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Kenjaku is one of the primary antagonists in the Jujutsu Kaisen series. He is over 1000 years old, and his only desire is to evolve human beings using cursed energy. Kenjaku has a very unique ability that allows him to transplant his brain [11] onto the bodies of others as seen with Noshitori Kamo and Suguru Geto. Besides this, Kenjaku can retain the innate techniques, memories, and techniques the original owners had. He seems to be the mastermind behind all events leading to the Shibuya Incident, and later the Culling Game.


Table of Content




Species: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 1000+


Mahito’s Group (Former)

Pseudo Geto’s Group

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga – Chapter 10

Anime – Episode 5

Voice Actors

Japanese: Daisuke Namikawa

English: Ray Chase


Kenjaku has had many appearances in the manga, having the power of Brain Migration that allows him to migrate his mind into different bodies [11]. He has taken many appearances in his 1000+ year lifetime, with the most notable ones being Suguru Geto [1] and Noritoshi Kamo [2]. Noritoshi is illustrated as an older-looking gentleman who has a small mustache, narrow eyes, and short dark hair. In most of the illustrations, Noritoshi is holding a black umbrella [2].

On the other hand, Geto is a tall slim middle-aged man, with long black hair, which is partially tied in the back while the rest drapes down on his left eye and back. He has small narrow black eyes and is seen dressed as a monk where he is wearing a gold-colored kasaya garment worn over a black yukata robe [3]

His appearance is completed with some zori sandals and white socks. The similarity between the two, and others Kenjaku has possessed, is that they have a very distinct stitched scar running horizontally across their foreheads.



As Pseudo-Geto, Kenjaku seems to be happy, relaxed, and cheerful while in the company of Special Grade curses Hanami, Jogo, Dagon, Choso, and Mahito. He has shown that he is willing to work with cursed spirits, but is seen to get angry, and questions when the cursed spirits try to act like humans. 

This is seen after Jogo’s and Gojo’s fight when he questions Hanami’s need to save Jogo before he is killed. Kenjaku comments that he doesn’t think that curses don’t have emotions such as compassion. However, in the anime, Hanami replies “We do. We are the True Humans after all[3]. Kenjaku is skeptical of Hanami’s claim, as he walks away with an evil smirk on his face.

Kenjaku is deceiving and quite intelligent where he was the mastermind in the plan to trap Gojo in the Prison Realm. Most times, he stays in the shadows, observing the action, until he reveals himself to Gojo at Shibuya Station [4]

Kenjaku is a man of his word, seen where he stops Mahito from killing Kokichi (or Mechamaru) before fulfilling their Bidding Vow agreement to restore Kokichi’s body in exchange for information [5]


Kenjaku presents himself as a civil human and the perfect collaborator where he tells the curses of Mahito, Jogo, and Hanami exactly what to do to trap Gojo when he explains the conditions for activating Prison Realm [4]. In his spare time, Kenjaku is seen playing games and swimming with the curses as seen where he is playing cards with one of the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings Wombs, Choso, and Mahito [6]   

Kenjaku is a cruel person, highlighted by Kamo Noritoshi who is arguably the evilest shaman in history. Kenjaku, as Pseudo-Kamo, was responsible for creating the three Special Grade Kusouzu Cursed wombs by experimenting on their mother [7]. Besides this, Kenjaku betrayed the curses after Gojo was imprisoned, seen where he condenses Mahito and consumes his body after Mahito’s defeat with Yuji Itadori [8].  

Kenjaku is patient and cunning, waiting till the end to reveal his plans and obsession with optimizing cursed energy. In a conversation with Yuki Tsukumo, Kenjaku believes that cursed spirits, sorcerers, and non-sorcerers are all possibilities of cursed energy in the form of human beings and that the only choice was to create chaos, to begin with [10]. This obsession is what motivated his actions on unethical experimentation on humans and curses, and for activating the Culling Game [11].

Strength, Skills and Techniques


Jujutsu Skill Level

Being over 1000 years old, Kenjaku has amassed immense knowledge on curses, jujutsu, cursed energy, and techniques. His knowledge is at par with Ryomen Sukuna and he is credited as the second most powerful barrier user in history. While possessing Noritoshi Kamo, Kenjaku was said to be the evilest sorcerer in Jujutsu history, having created the Special Grade Cursed Womb Death Paintings curses through inhumane experiments [6]

While in Suguru Geto’s body, Kenjaku led a group of powerful Special Grade curses, Hanami, Jogo, and Mahito, making them into a powerful team that was even able to fight and trap Satoru Gojo in the Prison Realm [4].


