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Nobara Kugisaki was the energetic girl who completed the Jujutsu Kaisen trio. She was the last person to enroll in the first year of Jujutsu High after Megumi and Yuji. Her first impression on the fans was spot on as she did not waste any time to become a fan-favorite character.

Her chemistry with Yuji has been a spot of highlight since they seemed to do everything together. She was also a capable fighter and she had never backed away from any fight. In this article, we will take a deep dive into Nobara Kugisaki and discuss her finer details.

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Nobara Kugisaki

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Character Information

Title: Third Protagonist


Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birthday: August 7th

Age: 16

Height: 160cm

Hair Color: Ginger (dyed)

Eye Color: Orange

Professional Status



-Grade 3 Jujutsu Sorcerer

Affiliations: Tokyo Jujutsu High

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga Debut: Chapter 3

Anime Debut: Episode 2

Voice Actors

Japanese: Asami Seto

English: Anne Yatco


It goes without saying that Nobara is one of the most beautiful girls in Jujutsu Kaisen. She has a comparatively short height with a lean and thin build. Her hair is of orange color and is of medium length. The bangs cover her left side and it also matches her eye colour.

She is usually seen wearing her Jujutsu High uniform that involves a dark blue top and skirt with the skirt ending right before her knees. The distinctive feature about her is the brown belt that she uses to store her fighting accessories.

Below it, she wears a pair of black stockings and brown shoes. Being a girl, Nobara loves to shop and dress up. We have seen her buying a tracksuit for school which has a cute flower pattern.


Nobara Quirky


This is the perfect word to sum up Nobara’s character in a compact way. This is especially visible in her antics that she is involved in along with Yuji. Moreover, this is also a reason why fans love her so much and can relate to her.

Nobara Confident


Nobara is a strong and confident girl. She has an unwavering spirit and nothing can shake her up. Her brash youthful nature can also seem intimidating to people sometimes. The best thing about her is that she will always stay true to herself (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 5). She is set in her beliefs and ideals and will not let anyone sway her easily. This also allows her to carry herself in front of others perfectly.

She is known to take charge of things when Megumi and Yuji tend to hesitate. This is also the reason she looks up to Maki Zenin so much. Maki is also another girl who is extremely confident of herself and is capable enough to lead others on the frontline. Nobara’s confident nature also makes her stay calm in tricky situations and she does not panic easily.

Nobara Arrogance


Being a strong and confident girl, Nobara can appear very arrogant sometimes. This is an obnoxious trait for some fans who don’t like this side of her. Even during her first introduction with Yuji and Megumi she considered them inferior to her (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 4). Not only that, we also saw that during her first mission she spent the majority of the time arguing with Yuji.

Nobara Caring


Nobara may seem like a cold and rough person from the outside but she has a very caring heart. She can do anything for her friends and is even ready to put her life on the line. During the course of the series, we saw how she grew close to both Megumi and Yuji and became concerned about them during dangerous situations. When Yuji died in the Detention Centre Incident we all saw her crying as she genuinely felt a bond with Yuji (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 10). Not only that, she was also annoyed at Mai Zenin when she insulted Yuji during the Goodwill Event Arc.

Nobara Outgoing


Nobara has always been a very outgoing and outspoken girl. Despite coming from a small town, she knew how to work around her way in a big city. Moving to a big city had always been in her bucket list and she was relieved to finally have done that. Even in her village, she seemed to connect most to people who came there from a different place.

The one girl who played a big role in Nobara moving to a big city was Saori. She connected with Saori on a deeper level and was extremely sad when she had to move away from the neighborhood. Her dream was to reunite with Saori and Sumi in Tokyo (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 125).

Nobara Crazt


As we have already learned from reading Jujutsu Kaisen, a Jujutsu Sorcerer needed to have that grit in order to survive against curses. Nobara already had that determination but what helped her even more is her craziness. This is why she was able to pass Gojo’s test when she first arrived at Jujutsu High.

