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I want you to stay by my side forever, and I want you to confess to me… ~ Kaguya Shinomiya

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Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War is one such anime that takes confessing your feelings to your crush on a whole another level. It is definitely not as simple as you think. In the world of Kaguya-Sama, ego comes between confessing and the confession constantly juggles between our two main characters, Kaguya Shinomiya and Miyuki Shirogane.

Today, we’ll talk about the birthdays of some of the major characters in Kaguya-Sama: Love Is War. If you want to find your birthday twin then just read on!


kaguya kaguya sama

Kaguya Shinomiya

Birthday: January 1

Kaguya Shinomiya is the main protagonist of the series with red eyes and black hair. Generally, she has a lot of mood swings but can and will do whatever it takes to achieve what she wants. She tends to address people with a proper formal manner

Kaguya cares a lot about people dear to her, indeed, she treasures her friends. She has a bad habit of turning to money to solve her problems. Sometimes, Kaguya looks egoistic due to her pride and looks like she’s always  scheming something .But inside, she’s a very nice person.

Maki Shinjo

Birthday: January 1

In many ways, Maki resembles Kaguya, a tsundere to say. She Seems cold to others but has a gentle heart. She’s kind and fair-minded but as she belongs to the Shinomiya family, even though not from the main family, she’s still very prideful and shows arrogance as well. 

Compared to Kaguya, she’s more casual, approachable to others, but a little inconsistent with her emotions.


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chika kaguya sama

Chika Fujiwara

Birthday: March 3

Chika may seem like a very simple girl, but she’s very talented. She’s a wonderful pianist. On top of that, being able to speak 5 different languages at her age is not a simple achievement.

In reading the atmosphere, she’s mostly oblivious, but very eager to have fun and can become strategic when it comes to entertaining herself and others. 

She’s obsessed with matters relating to love and can go to lengths to know everyone’s interests. She may go underhanded while it comes to games.

Yu Ishigami

Birthday: March 3

Ishigami refers to others as normies, not because of his ego but others disliking him due to an incident of the past which made his approach towards life as cynical and depressing

He mostly spends his time playing video games alone and rarely showing up to meetings, preferring to do his work at home. He’s kind, ready to help even in situations leading to hurting his pride. 

Ishigami is very knowledgeable about otaku culture but doesn’t show it in front of others. He’s sarcastic, has a negative shade, and creates awkward situations quite sometimes.


ai kaguya sama

Ai Hayasaka

Birthday: April 2

It is hard to put Ai’s personality in a box because of her upbringing. She is adaptable to four different personas as the situation demands. Generally she’s very lively, fashion-conscious and likes to bend the rules. 

Except for the fact that she rarely makes absurd demands, as a maid, she can be a very level-headed, loyal and a reliable person who carries her duties elegantly. She was seen being a crybaby sometimes while remembering her Irish past, but has been harsh around her friends after the trip to Kyoto. 

She’s a Harvard graduate who ended up as a maid. Hayasaka likes to counter Chika who’s known as unpredictable. But, in reality, she’s very kind and loves her mistress deeply.


Tsubame Koyame

Birthday: April 4

Tsubame is very popular with guys and even her seniors, which is due to her cheerful and caring personality. 

It is tough for her to make hard decisions as she sympathizes a lot with others, mainly when she feels their genuinity and likes to seek help from others in those situations. 

She always prefers to act in the best interest of others. She is beautiful and loves sports, especially Gymnastics.


miko kaguya sama

Miko Iino

Birthday: May 5

Miko can be seen as determined, confronting, even unreasonable sometimes when it comes to the sense of Justice. She doesn’t even care about her own reputation when it comes to imposing regulations

Miko is an ideal student who holds herself at a high standard. She has a stage fright and is embarrassed about having quite the appetite. She is weak against praises, easy to manipulate, and can be very naive in matters of love.


rei kaguya sama

Rei Onodera

Birthday: May 17

Rei generally has a calm personality, but also becomes quite energetic in festivals. She loves gossip and used to blindly believe in the rumors about others. 

But after hurting Yu, believing in one of the wrong rumors about him, she tries to lightly confirm them after. 

She shares interest in light novels after interacting with Yu. She’s also intelligent, cares about her friends and watches over them.


kobachi kaguya sama

Kobachi Osaragi

Birthday: June 6

Kobachi has a sense of justice but not an intense one, which might be due to her being a girl with fewer words to say. She doesn’t mind being fawned over by the boys. 

Kobachi is kind and has a pride in being beautiful. Despite everything, she has a little perverted mind. She’s caring, quiet and a keen observer as well.

kashiwagi kaguya sama

Kashiwagi Nagisa

Birthday: June 25

Nagisa can be described as a typical girlfriend material, being moody, talkative, jealous and a little possessive. 

She has excellent grades and occasionally turns to Kaguya for relationship advice after ending up accepting one of her classmate’s confession right away.

moeha kaguya sama

Moeha Fujiwara

Birthday: June 26

As the younger sister of Chika there can not be much difference seen between Chika and Moeha, except she has a habit of saying the scariest things sometimes. 

She loves voicing dark ideas, causing some people to unnerve or dishearten, mainly Kaguya.


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No Birthdays


kei kaguya sama

Kei Shirogane

Birthday: August 1

Even though Kei is generally seen as rebellious towards her family, she’s very kind and self-sacrificing

She might be annoyed by her elder brother, condemns his sense towards fashion, but is much like him and cares a lot about him and his image in the eyes of others. 

She’s hardworking and tends not to be wasteful when it comes to matters of money, as she understands her family’s situation. Kei is also very calm and collected despite her age.

Tanuma Tsubasa

Birthday: August 25

Tanuma may give off the vibe of a bad mouthed person, but he is very calm and doesn’t get angry easily to the point of never. 

He has a laid back attitude and is very nice and easygoing. Tanuma also rarely shows his unchained personality.


miyuki kaguya sama

Miyuki Shirogane

Birthday: September 9

Miyuki is a textbook workaholic, who reached the top with his hardwork and determination, due to his not so strong background. He wants to be seen as the one with the perfect image and holds himself in high regard as such doesn’t want others to know his less desirable traits. 

He works part-time just to not burden his family, even takes a lot of risks and enjoys it. He doesn’t want to be wasteful with the money and dislikes expensive and luxurious gifts

He has no talent in other activities except studying and is painfully clueless in things related to relationships. 

He’s virtuous, helping in nature and never deems his goals as more important than the well-being of others. He’s selfless, extremely supportive and generous towards solving others’ problems.


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No Birthdays


No Birthdays are available so far
No Birthdays


No Birthdays are available so far
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Kaguya-Sama Love Is War definitely has some of the most interesting and likeable characters when it comes to any Romcom anime. We can’t help but swoon over all the characters and it’s just impossible to not fall in love with them. We hope you liked this list of official character birthdays. Comment down below and let us know about your birthday twin!

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