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The audience got to meet Maki Zen’in as a real underdog when JJK first aired in 2020. There’s nothing to hide: Maki was weak. She lacked cursed energy, and she wasn’t a particularly talented physical fighter either. Her family tried to dispose of her time after time, and she was stuck in Grade 4 for a long time.

The winds changed when she got to prove her bravery at the Kyoto Goodwill Event. Maki didn’t only hold her ground against Mai and Miwa, but she also did a good job together with Megumi against the invading cursed spirits. Sadly, the Zen’in clan opposed her promotion, despite Mei Mei’s acknowledgment for her.

After the dire events of the Shibuya Incident, Maki picked up the Dragon-Bone from the blacksmith Juzo and headed to the Zen’in household to bring change. She faced only hatred from her own father, who tried to kill both Maki and her sister Mai. Maki decided to Itachi her whole family, leaving not a soul behind who could look down on her. From that point, she became a big deal.

If you are interested in the Wonder Woman of JJK, then I can wholeheartedly recommend reading this wiki article on her, summarizing every important aspect of a character.

Maki Zen'in

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Maki is a 16-year-old young woman in the current timeline, but she acts and looks way more mature. She has black hair and black eyes, but they were changed to dark green hair and golden eyes in the anime adaptation. Maki also wears her glasses all the time, which enables her to see curses.

Maki occasionally switches up her clothing. Her Jujutsu uniform is a well-known long-sleeved jacket with a skirt. She added leggings to her fit after finishing her first year, before then she rocked some long white socks. She wears hoodies and shorts over pants, spiced up with white boots or shoes. 

Maki liked to dress for the occasion, but she mostly wore her hair in a ponytail, has a poker face on, and keeps her dignity. After the Shibuya Incident, Maki was left with third-degree burns[9], and those scars will stay permanent even if her health recovers. Maki started using tank tops and had her hair cut short.

Maki Zen'in
Character Info


Gender: Female

Species: Human

Birthday: January 20th

Height: 170cm

Hair Color: Black (Manga)

                           Dark Green (Anime)

Eye Color: Hazel (Anime)

                         Black (Manga)

Age: 15 (Prequel)


More Information

Occupation: Jujutsu Sorcerer

                 2nd Year Student

Grade: Grade 4

Affiliation: Tokyo Jujutsu High



-Mai Zenin (Twin Sister)

-Ogi Zenin (Father)

-Unnamed Mother

-Naobito Zenin (Uncle)

-Naoya Zenin (Cousin)

Toji Fushiguro (Cousin)

Megumi Fushiguro (Second Nephew)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 10

                                  Chapter 0-1

Anime Debut: Episode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese: Mikako Komatsu

English: Allegra Clark


Being an unwanted child must be hard to deal with. Maki had a pretty unlucky upbringing due to being looked down upon for her lack of cursed energy. She had to develop modesty and tolerance to survive, but the best decision she made was undoubtedly her enrollment in the Tokyo branch of Jujutsu High. As the rest of the students were kind of weirdos, Maki could make friends at last. 

Maki became a master of weaponry as nothing else was going her way. She used one-handed, two-handed weapons with ease, but she had proficiency in using polearms too. She showed off her talent for the doubting audience in hopes of positive reactions, and while most of the Kyoto students and teachers recognized her talent, the Zen’in clan would not let her get promoted. 

Maki always took fighting seriously, fitting for a Sorcerer. She did her part in times of need, but due to her incapability of taking down stronger opponents, she always stayed as support. She takes the initiative with her classmates during training and missions, which replaces the bonds missing from her family relations. 

Maki always went straight into the action without much thinking, relying mostly on her physical capabilities. This proved to be a wise choice, as letting the strong mage opponents gather information, prepare spells and overwhelm her after time would have been a disaster. If Maki couldn’t end a fight quickly, her stamina would deplete faster than the cursed energy of her enemies.