She was crazy enough to cause damage to herself in order to defeat Eso and Kechizu during the Death Painting Arc (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 60). Her technique involved hurting herself in order to deal damage to the enemy and she did it without any hesitation. She countered the cursed technique of Eso by stabbing herself with nails and smiled all the way through it as if she was enjoying it. Only a sorcerer as crazy as her could do something like that.


Nobara Coldness


Nobara had a cold side to her that was necessary as a jujutsu sorcerer. This was different from Yuji who hesitates a lot before killing anyone. Even during the battle with the Death Painting Cursed Womb brothers she seemed unfazed after killing them.

She knew killing was a part and parcel of being a jujutsu sorcerer and was ready to see it out through the end. She also had to console Yuji by saying that he was not alone and Nobara was also an accomplice to that murder (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 63).

Nobara Dutiful


Nobara has a keen sense of duty and she takes a lot of pride in that. If anyhow her pride is hurt, she always tries to overcompensate for things in her own way. As we saw in her battle against Shigemo, she almost lost but got rescued by Nanami.

So she went as far as to say that she wanted to help Gojo which was an incredibly difficult task. Even though Nanami stopped her, she refused to leave the city and leave her allies amidst such a dangerous battle. Upon encountering Mahito‘s double, her sense of duty got the better of her as she decided to engage it which proved to be a fatal decision for her.


We came to know of Nobara’s past when her life flashed before her eyes. Nobara used to live in a village which failed to contain her enthusiastic heart. She yearned for something more and meeting Saori did exactly that. Saori had come from Tokyo and soon became friends with Nobara.

She started idolizing Saori and spent a lot of time with her. Her desire to move to Tokyo also came from her interactions with Saori. But the villagers did not like Saori one bit. They hated her and this constant hatred forced Saori and her family to move out of the village. Naturally, Nobara was devastated with this incident and this fuelled her desire to leave the village even more.  

Strength and Skills

Nobara is a skilled sorcerer who can be a great addition in a team battle. She is not someone who will charge into an attack and destroy the enemy. She is not known for her brute offensive power but she can play a support role very well. Being a grade 3 sorcerer, she can handle any mid-level curses and can also take on high-level curses with additional help.

She lacks a bit in physical endurance and has to cover it with her innate technique. We have already seen her exorcise numerous curses with a cool head. However, her weakness was highlighted in the Eishu Detention Centre where after she ran out of nails, she seemed to run out of ideas. In order to overcome this weakness, she trained a lot with Maki Zenin who is known for her innate physical abilities and power.

Panda also helped her in her training as she was finally ready to be a valuable asset for them in the Goodwill Event. She demonstrated the fruits of her training by engaging in a close combat battle with Momo. Previously, she would not have lasted in battle with her but the results of her training were clearly visible in that match.

Nobara Intelligence


Nobara does not throw punches here and there and hopes for the best. She can assess any situation perfectly and deduce the best route for her assured victory. In her fight against Momo, she was constantly getting knocked out by strong winds of cursed energy.

But she refused to give up and finally came up with a solution to launch her counterattack (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 41). She demonstrated her cleverness again in their battle with Eso and Kechizu. She and Yuji were poisoned by the brothers in that battle but instead of panicking in fear, she came up with a way to turn the tides in her favour.

Nobara Adaptability


Nobara’s ability to adapt to any situation makes her such an important jujutsu sorcerer. She can be quite versatile and help out her allies in tricky situations. She does not stick to only one method of fighting and has developed lots of techniques throughout the story.

During her battle with Eso and Kechizu she activated Resonance to return the damage of poison back to them. She also stabbed herself with nails to make Resonance more effective and this was something that only she could have thought of. She ultimately entered a state of focus in that battle and unleashed Black Flash on the brothers that allowed her to defeat them.

Nobara Adaptability 2

It also earned her praise from Todo and Mei Mei who recommended her to be promoted to a grade 1 sorcerer (Jujutsu Kaisen Manga: Chapter 61). Similarly in her fight against Shigemo, she was constantly getting pushed back as Shigemo was landing all hits perfectly. So instead of trying to win against her own power, she decided to waste time by getting Shigemo to talk which gave Nanami time to reach the place and rescue Nobara.


