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Katana Man is a character from the critically acclaimed manga Chainsaw Man. Critics have generally praised Chainsaw Man, praising its storyline, horrific sequences, and dark comedy. This manga was written and illustrated by Tatsuki Fujimoto.

In the Chainsaw Man manga, devils are supernatural beings who serve as enemies with a few exceptions. The narrative takes place in a universe where Devils are created out of human anxieties. Devils are often violent and nasty, and their strength is proportional to the terror they give.

On the other hand, humans may establish contracts with them to exploit their power, and some persons specialize in hunting and using them, known as Devil hunters. Devils are born in Hell and live in a cycle between the two worlds, migrating to Earth when slain in Hell and vice versa. In Hell, there are incredibly strong Devils known as Primal Fears who have never been killed.

Katana Man is the grandson of the Yakuza that forced Denji into living a poor life. Although he is handled by Akane Sawatari, a former Public Safety Devil hunter, his true identity is unclear. He uses katanas, a real weapon and Japan’s national weapon, far more exquisite than chainsaws, which makes him one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

So, without further ado let’s dive right into the character of our beloved Katana Man.

Table of Content

Katana Man



Gender: Male

Species: Human, Hybrid


Affiliations: Gun Devil, Makima, Akane Sawatari

Family: Unnamed Geandfather

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 23

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced

English: To Be Announced


katan man

Human form

Tall and mature with some very prominent sideburns, that’s how our Katana Man comes across in his human form. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 23, Page 13)

But little do we know what true demonic looks he is hiding behind his human form, a literal devil behind all this disguise. He actually looks good and a bit like an FBR agent in this human form.

Katana Man Arc

Devil form

Things take a direct 360 turn when he switches into his devil form. He grows massive swords from each one of his forearms and his face takes on a rough appearance, with black brined skin and a big mouth devoid of lips.

His chin turns spiky and a new sword grows from the back of his skull, with the grip projecting from the back of his brain. He transforms into a really terrifying monster, capable of terrorizing anybody who encounters him. (Chapter 23, Page 20 of the Chainsaw Man Manga)


katana man vs denji

Katana Man is a man filled with cruelty and wickedness. He wants revenge on Denji for assassinating his grandfather. He sees Denji as nothing but a thug who killed his loving, honorable grandfather for no reason and now has to be put in his place. Compassion is a word unknown to him. Despite having no compassion for people, Katana Man has a tremendous amount of love for his family.

He has a typical destructive grief pattern, as a big shift is seen in his character after his grandpa’s death. He is prepared to sacrifice innocent citizens and even his colleagues to get to Denji. Katana Man is identified first by his sense of superiority over Denji.

katana man

He also exhibits contempt for individuals who don’t pay their debts to the point that he lets his grandpa transform them into zombies to be used in combat, while also being oblivious to his grandpa slaughtering women and kids since he believes his grandpa was a decent guy.

He may also be regarded as brave since due to his grandfather’s code of morality, he decides not to flee the conflict.

His style of fighting and metamorphosis also starkly contrasts with Denji’s. His hybrid form (the finest in the manga) shouts traditional Imperial Japanese clothing and swords.

He fights in a far more sophisticated and conventional manner than Denji, which corresponds to how he views himself compared to Denji.

Strength And Skills

Katana Man Arc

Devil Transformation

He can change into the Katana Man shape by severing his left hand from his body and exposing a katana that comes from the stump, with weapons coming from his arms and head. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 36, Pages 14 – 17)

Taking the katana from his forearm undoes his change. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 38, Pages 2 – 3) After his metamorphosis is undone, he is temporarily still unable to battle. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 27, Page 3)

The Katana Man’s power is significantly boosted in his changed condition, allowing him to slice through concrete walls using his chops. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 26, Pages 3 – 4)

katana man

Katana Dash

By stooping down and ready to unleash his swords, the Katana Man can rush forward at extraordinary speeds, slashing at his enemy as he goes by, frequently seeming to vanish past them as his strikes appear on his enemy’s body.

