13+ Emotional Juvia Lockser Quotes (HQ Images)

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Here you’ll find Juvia Quotes that are amazing, inspiring, deep, sad, and anime quotes from Fairy Tail’s Juvia Lockser that give you strength.

Inspiring, Sad, Emotional & Friendship
Juvia Lockser Quotes

1. I love Juvia’s character in fairy tail. It’s such a comic relief, and also the fact that she has great lines. Even though most of them are all in relation to her love towards Gray Fullbuster LOL.

To Meredy

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-juvia lives for the one she loves

2. This was when Invel Yura was making Gray and Juvia fight each other. This was such an amazing moment. Juvia chose to hurt herself, so she wouldn’t’ hurt a comrade.

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-If I have to hurt someone, if I have to injure a comrade, then I might as well hurt myself

3. HAHAH. She’s a comic relief, but her quotes are awesome. Like this one for example. They jsut bring a smile to my face lol.

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-it doesnt matter what day it is as long as youre happy

Juvia & Gray Sticker – Fairy Tail

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4. This is such a good standard to uphold. To be able to draw lines with people who’re doing things wrong. But also not to take it too far where, it’s not necessary. This is hard but very important distinction I believe we all need.

To Meredy,

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-although we may defeat our enemies, fairy tail would never take their lives

5. The strength we carry within us multiplies and we can go past what we’re capable of, when we’re doing things for others and not ourselves.

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-i can be weak-but reach from strength in my hear to protect them

6. The strength of human emotions.

To Keyes

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-feelings always remain in the heart-strength of human love-You can never sever the bonds between Humans! Gray-sama's feelings.. Father's feelings.. They'll surely reach each other. Even if they change form, feelings always remain in the heart! Because that's what I believe to be the strength of Human Love

7. Wouldn’t any one of us love to in a place like that? Somewhere we could go and be with. A home to go to where no matter what there’s something we can smile about the things that are happening.

To Lucy,

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-fairy tail seems so friendly fun so war sun is always shining-Juvia doesn't want to hurt her nakama. Although it is a little presumptuous of me to call you after all you are my rival in love.. Juvia has truly come to love Fairy Tail. it' seems so friendly.. so fun... so warm.. as though even if it's raining outside in the guild the sun is always shining.. just when Juvia thought she was finally starting to get along with everyone.. but it looks like Juvia can only bring sadness

8. It’s so crazy but Juvia’s persistence is so admirable. She’s never given up trying on Gray, and I really really like that.

Juvia-lockser-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-live for her .. like i live for the one i love

Juvia Funny Love Quotes
to Gray Fullbuster

Juvia-lockser-quotes-funny-fairy-tail-quotes-gray sama you havent been ungaithful have you

2. Hahah! I love how Lucy is not into Gray at all. But Juvia is completely catty, and jealous of Lucy all the time.

To Lucy about Gray Fullbuster,

Juvia-lockser-quotes-funny-fairy-tail-quotes-juvia will not forgive lucy

3. By far the funniest GIF ever.

juvia-funny-quote-fairy-tail- Juvia: "Gray-Sama, please punish me! Hit Juvia as much as you want to! Gray Fullbuster: "I'm not into that!" Juvia: "Yeah, but Juvia is..."


To Lucy,

  • Juvia-lockser-quotes-funny-fairy-tail-quotes-gray-sama-was-inside-of-juvia-not-inside-of-you-to-lucy
  • Juvia-lockser-quotes-funny-fairy-tail-quotes-gray-sama-was-inside-of-juvia-not-inside-of-you-to-lucy2

Funny Juvia Moments in GIFs


Gray and Juvia Poster

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