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Junpei Yoshino is one of the supporting characters from this series and the subject of this article. He is a young man, a high school student who met a tragic end. You might not have liked Junpei much but certainly, you can sympathize with the way he died.

Junpei Yoshino played a very important role even as a supporting character in the Vs Mahito Arc. A young man who grew up and lived a traumatic life, his death seemed fated, and in this article, we will be looking at the life of Junpei Yoshino… everything he ever did.

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Junpei Yoshino



Gender: Male

Age: 17

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Dark Green

Professional Status

Occupation: High School Student, Curse User

Affiliation: None, Pseudo-Geto’s Group

Relatives: Nagi Yoshino (Mother)

Appearances in ANIME/MANGA

Manga – Chapter 18

Anime – Episode 8

Voice Actors

Japanese: Yoshitaka Yamaya

English: Nicolas Roye



Junpei Yoshino is one of those characters that look their age, the teenage high school boy was quite thin, with a streamlined face and smooth chin. The young man possessed beautiful green eyes, spotting long brown hair that flowed freely to his shoulders.

After going through years of bullying, he had scars on the right side of his face and this prompted him to make a side parting on his hair so that a substantial part of his bangs will cover the hideous scars on his face. 

On different occasions, he has been shown wearing different clothes, in his first appearance, he wore a t-shirt, purple and pink in color. On other occasions, he has been spotted wearing a white t-shirt, green pants, and off-white sneakers with golden soles – the boy’s got drip! While mourning his mom, he adorned her black jacket.



For a young man who had gone through so much shit in life, it was only natural that he was disillusioned with life. Junpei clearly has no interest in people, and while he might not look it, he is quite calm and apathetic about a lot of things or even everything.

Junpei had a huge level of distrust against others, possessing negative views of other humans and the world, in general, which is a testament to the traumatic life he had lived so far. Generally, he feels indifferent to people and things, and to him, it’s the same as hate.

Junpei got his burn scars from bullies who took over his movies club totally, rejection and bullying being the only thing he has known since childhood, it is no surprise that he thinks all humans are inherently evil. Junpei has a dark aura around him which may be due to his reclusive life, so it was easy for the special grade curse Mahito to utilize his darkness, manipulating the young student.

Under Mahito’s brainwashing, Junpei Yoshino’s emotions moved from a state of indifference to total darkness – hate and revenge. Yuuji Itadori, being Junpei’s only friend, tried his best to bring Junpei out of the blindness of his own darkness and while he achieved some degree of success, it wasn’t entirely successful.



Junpei Yoshino grew up alone with his single mom, he was not shown to have any siblings or his dad being around. He had several problems in school with rejection and bullying being at the top of the list. One of his classmates who took delight in bullying him was the violent Shota Ito. The scars on Junpei’s forehead and the right side of his face were gotten from one of these bullying incidents.

Strengths and Skills


Junpei is not so strong, he certainly cannot be referred to as a master of the arts. Before meeting Mahito, he was a regular school kid with no special powers, and even as a human he was a bit weak as he was the subject of several bullying in school.

After learning how to utilize Jujutsu, he got the strength to protect himself and take revenge against his bullies. Nevertheless, even with his Jujutsu, Junpei was still no match for Yuuji Itadori who is also a new sorcerer. 

Junpei possessed a high amount of cursed energy, unlike regular people, he was born with the talent to see curses, while he wasn’t able to develop his techniques, he was able to learn from Mahito and also summon a powerful Shikigami in battle.

His major technique is the Moon Dregs; he summons a large and powerful Jellyfish resembling a Shikigami. The moon dreg has spiked stingers that have been shown to pierce through flesh, it is also capable of using poison to paralyze opponents, upon contact, the target’s skin is covered in black spots and the black spots have a burning sensation.


junpei and mahito

Vs Mahito Arc

Junpei is a supporting character in the Vs Mahito arc, and he is shown watching a movie at the Kinema Cinema. He recognizes the three boys making loud noises as some of his bullies from school. As a result of the noise, Junpei finds it difficult to concentrate on the movie, and as he contemplates on what to do, a mysterious man comes in and slays the three boys.

The mysterious man was Mahito, he transfigured the heads of the three boys with his special abilities … that was how Junpei met Mahito, a meeting that would lead to tragic circumstances (Chapter 18). As Mahito leaves the cinema, the young schoolboy follows after him, Junpei begins to ask Mahito several questions, trying to know if he was the one that killed the boys, and what he needed to do to be able to perform similar acts. (Chapter 20).

