by transforming Denji into Chainsaw Man, she faces Kishibe and tells him how it’s of no use to shoot her. 

Makima tells Kishibe that any harm done to her will be changed into either illness or accidents on Japanese citizens as per her contract with the Prime Minister. 

Kishibe asks about her true motive, on which she answers about being a true fan of the Hero of Hell, the Chainsaw Devil. Makima tells Kishibe that she wants to control the Chainsaw Devil to create a better world by removing death, war, and hunger. And in this process, if she loses, she’ll be honored because at the end of the day, she is Chainsaw Man’s true fan. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 84)

Denji comes back from hell and cuts Makima into pieces and then after staring at Kishibe, he runs away after hearing a cry for help. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 85)

Later, Kishibe helps Denji to hide from Makima. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 91)

Kishibe takes Denji to a basement where he can’t be tracked down by Makima. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 92)

After listening to the praise from the citizens, Denji’s desire to lead a normal life surfaces. He tells Kishibe that he wants to have steak for breakfast every morning, he wants to have lots of girlfriends, and he wants to have lots of sex

Kishibe says that becoming Chainsaw Man will draw Makima’s attention and that will be his last day alive. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 93)

After Denji’s final encounter with Makima, Kishibe visits Denji in his apartment if he is ready to take the final step to kill Makima. Kishibe also warns Denji to be ready to die if he fails to put an end to Makima, as there are not many ways to kill Makima except this unusual one. 

But before leaving, Kishibe asks Denji not to die as he is the most suited devil hunter out of all of the others he has ever met. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 96) 

Later when Kishibe meets Denji at a park, he asks Denji about how he managed to sneak an attack on Makima. Denji says that Makima perceived them by the scent and that she never remembers the individual faces, to begin with.

Following that conversation, Kishibe asks Denji to take care of Nayuta, a girl who is now the control devil. Kishibe entrusts Nayuta to Denji in hopes of keeping her straying away from the path as Makima did. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 97)

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced


Gotta Wear The Right Drip! Comment If You Have as Much Drip As Him!

It is commendable how Kishibe kept his poker face through the thick and thin. His calmness and the ability to assess the situation before taking an action make him one of the most reliable characters in Chainsaw Man.

Let’s just say he is the most reliable because, among the other characters, none of them seemed anything close to being reliable. With most of the characters resting in peace, it is good to see Kishibe alive at the end of Part 1 of Chainsaw Man. 

With the Chainsaw Man anime announced, it will be fun to see Kishibe in action. And for such a role, there’s only one voice actor who perfectly fits Kishibe’s role. He is none other than Kenjiro Tsuda who voiced Nanami in Jujutsu Kaisen. 

Are you excited about the anime? What are your thoughts on Kishibe? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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