Maki had a personality shift after getting to know Yuta Okkotsu, going from a shy and angry kid to a balanced-out youngster. Maki also changed a bit not only in looks but in personality too after massacring her family. She accepted that they weren’t any good, and went on to continue her missions. 

Strength And Skills

Maki Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Strength

Even without the existence of the world of curses and jujutsu, Maki would be a great athlete. She possesses superhuman abilities, just like the skills Yuji had when he showed off against his teacher in the first episode. Her usage of martial art techniques and cursed tools makes Maki an enemy to be feared. 

Maki Fighting prowess

Fighting Prowess

Maki is a Grade 4 Sorcerer, which absolutely doesn’t reflect her true skill level. She can exorcise Grade 2 cursed spirits, but she could probably fight well against Grade 1 opponents too. It was also shown during the fight against Hanami that Maki could hold her ground for an extended time even against a Special Grade. 

Maki weapon proficiency

Cursed Weapon Proficiency

Maki’s power to wield weapons comes with many advantages. She doesn’t only just use them quickly with overwhelming force put into slashes and blows, but switching between cursed tools fitting the scene is also her strength. Maki could even steal Miwa’s sword in their fight[11], making it a one-sided duel. 

Maki Superhuman Senses

Superhuman Senses​

She has quick reflexes and high stamina, being able to keep up her fast movements for an extended time. She could even slice and catch the bullets Mai was firing on her in action[12]! She has strategic capabilities too, making good decisions to turn a fight around, as well as enhanced strength to overpower opponents who rely on ranged attacks.

Heavenly Restrictions

Maki lacks cursed energy, only having very limited storage filled up. She can’t even see curses without her glasses, not to mention she can’t use cursed techniques or powered-up attacks. She must rely on her physical strength, which has worked quite fine for Maki so far.

Maki has the Heavenly Restriction – a let’s say consolation prize for not having cursed energy. This is the same trade-off that Mechamaru got in a different form. Maki’s Heavenly Restriction boosts her power, giving her superhuman strength, reflexes, and maneuver skills.

Her boost is the same as what Toji Fushiguro had[13], so it is likely that the inheritable ability runs in the blood of the Zen’in clan.

After Mai offered to take away the little cursed energy Maki still has and die for her at the Zen’in clan’s house, the girl walked off with a new aura. No regular fighter feared Maki before this event, but now it’s debatable who should run for their lives if she shows up. The new Maki is a powerhouse, to say the least.

No real explanation for that, she just rose to a different level with the maxed-out Heavenly Restriction. She isn’t close to the Sorcerer Killer Toji just yet, but Maki now has a shiny future ahead of her. 

She managed to clear the Special Grade 1 group, also known as the strongest of the Zen’in clan. Right now, Maki is the one closest to be considered a Special Grade Sorcerer who hasn’t been promoted to such a level.


  • Maki’s first name contains the kanjis ma (genuine), and ki (hope).
  • She loves junk food and hates vegetarian food. 
  • She is skilled in crushing empty cans, and her primary source of stress is her family issues. (Or they only were?)
  • As Maki’s Heavenly Restriction turned out to be on par with Toji Fushiguro’s, the superhuman strength that can be inherited without cursed energy may run within the Zen’in clan.


Maki Cursed Child Arc

Cursed Child Arc

  • Yuta Okkotsu & Maki Zen’in vs. Cursed Spirits
  •  Maki Zen’in, Toge Inumaki & Panda vs. Suguru Geto
Kyoto Goodwill Arc

Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc

  • Maki Zen’in vs. Kasumi Miwa
  •  Maki Zen’in vs. Mai Zen’in
  • Baseball Game[16]
  • Megumi Fushiguro & Maki Zen’in vs. Hanami

Shibuya Incident Arc

  •  Jujutsu Sorcerers vs. Dagon
Perfect Preparation Arc

Perfect Preparation Arc

  • Maki Zen’in vs. Ogi Zenin
  •  Maki Zen’in vs. The Kukuru Unit
  • Maki Zen’in vs. The Hei
  •  Maki Zen’in vs. Naoya Zenin


Maki was born into the Zen’in clan at the same time as her twin sister, Mai. They both lacked sizeable cursed energy pools, and thus they were treated as parasites of the clan. Maki got fed up with mistreatment, and left the clan, breaking her promise with Mai that they would always stay together.