As Junpei follows the special grade curse into his hideout in the sewers, they begin to have a deep conversation about cursed spirits. Mahito reveals to the young man that he is a cursed spirit made from human hatred – the hatred humans possess for one another (Chapter 21).

Delving deeper into their conversations about spirits, humans, and souls, Mahito decides to show Junpei the experiments he has carried out so far in his quest for knowledge. Most of the experiments revolve around how big or how small a human can become (Chapter 22).

Concluding his discussions with Mahito, Junpei finally goes home and he finds his teacher, Sotomura, sitting in the front of his house. Sotomura begins to yell at Junpei, this enrages the young man, and as he is about to use his powers, Yuuji arrives, saving the day and taking Junpei away for a brief chat (Chapter 23 & Chapter 24).

Yuuji Itadori questions Junpei about the murder in the cinema but the young boy covers for the mysterious man, lying that he didn’t see anything worth mentioning. Junpei claims that his ability to see curses just recently began and so they end the conversation about curses and begin to talk about movies, they soon realize that they share similar tastes in movies (Chapter 24).

Junpei introduces Yuuji to his mother, Nagi and she invites Yuuji to stay for dinner (Chapter 25). Nagi falls asleep and the boys begin to discuss their families with Yuuji stating that he never knew his mother. A conversation ensues about killing a bad sorcerer, however, Yuuji opines that no matter how bad someone is, he will never take a life as such drastic actions will lead to too many changes for him.

junpei mother

On hearing this, Junpei realizes that Yuuji is right, and even though he doesn’t believe that humans have hearts, killing someone will certainly taint his soul (Chapter 25). Junpei’s mother is murdered when a curse gets attracted to a Sukuna finger planted in the house by Mahito. The special grade begins to manipulate Junpei, making him believe that Shota Ito was responsible for the Sukuna finger in his house (Chapter 25).

In his despair, Junpei can’t see through Mahito’s deception and he is easily manipulated. He goes to his school, activating his powers, and attacks the students at the assembly, Sotomura is bewildered by the events playing out, and he collapses. Junpei heads over to Shota, asking him if he planted the finger in his house, Shota is too shocked to speak and Junpei begins to torture him.

mahito junpei

Junpei keeps torturing Shota, destroying his left hand, Yuuji rushes in, stopping Junpei before he kills the boy [Chapter 26]. An intense battle begins between Junpei and Yuuji, to his surprise, Junpei finds out that his Moon Dregs poison is having no effect on Yuuji, and he is soon easily overpowered by the vessel of Sukuna. A brief conversation begins between the young boys and Yuuji asks the heartbroken Junpei to join him at the college, however, Mahito suddenly appears (Chapter 27).

Mahito refers to Yuuji as Sukuna’s vessel and he quickly restrains the sorcerer student. Yuuji pleads with Junpei to run away but the brainwashed young man still believes that Mahito is not a bad person but soon he realizes his mistake as the special grade curse begins to taunt him and calls him an impulsive fool.

Mahito transforms Junpei into one of those experimental human abominations using his ‘Idle Transfiguration Technique’. The transfigured Junpei attacks Yuuji, however, Yuuji doesn’t try to counter the incessant attacks, he tries to wake the inner Junpei but his efforts are mocked by Mahito as well as Sukuna inside him (Chapter 27).

Yuuji Itadori can only watch as Junpei’s sad life comes to an end, the young man slumps to the ground and dies … that’s the end of Junpei’s tragic life.

Fun Facts

  •  The official Jujutsu Kaisen fanbook has some information on Junpei, his hobby is watching movies, his least favorite dish is Herring roe, his favorite dish is Crab omelette on rice and his major cause of stress is school (Episode 8).
  • During the character popularity poll, Junpei surprisingly came in 9th place with a total of 7481 votes.
  • – In his first year of high school, he started a movie club with two of his friends [Manga Vol. 4, profile].
  •  In his second year of high school, he stopped going to school (Episode 10).
  • Gege Akutami stated that he wished he had shown more scenes of Junpei’s kindness before he died in the manga, so an original scene was added to the anime to reflect that.
  •  Junpei seems to be a fan of the Scary movie franchise.

Voice Actors

  • Chinatsu Akasaki – Japanese
  • Allegra Clark – English
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