9+ EMOTIONAL Kemono Jihen Quotes [HQ Images]

Kemono Jihen has offered a lot of emotional moments for us. From all the sad moments that Kabane was put through, the Anime is full of action and adventure.

Hence, this blog post incorporates a list of 9+ EMOTIONAL Kemono Jihen Quotes that might resonate with you at some point in your life.

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Kabane Kusaka Quotes

“Until yesterday, I grew up thinking I was abandoned too. I didn’t have anything to hope for. It was all dark. There weren’t any lights in my life before yesterday. But Mr. Inugami gave me a light so I won’t let it all go out.”

1. Kabane Quotes

“None of the others at the inn ever take their meals with me.”

1. Kabane Quotes

“Stay away from me. It was me. I’m the monster.”

1. Kabane Quotes

“If I work for you, Inugami-san, can I meet my parents?”

1. Kabane Quotes

Kohachi Inugami Quotes

“Of course. Discretion is our specialty. I’m a detective, after all.”

Inugami Quotes

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“I hate having to leave, changing my tire up to you, and if you’ll bill me for everything you need later”

Inugami Quotes

“I like it out here. It’s nice and relaxed. I saw a number of wild deer on the way in.”

Inugami Quotes

“It’s not the sort of thing you’d leave a child you’re abandoning. But you were not abandoned.”

Inugami Quotes

“Dorotabo, you may wonder why I would suddenly say what I’m about to say… but let me show you my rear end.”

Inugami Quotes

“The truth is, Doratabo, I’ve been hired to kill you.”

Inugami Quotes


That’s it for the list of most EMOTIONAL Kemono Jihen quotes. If you have your favorite characters whose quotes you want, just let us know in the description. We’ll add them the next time!

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