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We have seen several greedy characters in different anime, but getting to see a greedy character that’s also well respected for being very strong and skilled is very rare. Mei Mei is blinded by greed and shows zero interest in politics, loyalty, or any form of relationship not based on money. She is also quite judgmental, and to her “It’s money or nothing”.

But despite her doubtful morals, she has a good eye for recognizing the potential and abilities of others and often takes it upon herself to commend them on their growth. She’s also known to maintain a really friendly appearance at all times.

As a passionate fan of Jujutsu Kaisen, then you know full well that in the series, Mei Mei is not just a supporting character, she was also a Senpai to Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo while they were still in Jujutsu High. So, I believe you would want to know more about the key qualities of this character. If that is so, then let’s find out more about Mei Mei.

Mei Mei

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Mei Mei

Mei Mei

Character Info


Race: Human 

Gender: Female

Birthday: –

Height­: 173cm

Weight: – 

Hair color: Pale Blue

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer

More Information

Grade: Grade 1



Ui Ui (Brother)

Senpai of Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut:

Chapter 0-3

Chapter 40

Anime Debut: 

Episode 17

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Kotono Mitsuishi

English Voice: Amber Lee Connors


Mei Mei Appearance

Mei Mei is a young lady with a pale peach complexion and tiny, piercing dark brown eyes that are complemented by her narrow brow. Her blue-tinged silver hair is typically braided into two, one concealing her face and the other hanging at the back of her head just below her shoulders. But she only wears this outfit while she’s working; otherwise, she wears her hair in a single braid or lets it down when she’s out playing or resting.

Mei Mei Appearance

Mei Mei is usually dressed in a black bodysuit with an attached skirt while she is working as a sorceress. The skirt has trousers beneath that protect her legs and could be tucked into boots of the same hue, which is light brown in the anime. However, in 2006, she donned a suit and tie and styled her hair in a high ponytail, exposing her face.

You can always see Mei Mei in a dark bodysuit with a skirt attached, then she’s working as a sorcerer. The skirt does have pants underneath that cover her legs and can be tucked in boots of matching color, which in the anime is light brown. But she once dressed in a suit and tie in 2006, and kept her hair in a ponytail that was quite high, leaving her face unhidden.


Mei Personality

Me Mei is extremely calm and peaceful and also understands how to maintain her cool in any circumstances. Despite being extremely nice and honest, she admits to being greedy. She places a high value on money and even makes it her main priority. 

Getting her to rouse from sleep always requires a monetary incentive. Mei Mei, who claims she doesn’t comprehend any connection that isn’t centered on money, simply wouldn’t become engaged in any allegiances or politics unless there was a monetary benefit involved.[1]

Mei Mei Personality

Mei Mei believes that the value of another person’s life is equivalent to how useful they are to her. A phrase, “Service Potential” that isn’t meant to apply to people, is the definition of life for Mei Mei. She informed a Curse User that she trashed him up because he was a killer who didn’t value human life. Ebina, in her opinion, had no Service Potential, therefore she murdered him without hesitation.[2]

Despite her dubious morality, she always maintains a cheerful attitude. She is enamored with her companion’s prospects and skills, constantly noticing and applauding their growth. She is one among those who believe Mai Zenin ought to have advanced to Grade 3.[3] Mei Mei is also one of the few individuals who noticed Yuji’s strength despite his lack of natural skill and subsequently likened him to Kusakabe.[4]

Strengths and Skills

Mei Mei Overall Skill

Overall Skill

In addition to being a skilled fighter, Mei Mei’s reputation as one of the sorcerers ranked as Grade 1 is well-known. She is considered to be a powerful sorcerer by Satoru Gojo, the greatest Sorcerer in the School. This is not a claim that Satoru Gojo makes lightly, as he has previously said. Satoru and other students in Jujutsu High were so confident in Mei Mei’s abilities that when she took longer than expected to complete a job, they believed something odd had occurred.[5]

Before realizing her Innate Technique, Mei used to believe she was born with a deficient Innate Technique that allowed her to solely control birds. As a consequence, she refined her fighting abilities such that she could be successful even when she lacked Innate Techniques, ultimately becoming a fighting specialist who excels in close quarters. She had learned enough throughout her training to beat Niji Ebina, who is a Curse User who was believed to be just almost Grade 1 in strength.[6]

Mei mei

Immediately after defeating the assassin responsible for Pseudo-Geto’s death, his Cursed Spirit Manipulation summoned a disease which was Special Grade, and Mei Mei was caught and trapped by a Deity with powerful smallpox affliction in its Realm Expansion, where she was subjected to conditions that may end her in few seconds. 

