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Masamichi Yaga is one of the supporting characters in Jujutsu Kaisen. He was the Headmaster of the Jujutsu Tech High School in Tokyo. Well! He was executed by Yoshinobu Gakuganji in recent chapters. He is also the creator of one of the main supporting characters, Panda. In addition to all this, he was the teacher of the infamous Gojo Saturo, Geto Suguru, and Shoko Ieiri. 

Ooh well! If you don’t know anything about Jujutsu Kaisen, I’ll tell you a bit about it then. Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the most popular anime in fall 2020. And its popularity is pretty much justified as it has some amazing characters like Gojo Saturo, the MC, Itadori Yuji, and many others. Besides characters, it has some insane character development, even for side characters, and of course, its cast of female characters. Yuji Itadori might not be the strongest character in anime verse, but he is, indeed, one of the best new-gen MC. 

Masamichi Yaga Wiki

What do you think makes an anime great? Plot? animation? MC? Well! These things are important too but in my opinion, what really makes an anime great is its set of characters. Side characters, I mean. An anime can have a great plot, but if the characters are lacking charisma and development, the anime will surely fail to deliver the punch. 

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Masamichi Yaga

Masamichi Yaga

Character Information

Title: Jujutsu Sorcerer Principal


Gender: Male

Age: 47

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Professional Status

Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer Principal

Affiliations: Tokyo Jujutsu High

Grade: 1


Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 3

Anime debut: Episode 2

Voice Actors

Japanese: Takaya Kuroda
English: Keith Silverstein


Masamichi Yaga

Character designs in Jujutsu Kaisen are also pretty awesome and I’m seriously a fan of them. Masamichi Yaga too has a great design. Let me just describe it a bit.

Masamichi was a tall fellow with a cool mustache and black hair shaved at both sides. He also used to wear black sunglasses, I don’t know why. 

Masamichi basically had three outfits in the whole manga. First one, at the beginning of the series. As the students and teachers of Jujutsu High wear Black-colored clothes, Masamichi also wore a black-colored Jacket along with black shoes and pants. 

Second, one year before the commencement of the series, Masamichi used to keep the zip of his jacket open over a high collar white shirt. Pretty Cool! right?

Thirdly, when he was a teacher, he used to wear the same clothes, just the sunglasses were missing. And his hairstyle was a bit different as he had two lines that went across his shaved head.


Masamichi Yaga

Well! Quite surprisingly, Yaga was a fan of cuteness as most of his cursed corpses were cute stuffed toys and animals. Apart from his cursed technique, Yaga was also a very serious guy. He was quite strict about following the rules and regulations and hated people whose morals swayed from the right path. Well, most of it is due to the incident with his student, Geto Suguru. 

His love for his stuffed corpses, especially Panda, can be seen throughout the series. Although he doesn’t know how Panda was created, he still loved and raised him like his own child. Pretty wholesome! Right?

Strengths and Skills

In the Jujutsu world, abilities matter a lot. Even if you have a lot of cursed energy and don’t possess the means to use it, you are useless. Following are some of the abilities of Yaga Masamichi.

Massive cursed energy

Massive Cursed Energy

As we all know, Yaga Masamichi was the Principal of the Jujutsu Tech High School, and you can’t become the Principal if you are weak. So, Yaga possessed a massive amount of curse energy which he used to make puppets

He basically infused his cursed energy into the Puppet and made them fight. Talking about Puppets, Masamichi had a lot of Puppets and some of them were named as well. (Manga Chapter 3) So, we will discuss them one by one.



Cathy is the one we encountered at the beginning of the series. He was the one who fought Itadori. Cathy is not very big and has a dog-like face with a head resembling a Kappa.

Cathy usually fights with its fists and can also bounce off walls.



Now this one’s a bit troublesome. It was used during Itadori’s training of controlling curse energy. Tsukamoto wears a pair of Boxing gloves and attacks its opponent, the moment it detects a change in their curse energy. This doll was pretty useful as Itadori was able to quickly learn to control his energy output using it. Oh! I forgot one thing. It looks like a bear.



Panda is one of the main supporting characters. He plays a pretty important role in many arcs of the manga. About his appearance, he looks like a panda. Yess! a freaking panda.

Panda basically has three cores inside him for three different personalities. Panda is also very close to Yaga as his own son.



Takeru is a cursed corpse containing the soul of Kusakabe’s nephew. It was created for Kusakabe’s sister as she could not live without her son.


