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Jujutsu Kaisen is a series known for its characters. As a top tier shonen its side characters are often just as interesting and compelling as many of the main cast. Mai Zenin is just another example of this. She is one of the minor antagonists of the series that shows up during the first season of Jujutsu Kaisen. She makes quite an impression during her debut. 

She is the twin sister of Maki Zenin and a second year curse user at her college. Though she only has her important moments in a handful of episodes, she does leave her mark as a complex and nuanced character. 

Today, we’ll be discussing some of her key traits as well as her abilities, background, affiliations. We’ll also throw in a bit of trivia at the end. The wait for season 2 of Jujutsu Kaisen is a long one but we hope this will tide over some of you till then.

Mai Zenin

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Mai Zenin

          Mai has short black hair that doesn’t reach past her neck and dark black eyes. She is just as tall as her sister, standing at 5 feet 7 inches. In the first season, she was usually seen wearing a large black trench coat with a pair of thick brown boots. Despite being twins, her design does not share that many similarities with her sister, Maki. 

          An integral part of her character design is her revolver, which is essential for her to use her abilities. Mai is usually seen with a sly grin on her face, as if she knows something that the other person doesn’t. In the few scenes we got from her childhood, she was seen wearing a dark kimono.

Mai Zenin

mai zenin anime pic

Character Info


Species: Human


Height: 170 cm (5’7″)

Hair Color: Black

More Information

Grade: 3rd Grade


Affiliation: Kyoto Jujutsu High


          Ogi Zenin (Father)

          Maki Zenin (Sister)

          Toji Fushiguro (Cousin)

          Naobito Zenin (Uncle)

          Naoya Zenin (Cousin)

              Megumi Fushiguro (Nephew)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 16 

Anime Debut: Episode 8 

Voice Actors

Japanese Voice: Marina Inoue

English Voice: Laura Post


Mai Zenin Zodiac Sign

          In the trend of Jujutsu Kaisen characters, Mai has a rather complex personality despite being a minor villain in the show. Initial impressions of her were negative. One of the first things she did in the show was insult Nobara and Megumi, who at this point had thought Itadori had died (Episode 8). Even more than that, she seems to in general be rude and condescending towards the members of Jujutsu High (Episode 14). 

          Like many other characters in the series, her personality is much more complex and nuanced than it would appear at first glance. We learn that she resents being a Sorcerer thanks to her past (Episode 17). We learn that the reason she treats people the way she does is because she struggles with her own fear of abandonment after she was left behind by her sister Maki. More than that, Mai is a weak sorcerer in a world where most sorcerer’s powers are decided at birth. She can’t help but be frustrated at the fact that she will always be at the bottom of a totem pole,  she doesn’t even like. 

Mai vs Maki

         She also seems very eager to prove herself almost to the point of foolishness. This is most exemplified in her fight with her sister, where she chose not to wait for any reinforcements despite being significantly weaker than her (Episode 17). 

           One other interpretation is that she might have chosen to wait for reinforcements if she was fighting anyone other than her sister. This would mean she still cares deeply for her, in her own way (Manga Chapter 41) (Episode 17). 

          Even Mai has her share of humanizing moments in the series. She seems to be much nicer to her classmates for instance, and it is highly likely she is usually just putting on a front for other people. After her fight with her sister, she seems to truly let her guard down in front of her, indicating that she isn’t nearly as heartless as she might want to let on (Episode 17). 

          We need to add a note about her aim here, because it does explain a part of her personality. As far as we know, her amazing aim has nothing to do with being a sorcerer at all. It had to have been something she learned through sheer force of will in a world where every other sorcerer can do so much more. This shows her immense resolve in dealing with the situation she has been forced into.

Strengths and Skills

Mai is a grade 3 sorcerer whose abilities are more focused around being supportive in a fight. Unlike her sister, she does not have the raw physical abilities to take on cursed spirits or fellow sorcerers in a close up fight.

To this end, her fighting style revolves more around attacking her targets from a distance. She has two main abilities to help her with that.

Mai Shooting Skills

Excellent Aim

Mai is shown to be exceedingly accurate with her revolver even over a large distance. In the fight with her sister, she is initially seen keeping her distance from her sister (Manga Chapter 42) (Episode 17). Even with her physical capabilities, Maki has to be very careful when approaching her sister as she knows Mai is not likely to miss. Each bullet of her revolver is coated in cursed energy and Mai is shown to be able to take out cursed spirits and sorcerers with a single clean hit.


Mai is able to use creation to create an object out of nothing but cursed energy. Mai does not have as much cursed energy as the average sorcerer and her use of this ability is limited. She primarily uses her ability to create one cursed energy imbued bullet a day. This is her last resort for people who might get close to her, as she can make them believe her revolver is empty when it is not. This strategy almost worked against her much stronger sister, who was only saved by her amazing physical abilities (Episode 17).