Master of Hand to Hand Combat

In his 1000+ years, Kenjaku has amassed many skills and experiences related to hand-to-hand combat. His skills are seen when the Special Grade curse Choso comes for revenge. The two are seen to fight where Kenjaku overpowers the curse, and Yuki Tsukumo, even managing to stop Tsukumo’s ultimate sword technique by using Maximum Uzumaki [7].


Reverse Cursed Technique

A skilled user of this technique can reverse negative curse energy into positive energy. The reversal alters destructive negative energy into positive energy that can create. Kenjaku uses this technique to heal Suguru Geto after moving his mind into Geto’s body.


Innate Technique

Kenjaku has huge amounts of cursed energy that can be used to suppress the curses he has consumed. This ability is seen where he consumes Mahito, after e

Kenjaku’s innate technique is Brain Migration [12], an ability that allows him to swap bodies by transplanting his brain into others, even if they are already dead. What remains after the transplant is a horizontal scar on the forehead that allows Kenjaku to remove the top part of his head revealing his true form, a brain with a mouth. This is seen when he reveals himself to Satoru Gojo when Gojo asked who he was since he had killed the real Geto [4].

Further, Brain Migration allows Kenjaku to retain and use the powers of the various people and curses he has consumed in his lifetime. He even retains the victim’s memories and innate techniques as seen when he unleashes Mahito’s Idle Transformation to remotely activate people he had adjusted their brains for sorcery for the Culling Game [10].

noritoshi kamo

Bodies Kenjaku has occupied include Noritoshi Kamo, whom he used to experiment by fusing curses and humans resulting in the creation of the Death Paintings [2].

The second is Suguru Geto after he is defeated when trying to go after Yuta Okkotsu. Kenjaku transplanted his brain to Geto’s body retaining his powers, memories, and jujutsu, seen where he can use Geto’s abilities [13].    

The third is Jin Itadori’s second partner after Kaori dies. Jin Itadori is Yuji Itadori’s father. What gives the partner away is the distinctive horizontal scar across her forehead [11], but Jin and his father are not aware that the partner is Kenjaku in disguise.

smallpox deity

Cursed Spirit Manipulation

This is a technique where the user can summon and control various curses to accomplish specific tasks. Kenjaku gained this ability after gaining Suguru Geto’s body, something that gave him access to Geto’s collection of stored curses. Kenjaku uses this ability to summon various curses which he uses to fight Jujutsu sorcerers during the Shibuya Incident. 

This is seen when he summons the Special Grade curse Smallpox Deity to fight Mei Mei and her brother Ui Ui [13]. The curse was powerful enough to cast its Domain Expansion, forcing the two to work together to survive.

maximum uzumaki

Maximum Uzumaki

This is a Curse Manipulation technique that allows the user to combine collected curses into one powerful attack. After Mahito loses to Yuji Itadori, Kenjaku explains that Maximum Uzumaki extracts cursed techniques when used on semi-grade or higher curses [7]. He used this ability on Mahito’s before consuming him, an action that allowed him to gain Idle Transfiguration.

idle transfiguration

Idle Transfiguration

This technique is Mahito’s innate technique and Kenjaku gained it after consuming Mahito. This technique allows the user to reshape the souls of other people, and even himself. Kenjaku used this technique to break Tengen’s barrier and activate sorcerers in preparation for the Culling Game [10].

prison realm

Prison Realm

This is a special grade cursed object that can seal anything and anyone in a pocket dimension which they cannot escape. As Kenjaku explained to Mahito’s group, Prison Realm was a living barrier, the final remains of a Buddhist monk Genshin.

However, to use it, one had to fulfill various conditions where after opening it, the group had to keep Satoru Gojo within a four-meter radius for one minute [4]. Despite its power, the Prison Realm has a flaw where it can be broken with a cursed technique that nullifies or cancels other cursed techniques.

Commissioned Curtains

These are small metal stakes wrapped in talismans and are driven into the group to activate a barrier technique. The first was activated during the Kyoto Goodwill Event preventing Satoru Gojo from leaving while allowing other sorcerers to leave [14]. The other four were activated during the Shibuya Incident to trap civilians, and Satoru Gojo, while also preventing sorcerers from entering Shibuya Station [15].