  • As we all know, Yaga started wearing sunglasses after becoming the principal. On top of that, he literally has a collection of similar sunglasses.
  • Though Yaga likes really cute things and most of his Puppets are also pretty cute. Still, it is not his intention to make them cute at all. 
  • Most characters have some catchphrases, like Dattebayo for Naruto, Mada Mada for Asta. For Yaga, it is Goddamn!
  • Yaga also has a son and was once married.
  • Yaga’s favorite dish is Smoked Daikon Pickles.
  • He dislikes Sweet Liquor.



Jujutsu High

We don’t get to see Yaga’s past until recently in the manga. Let’s just summarize it a bit.

Yaga was a teacher at the Jujutsu High School when Gojo Satoru was a student there. After that, he became the Principal of the school. Yaga is also the one who created Panda, a cursed corpse. Panda is also a student at Jujutsu High. So, he was more like a son to Yaga. Panda also has a brother and sister, which are a part of his soul, as explained to him by Yaga. (Manga Chapter 39)

However, the creation of Panda posed a great threat to the Jujutsu World as he possessed his own cursed energy, which is not possible for a cursed corpse

The Jujutsu Higher-ups were afraid that if there’s a way to create such corpses, then someone can even make an army of them. To eliminate this threat, Yoshinobu Gakuganji was appointed to investigate Yaga. Yaga was taken to a cell with his hands bound by seals. They had a long conversation regarding the creation of Panda. However, Yaga assures Gakuganji that he doesn’t know how Panda was created. (Manga Chapter 147)

masamichi Yaga

Later in the flashback, Yaga can be seen creating a corpse using Atsuya Kusakabe’s (Teacher at jujutsu High) Nephew’s soul information. This was done for Atsuya’s sister whose son had died in an accident. According to Atsuya, his sister cannot live without her son. Yaga said that he doesn’t like doing this, but still, he created a corpse for her. This made her sister pretty relieved. (Manga Chapter 147)



Gojo's Past Arc

Now, this arc is one of the best arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen, as it explains a lot about Gojo’s past and his relationship with Geto Suguru

The events of this arc take place eleven years ago when Yaga Masamichi was still a teacher at Jujutsu High. He can be seen punishing  Gojo Saturo as he and Geto did not take suitable measures while meeting Utahime Iori and Mei Mei. (Manga Chapter 65)

After that, he sends them on a very important mission regarding Tengen-sama. He gives them all the details about this mission and warns them about two groups that’ll target them. (Manga Chapter 66) He can also be seen contacting Gojo during his mission and giving him advice.

One whole year after the incident of the twin star, Yaga contacts Gojo telling him about Geto’s atrocious acts. He tells him that Geto had even massacred a whole village, including his own parents, and is currently on the run. (Manga Chapter 78)

cursed corpse

Later on, Yaga meets Gojo after his decisive encounter with Geto Suguru. (Manga Chapter 78)

Later in this arc, Yaga can be seen creating a cursed corpse for Atsuya’s sister. After the creation of the corpse, he takes it to meet Atsuya’s sister. Atsuya’s sister, immediately after seeing his son, rushes to hug him as he says, “Aren’t I a genius” (Manga Chapter 147)

Maki Cursed Child Arc

Cursed Child Arc

The Cursed Child arc is another pretty important arc as it follows the events just before the beginning of the series.

Masamichi Yaga has a pretty minor role in this one though. He can be seen talking to Gojo Saturo as they try to locate the whereabouts of Geto Suguru. Coincidently, Geto himself shows up at Jujutsu High looking for Yuta Okkustu, an S-Rank Sorcerer. Yaga and the other teachers try to follow Geto to capture him. However, Geto successfully escaped after the declaration of War on the Jujutsu World. This calls for an important meeting of the higher-ups in which Yaga also participates. (Manga Chapter. Jujutsu Kaisen 0: 0-3)


Introduction Arc

This arc marks the beginning of Jujutsu Kaisen as Gojo Saturo tries to enroll Yuji Itadori into the Jujutsu Tech High School. But for Yuji to get admission into Jujutsu High, he has to meet Masamichi Yaga, the Principal of Jujutsu High. 

Yaga has his unique way of interviewing students before their admission. He asks them questions regarding their ambition and goal. He asks Yuji the same question. Yuji replies by saying that he just wants to save people. However, this reply was not to Yaga’s liking. So, he rejected him and attacked him with his cursed doll. While attacking him, he kept asking him questions until the answer was to his liking.