Zenin clan

Zenin Clan

Mai is a member of the famous Zenin clan. Despite that, she is a very low ranking member due to not being very strong. She harbors a strong resentment towards her clan, who she sees as having been the cause of much of the hardship in her life (Manga Chapter 42) (Episode 17). Due to this, she is also related to Megumi, as a distant relative.

Kyoto event

Kyoto Jujutsu High

          Mai attends Kyoto Jujutsu High, one of the only two schools in the whole of Japan for nurturing new sorcerers. We don’t know too much about how Mai views her school but we can make some reasonable guesses.

           As Mai is someone who dislikes the world of Sorcerers, it is likely that at least some of that would extend to her school as well. All the same, she did seem to take some pride in the series for not being in Tokyo Jujutsu High instead. Lastly, it appears that the only people in her life she lets her guard down are some of her classmates. In particular, Todo always seems to be able to put her on edge easily.


  • Despite not sharing much in appearance with her big sister, Mai is the exact same height as her (170 cm).
  • Mai comes from a powerful family and could have inherited much stronger techniques.
  • Her precise aim has little to do with cursed energy and is simply a result of her hard work and training,
  • Mai has black hair in the manga, which was changed to dark green in the anime (Chapter 16).
  •  As a hobby, she likes taking care of cacti.


Mai zenin past

          Mai grew up in the Zenin family, one of the most prominent families in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. You would think Mai would have had an easy life given that but that is far from the truth. The Zenin clan values strength above everything else, and in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen the strength of a sorcerer is largely determined at birth. 

          Mai wasn’t born very strong in cursed energy, she wasn’t able to inherit one of her family’s cursed techniques either. Given that, she was frequently discriminated against in her own clan. Adding to that, is the fact that she is a woman while the Zenin clan is known to look down on female members

          The most critical moment in her past had to be when she was abandoned by her sister. Maki could not even see cursed spirits but had always wanted to be a sorcerer. To pursue this, she had to break away from her clan and go her own way. This is despite the fact that the two girls had promised they would always be together (Episode 17). 

          This scarred Mai, who developed a strong disdain for sorcerers and fostered a fear of abandonment. After that, she forced herself to become a sorcerer so that the Zenin family couldn’t strike back against her family. This is all despite the fact that, in the eyes of the clan, she stands little higher than her sister.


Maki Zenin

Maki Zenin

            Her most important relationship in the series is definitely with her sister. During her childhood, the two girls were all but inseparable and Mai always looked to her sister to guide her in life. When her sister left, Mai was left traumatized and had a deep seated resentment towards her (Episode 17).

            Despite this, there are a fair few signs in the show that she still cares about her sister and what Maki thinks about her. That is likely a large reason she chose to fight Maki herself, despite them both knowing they would make for an uneven fight.


Kyoto Classmates

      Mai is known for her obvious disdain and disregard for other people and their feelings. The only people that she lets her guard down around are her classmates, who she seems to have a genuine bond with (Episode 14).


Mai zenin childhood

           Her first appearance was before the ‘Goodwill Event Arc’ where she and some of her classmates went to scout out Tokyo Jujutsu High (Manga Chapter 16) (Episode 14). Here, they came to blows with some of their members, such as Nobara and Megumi. She was usually seen being dismissive of Tokyo Jujutsu High students and seemed to have a special animosity towards Nobara, who she even came to blows with (Episode 8).

        In the anime, Mai was introduced as one of the minor antagonists in the ‘Kyoto Goodwill Event Arc’. This was meant to be a friendly competition between the only two schools for sorcerers in Japan. During this arc, Mai didn’t have many moments to shine.

        Mai was part of the plan to target and kill Itadori during this arc. In the curse elimination stage, she came to blows against her sister Maki, before being defeated (Episode 17). Upon being defeated, she lamented the fact that her sister had betrayed her and insisted that their life before was much better than what she had to endure right now.

Voice Actors

  Mai is voiced in Japanese by Marina Inoue. She has a long history in voice acting and has played big parts in many big anime productions. She is the voice of Momo in My Hero Academia and the voice of Armin in Attack On Titan. 

In the English dub, Mai is voiced by Laura Post. She also has a long history of participating in anime productions and had voice credits in popular anime such as Sword Art Online and Demon Slayer.


In conclusion, Mai is yet another testament to the character work done in Jujutsu Kaisen. For a minor antagonist in the series, Mai has more depth to her than many main antagonists in other shows. Anime watchers will doubtless be excited to see more of her whenever we get a Season Two of Jujutsu Kaisen.


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