She stated that she couldn’t recall any previous time she was vulnerable, indicating that throughout her lengthy career being a Sorcerer, she had never been vanquished or injured in any manner.[7]

In spite of the hopeless odds, she overcame the curse with the assistance of her younger brother, Ui Ui. Her intelligence and combat expertise assisted her in outsmarting and exorcising the spirit. Pseudo-Geto was so pleased by Mei Mei’s performance that he admitted that she was an exceptional Sorcerer of the present era.[8]

Maestro of Armed Combat

Mei Mei likes to confront her enemy at close quarters with her battle-ax. She is continuously aiming to sever her opponents with brutal blows, which she does with amazing precision and speed given the weight of the ax. 

Her ax could destroy a Curse User and even cut off the arms of a Cursed spirit of Special Grade with a single stroke.[9][10]

Mei Mei was skilled enough to get out of a casket buried underneath a large gravestone during her combat with the Smallpox Deity, breaking both of them in just one attack. Mei Mei accomplished the job in less than three seconds, becoming more determined with each try.[11]

Mei mei

Excellent Tactical Initiative

Mei Mei has a lot of combat experience with curses as a top-level Sorcerer, and she’s very good at approaching them. She was able to come up with a strategy to escape with Utahime while being locked inside a barricade effective at controlling space and time.[12] In the course of the Shibuya Incident, she was assigned to the job of squad leader and was assigned to investigate the station at Meiji-Jingumae.

She was clever enough to take advantage of her Innate Technique before entering, making use of her crows as scouts to explore the inside. As a result, she was able to come up with a game plan that was properly carried out by her squad.[13]

Mei Mei Powers

Despite the pressure of an enemy domain expansion, Mei Mei remained calm and came up with a plan amid battle. Asides from deducing the precise conditions after only a few encounters, she also identified the domain’s flaws.

Mei Mei realized that the Deity only has the power to attack a single individual at once, so she came up with a strategy around it. Her intelligence, coupled with her skills in combat, allowed her to carry out her strategy successfully and overcome a higher rank opponent.[14]


Jujutsu Abilities

Mei Mei Powers curse

Cursed Energy Manipulation

As a sorceress, Mei Mei carries significant quantities of cursed energy. She practiced hard to manipulate her cursed energy within her body until she could no longer improve as a combatant. 

She had reached her physical limit, but she had also become a master of fighting with physical prowess reinforced by cursed energy control.[15] 

Mei Mei also has an Innate Technique which gives her the power to control crows with her cursed energy.[16] Her cursed energy was so much she could control a whole flock of crows from over a long distance.[17]

Mei Mei Bird

Kokuchō Sōjutsu (Bird Manipulation)

Her Innate Technique, Kokucho Sojutsu allows her to manipulate crows with the cursed energy in her body. She can manage several birds, not minding whether it is from a considerable distance. 

She can also see whatever the birds perceive, thanks to her ability to exchange vision with them.[18]

Mei mei

Bird Attack (Bādo Sutoraiku)

The Black Bird Manipulation has a significant edge in this regard. An animal, a bird, is tied by Mei Mei’s Binding Bow, which forces the bird to attempt suicide in return for Mei Mei’s surpassing the limits of the bird’s cursed energy, which is usually feeble. 

After being propelled forward by large quantities of cursed energy, the bird strikes the opponent with a tremendous impact that may exorcise an enemy of Special grade in a single strike. Satoru Gojo is the only person who has ever managed to survive Bado Sutoraiku, and he is the only person who has ever done it.[19]

Mei Mei Cursed Tool

Cursed Tool

It is said that Mei Mei’s combat ax is cursed. There is a sign on the head of the ax, and the handle below is covered in cloth. 

Mei Mei will let her younger brother Ui Ui carry her weapon while she isn’t using it.