About 150 years ago, Kenjaku managed to transplant his brain into the body of Noritoshi Kamo, from the Kamo Clan. At the time, Noritoshi had a temple he used for his inhumane experiments. A woman who could give birth to hybrids between humans and curses fled from her village to Noritoshi’s temple. In recorded history, Kenjaku imprisoned the woman, resulting in the three Death Paintings, as established by Choso later in the manga [2].

Further, Kenjaku mixed Noritoshi’s blood with that of Choso and his brothers, giving them the clan’s inherited technique to manipulate blood. Before Choso’s attack on Pseudo-Geto, he comments that he had three parents,his mother, the cursed spirit that impregnated her, and the man who mixed his blood with theirs, Noritoshi Kamo ” [7].

Kenjaku’s main goals seem to be acquiring Suguru Geto’s innate technique Curse Spirit Manipulation, Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration [7], and sealing Satoru Gojo [4] since he was the only one capable of stopping him. 

Background/Synopsis Plot


Kenjaku and Mahito’s Group

We see Kenjaku meeting with Mahito’s Group, Special Grade curses Dagon, Hanami, and Jogo [1]. He and the group had been responsible for planting Sukuna’s finger to test out his vessel, Yuji Itadori. In the meeting, Jogo establishes that negative human emotions like hatred and murderous intent never lie. These emotions lead to the creation of Pure Genuine Real Humans, the curses themselves [1].

In response, Pseudo-Geto lays out the plan to win, where they would need to make Satoru stop fighting and win over the double-faced specter and Yuji Itadori [1]. Kenjaku then offers the cursed grade object Prison Gate Boundary (in the manga) as a tool to seal and trap Satoru Gojo, something that excites Jogo so much. Instead of calming down, Jogo burns down everyone at the restaurant except for the curses, before comparing himself to Sukuna’s fingers [16]. Jogo then vows that he would kill Gojo instead.

Later that night, Hanami and Kenjaku are hiding while they watch the fight between Satoru Gojo and the Special Grade curse Jogo. The curse loses the fight to the Gojo, Kenjaku leaves Hanami to save him since he does not want to reveal that Geto survived to Jujutsu sorcerers [series ep7]

Kenjaku is later seen entering Dagon’s domain. Inside, he meets Mahito and soon after, they are joined by Hanami who arrives carrying Jogo’s head. It is at this moment when Kenjaku comments that attacking Gojo would need to wait until the Shibuya Incident, the day that they would seal him in the Prison Realm [17]. Mahito later agrees to the plan hatched by Kenjaku.

junpei and itadori

Junpei vs Yuji Itadori

Sometime later, Kenjaku is seen spying on Junpei Yoshino and Yuji Itadori while they are bonding at a river. The two bonding seems to be of interest to Kenjaku who is seen smiling [18]. Kenjaku then goes to see Mahito’s condition after fighting with Nanami Kento. The two conspire and plant Sukuna’s finger in Junpei’s apartment to attract a curse that would kill Junpei’s mother [19].

After Mahito explains about the finger and triggers cursed energy stored in Junpei, Mahito then creates a barrier around Junpei’s school preventing outside inference as Junpei kills his classmates. Kenjaku hoped that Sukuna would enter into a “contract” with Yuji that would assert his superiority over the vessel [20]. However, Kenjaku leaves as soon as the barrier has been erected, leaving Mahito to see their plan.

death paintings

Cursed Womb: Death Paintings

Later, Kenjaku together with Mahito is seen planting the cursed Paintings into people, allowing the curses to possess and utilize their bodies. Mahito informs us that the Death Womb Paintings are Special Grade curses whose live streams were halted but their existence preserved to prevent damage to the outside world [21].

The two revived brothers, Eso and Kechizu are then sent to retrieve Sukuna’s finger but end up encountering Nobara Kugisaki, Yuji Itadori, and Megumi Fushiguro [22]. The next time we see Kenjaku he is playing cards with Mahito and Choso, the third brother of the Death Womb Paintings. Choso then informs them that his two brothers have been killed, something that prompts Kenjaku to call someone to confirm the deaths [6].

Attack at Shibuya Station

Mahito and Kenjaku are seen approaching Kokichi, Mechamaru’s proxy. Mahito suggests that they kill Kokichi, but Kenjaku stops him since a Bidding Vow to heal him in exchange for information on Shibuya Station had been in place. Reluctantly, Mahito uses Idle Transfiguration to heal Kokichi before their fight to the death can begin. Kenjaku asks if Mahito wants help, where the latter insists that Kokichi is his toy [5].