Mai enrolled in the Tokyo branch of Jujutsu High, starting the year with three classmates. She was quite judgmental of Yuta Okkotsu at first, but as they were assigned on missions together the two quickly made friends. Maki also had a great relationship with her other comrades, Panda and Toge. Maki was almost fatally wounded by Geto in one fight, but not a single life was lost that day.


Jujutsu High

Maki developed close friendships with her classmates and under/upperclassmen in Jujutsu High. The full name of the institution is actually Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College, something that I do not wish to bring up anymore. Replacing her family bonds with friends, Maki managed to start a new life.

It was a rocky start due to her previous life, but slowly she grew close to everyone. Maki taught Yuta how to become a master swordsman[10], which proved helpful, as Yuta is now considered as one of the strongest JJK characters. Maki also forged an iconic trio with Panda and Toge and worked with them as a team to fight stronger enemies.

She helped Megumi Fushiguro to learn different weapons when he enrolled as well. They later became a great team, as they were able to hide weapons in Megumi’s shadows, and Maki summoned powerful items amidst a fight to turn the tide. 

Yuji was able to sense Maki’s leadership skill even before getting to know her, but she was careful with Sukuna’s vessel at first, just like every sane human being. Maki became part of Yuji’s team preparing for the Culling Game after the Shibuya Incident. She took part in the meeting with the group at Tengen’s place, and then went off to do her part. 



Mai Zenin

Mai Zen'in

The two sisters were virtually abandoned at their own house. They were looked down upon for being women and not having any cursed energy. They made a promise to always stay together, but that wasn’t easy for the ambitious Maki. She left the clan, leaving Mai there. 

Mai had to grow up at a very little age, and become a Sorcerer too, just to keep up the competition with Maki. 

Mai started feeling hatred for her, as Maki broke their promise and left Mai in a community that didn’t even think of her as human. Mai was a weak Sorcerer too: she could only produce a single bullet per day with her ability.

Mai wanted to beat her sister at the Kyoto Goodwill Event to serve justice, but she couldn’t defeat Maki. Mai would have been content with being the target of hate if she could continue living with her sister, but fate had different ideas. 

Mai wanted to reconsider their relationship, but she was sentenced to death by her father. 

She would die in the arms of Maki in the cell full of cursed spirits, but she took away Maki’s last bits of cursed energy, thus empowering her[14]. Mai asked for one thing: to destroy everything. So Maki turned into Itachi and finished her duty.

Zenin Family

Zen'in Family

Unlike Mai, Maki really doesn’t have a good relationship with the rest of her family. There is not one saving point that Maki could bring up for them, the hate is just mutual and natural between them. Even her parents hated Maki for being a loser and worked hard to sabotage her efforts when she left the household. 

Maki strived to be the future head of the family, but she couldn’t rise beyond Grade 4 due to their influence[15]. The Zen’in didn’t hesitate to call her a failure when an opportunity came up, and a peaceful conclusion could never happen for the conflict between them.

It was only at Mai’s death when Maki decided to exterminate them all and fulfill Mai’s wish. She defeated every member of the clan and left the place as the only survivor of the incident.

Tokyo Jujutsu High

Tokyo Jujutsu High Students

No matter who you might be, the Jujutsu High students will accept you as one of them. Maki has a blooming relationship with every student, they respect her, and this respect is mutual. She usually takes the place of the leader and values her comrades’ abilities.


Maki was introduced along with the rest of the second years with the exception of Yuta in the main series. She mourned Yuji’s “death” by inviting the first years to join the Kyoto Goodwill Event. Soon all of them learn the family situation of Maki due to the appearance of Mai and Todo. 