As Itadori was explaining his answer, Masamichi starts to explain the real purpose of Jujutsu Sorcerers. He also tells him that Jujutsu Sorcerers always die with regrets. However, this was not done to discourage Yuji, it was to test his resolve. And Yuji passed this test. This is how Yuji got admission into Jujutsu High.

 And Well! as Yaga is also a bit dumb, he forgot to deactivate his curse technique, and the Corpse ended up punching Yuji one more time. (Manga Chapter 3)

Kyoto Goodwill arc

Kyoto Goodwill Arc

Now, this arc is pretty important for the development of our main characters.

It begins as Gojo Saturo reveals that Yuji is still alive. At that time of reveal, Yaga is with Principal Gakuganji, and both of them are pretty shocked. Following this, Yaga explains the rules of the tournament. (Manga Chapter 32)

The event begins and Yaga sits with other faculty members as they view the event from screens. (Manga Chapter 40) After the invasion of Curses, Yaga runs towards Tengen-sama while other faculty members rush to rescue the students. (Manga Chapter 45) 

After the battle, Yaga discusses the casualties and the loss with other faculty members. After discussing the fact that they should keep this all a secret from higher-ups, Yaga suggests that the goodwill event should not continue. However, after further discussion, the event was not called off. (Manga Chapter 53) Principal Gakuganji and Masamichi were pretty surprised by the next event, Baseball. During the baseball match, both of the Principals sat beside each other to watch the event. Yaga tells Gakuganji about Yuji and that he will become a great sorcerer. (Manga Chapter 54)

Shibuya incident arc

Shibuya Incident Arc

The Shibuya incident arc is one of the most important and brutal arcs of Jujutsu Kaisen. Fans all over the world are waiting for its animation. However, Yaga didn’t have a big role in this arc.

He just helped set up a Medical tent to treat the wounded people. Shoko tells Yaga that she doesn’t need him here and he should be helping others in the fight. Yaga replies by saying that it is also important to protect her because she’s the only one who knows how to use the reverse curse technique. (Manga Chapter 113)

Later on, Yaga gets surprised by the sudden appearance of Megumi Fushiguro as he says he saw either Yuji Itadori or Sukuna. (Manga Chapter 119)

itadori's extermination

Itadori's Extermination Arc

A lot of things changed after the Shibuya Incident as Gojo Saturo was sealed inside the Prison Realm. This completely changed the Jujutsu World. The higher-ups who were once afraid of Gojo got confident. As a result of this, Yaga Masamichi along with his two students, Gojo Saturo and Geto Suguru, was sentenced to death. (Manga Chapter 137)

perfect preparation arc

Perfect Preparation Arc

Yaga, after being sentenced to death, knew that he had no chances of surviving. So, he wanted to meet his son one last time. Following this, a Jujutsu Higher up suddenly appears before him. Yaga knew what he was there for. The Jujutsu Higher up wanted information on how to create Cursed Corpses with self-sustaining energy like Panda. They wanted this information in exchange for his life. However, Yaga refused to know anything about it. 

Suddenly Principal Gakuganji appears at the site and a battle begins between him and Yaga Masamichi. It resulted in Yaga losing and being tremendously wounded. (Manga Chapter 147)

After this, Yaga tells Gakuganji the secret behind Panda. He tells him that one can replicate a soul’s information from its physical information and that information can be stored inside a cursed core. Three really powerful and compatible cores must be placed inside a cursed corpse so that they can constantly observe each other until they become self-sufficient. Three months are required for this whole process. To achieve self-awareness!


After this, Yaga tells Gakuganji the secret behind Panda. He tells him that one can replicate a soul’s information from its physical information and that information can be stored inside a cursed core. Three really powerful and compatible cores must be placed inside a cursed corpse so that they can constantly observe each other until they become self-sufficient. Three months are required for this whole process. To achieve self-awareness!

Gakuganji then asks him why he didn’t tell this information to the Jujutsu Higher-ups? His life could have been saved. Yaga replies by saying that this is now a curse to him. After all this battle, Panda arrives at the scene. Gakuganji gets ready to fight him. However, Panda says that he is not here to fight and goes beside the dead body of Yaga. (Manga Chapter 147)

Voice Actors

Japanese Takaya Kuroda

EnglishKeith Silverstein


I hope you guys got to know a lot about the absolutely perfect sensei none other than Masamichi Yaga! Comment down below if you’ve got respect for this cool man!


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