At the very least, Supersonic (moved so quickly that Pre-Training Denji couldn’t even distinguish his Katana Dash, whereas he could detect Bat Devil’s strike, which creates sonic booms)



The Katana Man, as a hybrid, can regenerate his strength by drinking blood. It is revealed that Denji rebuilt his body after being divided. The Katana Man shot Denji, Aki, and Himeno at close distance with a pistol in his human shape.  (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 50, Pages 2 – 4)

katana man

Fighting Prowess

The Katana Man is a competent combatant with his arm swords, able to duel with Aki and Denji until eventually overwhelming them with his massive cuts. He’s a far more polished duelist than Denji which is why he smashes him each time they fight in a duel.

Taking the katana from his limbs will cancel his metamorphosis, rendering him unable to fight for a brief period. Kanata man has high stamina and average intelligence, and he is unable to combat for a period after his change is reversed.


  • Samurai Sword is another name for Katana Man.
  • His grandpa was slain by Denji, and as a result, he joined forces with the Gun Devil to get vengeance on Denji.
  • He is the main adversary in the Katana Man arc.
  • He is the primary antagonist of the titular Katana Man arc.
  •  He is a devil-human hybrid created by the Katana devil.


chainsaw man

While sitting at the same restaurant having a nice meal, the division members of the Public Safety Bureau were gunned down by the Gun Devil’s henchmen. Power, Denji, Aki Hayakawa, and Himeno have a delicious meal but a tastier introduction happens when Katana Man shows them a picture of his deceased grandpa and then explains why he shot Denji in the head.

Alerted by the threat, the other members of the division took action. Aki uses the Fox Devil in no time but Katana man transforms and comes out of the Fox devil.

They are supposedly using his Curse Devil to finish him off.  But a woman named Sawatari saves the Katana Man. Katana Man, free of the trap, now cuts down Aki. Meanwhile, Himeno proceeds to use the ghost devil, but the Snake devil used by Sawatari eats the ghost devil.


The train is arriving from Kyoto carrying Makima as she rushes to save her division member from being slaughtered by the Katana Man and Sawatari.  She kills the remaining henchmen. As Katana Man and Sawatari notice they are about to be crushed, and Katana man losing all the power to transform, flees with Sawatari. Kobeni Higashiyama makes an appearance demolishing the chaos caused by Katana man and Sawatari and attacks the fleeing duo.

After recovering at the hospital, Makima takes Denji and Power to Kishibe, another Special Division 1 devil hunter, who now briefs the duo about their new objective to kill the Gun devil and their army of Zombies.   




Darkness Devil is affiliated with others through his contract. But he is not bounded by anyone while everyone is bounded by him.

Gun Devil Chainsaw Man

Yakuza/Gun Devil

Katana man also formerly worked for the Gun devil that got scattered across the world. After the defeat of the Gun devil, Makima takes control of Katana Man.

He is also a Yakuza member that his grandfather ran before being put to rest by Denji. His Association with The Tokyo Special Division 5 worked alongside Quanxi and Reze to ensure public safety.


katana man grandfather

Unnamed Grandfather

When it comes to relationships, well, what do you guys expect of a devil-human hybrud thirsty for revenge and a member of yakuza—inheriting super speed and strength.

Above all, looking at some horror movie fantasy creature in his devil form, particularly all these are red flags in a man or a devil (call him what you like). It is tough to be romantic and easier to be chaotic. His only known blood relation is with his grandfather as far as his relationship is concerned with Makima; she is just using him as a weapon.



Katana Man Arc

Even before Katana Man can kill Aki off,  Himeno steps in and overwhelms him with the full might of her Ghost Devil. Being unable to fight effectively, the Katana Man asks Akane for help and she swallows the Ghost Devil with her Snake Devil while Himeno’s corpse disappears. Himeno, in her last moments, tugs Denji’s chainsaw cord to revive him. The Katana Man and Denji rush at each other, with the Katana Man swearing he’ll take Denji down again. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 25, Pages 2 – 19)

The Katana Man and Denji battle over and over again, destroying the building that surrounds them. So when Katana Man’s henchmen arrive to help him, he orders them to go after Denji’s limbs or his heart, and Denji detains one of them.

