7+ Interesting Kengan Ashura Facts!

Kengan Ashura Facts

In the manga, it’s implied that Wakatsuki easily defeated real world martial artists George St-Piette, Rickson Gracie and Mas Oyama

Kengan Ashura Facts, Wakatsuki Facts

The Kure Family is based on the Gracies, The family that created Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Raian is based directly on Ryan Gracie 

Ryan Gracie, Raian Kure, Kengan Ashura facts

Ohma’s favorite food is meat. His least favorite are tomatoes. 

Kengan Ashura Facts, Ohma tokita

Kazuo Yamashita’s motto is, “Good can come out fo misfortune”

Kazuo Yamashita

Julius Reinhold is based on real-life strongman-turned-mixed martial artist Mariusz Pudzianowski

Julius Reinhold Kengan Ashura,

Gaolang enjoys going to karaoke but he only sings the Thai national anthem 

Gaolang Kengan Ashura

Gaolang’s design is based on the original Broly’s base form design 

Gaolang Kengan Ashura, Gaolang Broly

Agito’s original martial art was going to be Pankration

Fang of Metsudo

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