They start a minor clash to heat up the situation[1], with Todo fighting Megumi and Mai fighting Nobara. Maki and Mai often picked on each other for their lack of talent, and Nobara felt a little uneasy hearing their backstory. She still admired Maki for standing up for herself.

When the Kyoto Goodwill Event started, Maki already took the role of the captain. She organized the troops and their strategy to bring the most of the spirit hunt and the upcoming fights with the Kyoto students. She knew that they wouldn’t want to just keep hunting the cursed spirits, and the duels started early. 

Maki split up the group when they met Todo, and soon everyone found an enemy for themselves. Maki previously advised Yuji to take on Todo due to their similar style and mindset, which proved to be a good decision. 

Maki fought Miwa and Mai one after the other and won both of those battles easily. Miwa seriously underestimated Maki, and she was washed away in an instant. Mai thought that her surprise bullet could take Maki out, but she managed to grab the bullet with bare hands. Mai was devastated by her defeat, but she thought about their sisterly relationship afterward.

Maki engaged Hanami alongside Megumi when the cursed spirits invaded. They worked well together, as their combo with Megumi’s shadow stash of weapons helped out Maki pretty well[2]. She pulled out the three-part spear or mega nunchaku (Playful Cloud) at that fight too. After the scene was cleared, Maki participated in the Baseball Game as well.

Maki laid low until the Shibuya Incident. She was assigned to Naobito and Nobara to patrol the perimeter, but the group quickly dissolved. She remained with Naobito, and Nanami soon joined them. They first encountered Dagon, a Special Grade cursed spirit from Geto’s gang, and their fight lasted pretty long.

Dagon unleashed strong waves of water on his enemies, almost washing them away with one blow. He wasn’t an easy enemy to find right at the start, as Dagon was able to fight three pretty strong Sorcerers at the same time. He attacked over and over again but eventually trapped the Sorcerers in his Domain Expansion[3].

Maki and Naobito continuously insulted each other and hardly managed to cooperate, which was a big issue as Dagon was way stronger than what they could take on, even as a team. Suddenly, Megumi broke into the domain and gave Maki her Playful Cloud weapon. She started giving out some strong hits to Dagon, but Naobito and Nanami were beaten down pretty badly at that point. 

When they were preparing to escape, Toji Fushiguro jumped into the domain as well. He ripped off the weapon from Maki’s hands[4], which made her quite flattered. As the rest were wondering who this guy really is, Toji defeated the insanely strong spirit with a few hits. Maki headed back to reinforce the battle, but she was struck heavily by Jogo’s firestorm.

Waking up with a thousand burn scars, Maki picked up the initiative to get the missions going. Her primary objective was to free Gojo, but there were a few things she had to do. She took part in the meeting of Yuji’s squad and Tengen[5], then she picked up the Dragon-Bone sword from Juzo.

Maki went to the Zen’in clan’s household to retrieve some tools, but her father stopped her[6]. He already wounded Mai, and planned to feed the sisters to the cursed spirits kept inside. He easily took care of Maki too, and then threw the girls into the cell.

Mai decided to take the remaining cursed energy from Maki to activate her full Heavenly Restriction. Her dying wish was simple: destroy everything. Maki murdered the cursed spirits, came back from underground, and wiped out the whole clan. 

She became insanely powerful, close to the strength of Toji Fushiguro. She killed her father, the Hei, the Kukuru unit, and Naoya too[7]. Maki walked off with the dead body of Mai and with regrets – but not for killing her family[8].

Voice Actor

Japanese – Mikako Komatsu

English – Allegra Clark

Final Verdict

Maki went through a lot of character development, especially in the latest chapters. I honestly didn’t think much of her in the early stages of JJK and considered her only as annoying and useless support. Now, after becoming a killing machine with just physical strength, Maki became a close favorite for me too. I’m hopeful we will see even more development in the future. If you liked this article, go check out our other summaries about Jujutsu Kaisen characters! 


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