In the fight, Kokichi utilizes Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute to beat and counter most of Mahito’s attacks, leading him to activate his Territorial Expansion technique called Mahayana Prison [23]. However, Kokichi uses Simple Domain, a technique that protects disciples from astute cursed spirits, curses, and evildoers [27]. Kenjaku seems to be fascinated with this counterattack and is curious about how it worked. After Mahito kills Kokichi, the two leave to check on commissioned curtains ready for Shibuya Station.

Some days before the Shibuya Incident, Kenjaku is seen explaining to Mahito’s group conditions about the Prison Realm which they would Trap Satoru Gojo in. He suggests that they would need to keep Gojo, as they wait for the activation of the Prison Realm. [4]. On the day of the Shibuya Incident, Kenjaku is seen watching the fight between Choso, Hanami, and Jogo against Gojo. At his limit, Gojo uses Immeasurable Void to slow down time and kill all the curses at Shibuya Station [24].


As soon as he does this, Kenjaku shows up and activates Prison Realm, in front of the shocked Gojo. Gojo becomes curious about the Pseudo-Geto where Kenjaku discloses his true form, a brain, and the ability to transplant his brain into the bodies of others [4]. 

Gojo then asks Geto’s body if he was going to get himself used like that, something that causes the body to grab Kenjaku by the neck, hence surprising him [15]. The seal closes shut with Gojo inside it and Kenjaku takes it, however, it crashes, leading to the revelation that the Prison is taking its time to process the new occupant. Kenjaku stays and guards the seal until processing has been done [25]. During this time, Mahito, Choso, and Jogo are debating on what to do with Yuji once they find him.


Once the seal has been completed, Kenjaku leaves, seen next when he appears before a wounded Mahito from fighting Yuji Itadori. Mahito realizes that Kenjaku’s aim is to imprison him and consume him for his techniques before attacking [8]. However, Kenjaku easily overpowers him and seals him. 

His victory is interrupted by Choso who comments that Yuji Itadori is his younger brother, and then reveals that Pseudo-Geto is the Kamo Noritoshi, who experimented on his mother [7]. Choso then attacks Kenjaku, together with students from Jujutsu High and Kyoto High.

However, Uraume’s ice technique Frost Calm and Ice Formation appears to incapacitate most of the students [26]. Yuki Tsukumo appears and she has a discussion with Kenjaku about cursed energy which he reveals that he wants to create chaos which he has no control over. After this declaration, Kenjaku activates Mahito’s innate technique Idle Transfiguration that breaks seals on people he had marked for the Culling Game

Before the students can attack again, Kenjaku shows the Prison Realm to Yuji and releases a barrage of cursed spirits. He informs Yuji that he expected so much from him in the world to come, The world of Heian: The Golden age of cursed techniques [10].


Kenjaku seems not to have anyone he cares deeply for other than himself. He takes over Mahito’s group to serve his purpose (to trigger the Culling Game), the same way he made a name for himself as the evilest man when in possession of Kamo Noritoshi.


geto's group

Pseudo-Geto’s Group

Formerly, it was Mahito’s Group until Kenjaku’s arrival. He is the one who came up with all the plans, seen with the Shibuya Incident that sealed Gojo [4], and the Kyoto Goodwill Event that retrieved the Death Paintings and six of Sukuna’s fingers [9]

Even though he seems to be their friend, in the background Kenjaku is just using them to get to his goal, which is to imprison Gojo, and consume them (as he did to Mahito) after the mission had been completed.  

Fun Facts

  • Lex Lang, the Kenjaku’s English voice actor has been nominated in various awards aside from anime such as in the video game Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (2017) as Dr. Neo, Podcasts like Blockbuster (2019), and TV series like Curious George (2006) among others.
  • Lex Lang has been involved in over 409 projects to date, and in games like Call of Duty Mobile, God of War, Marvel Heroes, and Star Wars Battlefront II.
  • Takahiro Sakurai, Kenjaku’s Japanese voice actor, has been involved in 407 titles to date, which mostly is in anime. He loves scuba diving, shopping, taking walks, and record collecting.
  • Kenjaku seems to look down on the cursed spirits he is working with, even though they do not know he is not the real Suguru Geto.
  • Kenjaku cannot heal the defining scar on his forehead because it is a Bidding Vow.

Voice Actors

  • Takahiro Sakurai – Japanese
  • Lex Lang – English
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