Still, the Katana Man utilises his mobility to smash Denji and chop through both Denji and the prisoner. The Katana Man’s metamorphosis is undone, and he reverts to his human shape, proclaiming triumph over the Devil Hunters. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 26, Pages 2 – 12)

The Katana Man and Akane take their forces out into a vehicle that they’re attempting to put Denji into, but his people begin to die around him. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 27, Pages 2 – 7)

Akane suggests Katana Man to run away from that. As Katana man tries to pick up Denji, Kobeni arrives there and stops them.(Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 28, Pages 1 – 2).

Akane tries to attack her but fails. Katana Man attempts to kill her but Kobeni slices off his arm and grabs his revolver, shooting him twice in the back. When Kobeni’s ammunition runs out, Akane flees by tossing the Katana Man’s body within the vehicle. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 28, Pages 4 – 11)

At his lair, the Katana Man is enraged by Denji and informs his subordinates that he will not flee, just as his grandpa would not. Akane urges their people not to underestimate their leader since he would be resurrected even if he fails.

Kishibi ordered Denji and Power with their main aim of this mission: to abduct Katana Man.  (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 32, Pages 15 – 17). Akane instructs the Katana Man that they would assassinate all the devil hunters and will also try their best to take Denji’s heart.

katana man vs denji

The Katana Man charged towards Denji, knocking both of them through the wall and causing them to collide in the air outside. (Chapter 36, Chainsaw Man manga, page 1-19)

Denji boards a train, chased by the Katana Man, who smashes him. The Katana Man scrambles Denji twice in rapid order while Denji is attempting to defend a bystander, causing both of Denji’s arms to be severed. The Katana Man demands that he beg once again for slaughtering his grandpa, but Denji says that he can still fight because he is wearing the chainsaw on his head. Intrigued by Denji’s words,  Katana Man runs at him a third or fourth time, breaking the chainsaw on Denji’s forehead while getting cut in two by a new chainsaw Denji sprouted from his legs. (Pages 1 – 19 Chainsaw Man Manga Chapter 37)

Denji cuts the Katana Man’s arm katana once he has recovered, allowing his parts of the body to stick together and him to revert to his physical body. While Denji waits for Aki, he is tied with a chainsaw chain and pared down to his shorts. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 38, Pages 1 – 2).

Denji wanted to take revenge on the Katana man for killing Himeno. As Aki comes, he declares that he will start a competition in which whoever gets the loudest scream from striking him in the testicles wins. The two then immediately start striking him as a measure of respect for Himeno. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 38, Pages 1 – 2)

Bomb Girl Arc

Denji pondered the Katana Man’s technique of racing forward in breakneck speed and began to explore how he could use his own abilities to increase his mobility as a result. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 49, Page 15)

Control Devil Arc

Katana man is a member of a team gathered by Makima to eradicate Chainsaw Man. While under Makima’s authority, he acts securely and affectionately toward her.

Katana man and all of the other hybrids of the team take out their weapons and transform themselves into their other devil form and then they attack Denji. When they establish contact with him, the power of his jump knocks them back. One of the members of the team named, Quanxi, got defeated by Denji. Afterwards, Katana came to attack Denji, hoping to finish him off. But he also failed in an attempt to kill him.

Katana Man was also present in the battle between Makima and Chainsaw Man. Chainsaw Man pulls a section of earth in front of him and throws it at Makima, who merely groans as it swings towards her. Katana Man and the Longsword Hybrid jump into the air simultaneously, splitting the block of land into many tiny parts. Denji comes from behind the rubble, descending down towards them before slashing them with his chainsaws, leaving the two exposed in the sky.

In Chapter 87, Katana Man was tossed into another building alongside Quanxi during the battle after transforming into his hybrid form to beat the Chainsaw Man among Makima’s other indoctrinated puppets. As Katana Man struggles to injure Chainsaw Man, it is revealed that at the end of the day, Katana Man was decapitated by Chainsaw Man, as Makima calmly notes that the fight will not be resolved.

Voice Actors

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced

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