Nobara Strength and Skills


This is the signature weapon for Nobara that she uses in a lot of ways. It provides her the versatility to use both short-range and long-range attacks. Thus, she can switch her fighting style any moment depending on the situation.

She can strike an enemy head first with her hammer or use it to fire nails at her enemies from a long distance that are covered with cursed energy. Moreover, it is also needed for her to activate her Resonance technique whereby she punches a nail with her hammer into the detached part of the target.

Nobara nails


The metal nails are the basic components for Nobara in almost all of her cursed techniques. She needs to infuse them with cursed energy first to attack her enemies. This is a very innovative technique as she can make the nails fly and rain them down on curses. She is very adept in manipulating her cursed energy to use the nails in a very effective way.

Nobara Straw doll

Straw Doll

A Straw Doll is needed to perform her innate Straw Doll Technique whereby she can inflict damage on an enemy from a long distance. She can also share her pain with her opponents using the Straw Doll.

Nobara Rubber Mallet

Rubber Mallet

This is a basic weapon used by Nobara that is devoid of any cursed energy. She uses it only against humans when she does not have any intention of killing them.

Jujutsu And Techniques

Nobara Cursed Energy

Cursed Energy

The basic key to become a strong Jujutsu Sorcerer is to have a great amount of cursed energy. The other requirement is to tap into the source and use the cursed energy perfectly to the user’s advantage. This is something that Nobara could do perfectly. She has always been an expert in manipulating her own cursed energy and comes up with unique ways to do so.

For example, she covers her nails with cursed energy which allows her to make them float and attack the opponent from any direction she wants. This makes it harder for the enemy to deduce the correct path of the nails. She is also capable of expanding the cursed energy around her and she does not seem to be tired after it. Once she unlocked Black Flash, she realised that she had tapped into a deeper level of her cursed energy which opened up a door of infinite possibilities for her.

Nobara Black Flash

Black Flash

Black Flash is an incredibly powerful technique that requires a lot of speed. The fact that Nobara managed to unleash this technique too speaks a lot about her potential. It opens up a spatial distortion once Nobara connects with an impact of cursed energy.

The only catch is that it has to be done within a span of 0.000001 seconds of a physical hit. This results in the cursed energy turning black and magnifies the base power by 2.5. She unlocked this technique for the first time in her battle against Kechizu which almost killed the curse.

Nobara Straw Doll Technique

Straw Doll Technique

The Straw Doll Technique is Nobara’s characteristic jujutsu technique that has helped her in numerous occasions. In order to use that, she requires a hammer, some nails and a straw doll. She can perform various techniques using it but the best one is where she channels her own cursed energy through the doll and transfers the damage to her enemies.

Nobara Resonance


This is a very special technique used by Nobara that allows her to fight from a long range. To activate this technique, she requires a detached body part of her enemy and then she can form a link to her target using it to attack the critical points in her opponent’s body. The activation of Resonance causes large black spikes to emerge from her enemy’s chest.

Nobara Hairpin


This technique imitates the mechanism of a grenade. Using this ability, Nobara can cause a huge explosion by making her cursed energy bound nails explode. This happens because she expands the cursed energy around her nails to the point that they will detonate themselves.


Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Nobara is a first year student at the Jujutsu High School of Tokyo. Interestingly, there are only three students in the first year of Jujutsu High and Nobara was the last one to join. It was an easy decision for Nobara to choose the Tokyo school instead of the Kyoto school since she always wanted to move to Tokyo.

She is a brilliant student who has gone to many missions assigned to her by her class teacher, Satoru Gojo. Even though she comes from a different place, she has made Jujutsu High her home and has grown close to her classmates and seniors since then.


Satoru Gojo


Satoru Gojo and Nobara have a normal student and teacher relationship. She listens to her sensei carefully and makes sure to carry out the missions assigned to her perfectly. However it is clear that she is not a fan of Gojo’s antics in which he engages with Megumi and Yuji.


Yuuji Itadori

Yuji and Nobara have the best relationship in Jujutsu Kaisen. They always seem to be on the same wavelength whether they are fighting enemies or they are irritating Megumi. Her first interaction with Yuji was not that great as she failed to get along with him. But as they started going to more missions together, a deep bond formed between them.