  • The word “Mei” means “Reliant”, so her name Mei Mei is quite fitting as she’s quite capable of being relied on whenever her help is required.
  • With a height of over 170cm, she is a tall character as compared to any other female character in the series.
  • She goes into battle with a weapon just a few centimeters shorter than her, sharp and swift looking, which most often makes feeble opponents quiver in fear when they face her.
  • Her love for money has made her be singled out among all sorcerers in the series. She is seen as someone who doesn’t care much for affiliations of any sort except there is monetary gain in it for her.
  • As a supporting character who doesn’t get much screen time, she doesn’t have a lot of screen time and an official birthday. This also means that her zodiac sign is unknown at the time of writing this blog.


Gojo Past Arc

Gojo’s Past Arc

A long time ago, together with Utahime Iori, Mei Mei was on a quest when they became stuck beneath a barrier that a spirit created. As they debate their next course of action, Shoko Ieiri, Satoru Gojo, and Suguru Geto arrive and unbound the duo, as well as the exorcising spirit. 

After getting relieved of the barrier, Mei Mei asked to know where the screen had been put up, only to discover that Gojo (the person in charge) never did as he was told earlier. Mei Mei and Utahime returned to the college after the completion of their mission.[21]


Kyoto event

Kyoto Incident Arc

Mei Mei, like the rest of the school, is watching the Kyoto Event. She notes Mai Zenin’s strength during the event, wondering why she is still in Grade 4. Mai’s family has been preventing her from advancing through the Grades, according to Gojo. 

Gojo then complains about not being to observe Yuji Itadori’s duel, and Mei Mei responds with a simple explanation.[22][23]When marauders break into the affair, Mei Mei is instructed to locate all of the pupils while others deal with the marauders.[24][25] 

She later attends a summit after the invasion to learn about the casualties and losses. Mei Mei, along with other instructors and students, returns to Kyoto once the Kyoto Goodwill Event is over.[26][27]

Death Painting Arc

Deathly Stain Arc

A few days later, Mei Mei discovers that ten million yen has been deposited into her account.[28] 

Aoi Todo and Mei Mei met with Yoshinobu Gakuganji, the principal of the school to discuss Panda, Megumi Fushiguro, Yuji, Nobara Kugisaki, and Mai being promoted to Grade 1.[29][30]After that, Mei Mei and Aoi play tabletop tennis. 

As Aoi expresses his wish to accompany Yuji, he is informed whoever nominates another is not permitted to go on missions with the nominee. Mei Mei then takes her to leave after that.[31]

Shibuya Event Arc

deals with the crisis at Shibuya. All of a sudden Mei Meigets a call about a curtain at the Station at Meiji-Jingumae, and she, Yuji, and Ui Ui rush there to investigate. 

Upon arrival at the station, they are notified of its state of affairs.[32] She uses Kokuchō Sōjutsu on some crows after being told to find out what is going on at the station. She notified her brother and Yuji about what was going on in the station once she had gathered enough information and her crows were killed. 

When Yuji asks about Mahito, she tells him she doesn’t know if he is in the station, but that he might be there because there are mutated persons there also.


Mei Mei Past

Mei Mei is a First Grade Sorcerer who works solo and primarily for money, despite being a minor character in the series. She is also Ui Ui’s older sister, and during their time in Jujutsu High, she was a senpai to Suguru Geto and Satoru Gojo. 

As a character who started out lacking Innate Technique, Mei Mei beat all odds and surpassed expectations, by training herself vigorously that she rose through the ranks quickly and got so good she earned the respect the most respected in Jujutsu High.

Voice Actor

Mei Mei

  • Kotono Mitsuishi

One of the voice actors of Mei Mei is Kotono Mitsuishi. She’s well known as a Japanese singer, narrator, and voice actress, once affiliated with Lasley Arrow and Arts Vision but now freelance. She is well-known for her roles as Boa Hancock in One Piece, Misato Katsuragi in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Sayaka Mine in Yaiba, and Usagi Tsukino in Sailor Moon.

  • Amber Lee Connors

An American voice actress who was born on April 9, 1991, Amber has provided voices for English dubbed Japanese video games and anime. She is known for her roles as Pieck from Attack on Titan, Mei Aihara from Citrus, and Miki Kawai from A Silent Voice.


Ui Ui

Ui Ui

As of the time of writing this blog, this lady wasn’t shown to have any love interest. She didn’t have anyone special, which makes sense since she defines all relationships and acquaintances by how much money she stands to gain from it. 

The only people she had with her were her younger brother, Ui Ui, and a few colleagues from Jujutsu High.


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