Megumi Fushiguro

Nobara is not as close to Megumi as she is to Yuji but she has a healthy connection to him. She cares for Megumi like a brother and similar to Yuji, her bond with Megumi only got better with time.

Maki Personality 2

Maki Zen'in

Maki is like a mentor to Nobara as she trained herself with Maki to improve her skills and abilities. Maki is similar to Nobara in terms of being a strong and confident woman so Nobara saw an image of herself in Maki. Training with Maki helped Nobara to improve her physical abilities and endurance in which she used to lack previously.


Saori was the only girl who had a deep impact on Nobara. If it wasn’t for Saori, we would not have seen Nobara studying in Jujutsu High in Tokyo. She was like an idol to Nobara as she was constantly eager to spend time with her and listen to her stories. She already wanted to leave her village and meeting Saori was like a blessing to her. She hated the people in her village for driving her out and became determined to leave that place and start her life in a big city.

Fun Facts

1) Nobara Kugisaki was enrolled in Jujutsu High based on the recommendation of her grandmother.

2) She is very fond of shopping which sometimes seems borderline addictive.

3) Watermelon is one of her favourite dishes and she hates lightly pickled vegetables.

4) Dehydration can distress her easily and make her cranky.

5) The kanji for nail is present in her surname which is a connection to the use of nails in her fights.

6) Nobara’s natural hair colour is dark but she has dyed it.

7) Balenciaga and Onitsuka Tiger are two of her favourite brands of shopping.


Nobara is introduced to us in chapter three of Jujutsu Kaisen. She arrived by train to Harajuku where Gojo and the others were waiting for her. After the initial introductions were done, Gojo told them that they will be going to Roppongi. Yuji and Nobara become excited on hearing this but their bubble bursts when Gojo says that it is for a mission.

It will be a test for them as newcomers to check if they can handle decent threats. On arriving at the destination, they enter the building where Yuji suggests that they should team up. However, Nobara disagrees with it and heads up on her own. She encounters a curse soon which was disguised as a mannequin. This is when we got a taste of her power as she exorcises it easily. She then comes across a child who is too afraid to move. As soon as Nobara tries to approach him, a cursed spirit comes and takes the child hostage.

Nobara puts her weapon down with the hope that the cursed spirit will leave the child alone. Suddenly, Yuji bursts through the wall and rescues the child. Nobara uses the detached arm of the spirit to activate Resonance and exorcise it. After that, they get into an argument about how dangerous that was but Nobara thanks Yuji and they come out of the building. Later, they get another mission of going to a detention centre and exorcising a high-grade cursed spirit. On reaching the location, they find out that a magical energy has completely surrounded it and the exit has disappeared.

Luckily for them, Megumi‘s Shikigami can locate the exit but they find many corpses lying around. Since one of them is the one they were supposed to rescue, Yuji and Nobara get into an argument again. Suddenly, Nobara is teleported away from the place and finds herself among a lot of cursed spirits. Megumi comes to her rescue with the toad shikigami and hands her over to Kiyotaka who takes her to the hospital.

After recovering from her injuries, Nobara feels sad about Yuji‘s death and realises how weak she is. At that very moment, the second-year students come towards them and Megumi introduces everyone to Nobara. They tell her about the Sister Goodwill Event and she becomes eager to participate in it.

Some days later, they get attacked by Mai and Todo from the Kyoto High School. Nobara tells Mai that she looks like Maki which annoys her and she shoots Nobara lots of times. Maki comes to their rescue as Todo and Mai leave the place. When Nobara listens to the entire story from Maki, her respect for her seniors goes up even more.

Voice Actors

JapaneseAsami Seto

English Anne Yatco


That’s it for one of the best girls in Jujutsu Kaisen, the independent and fiery Nobara Kugisaki. We hope you liked this wiki and don’t worry we’ll be constantly updating it as the Jujutsu Kaisen series goes on. Make sure to come back and learn more about the Nobara and how she’ll pummel her enemies to the ground. NOBARA BEST WAIFU!


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