7+ Powerful Jellal Fernandes Quotes (HQ Images)

  1. This one of my most favorite quotes. I do love this one, by Jellal. It’s so breath-taking how deep this quote is. It reminds me that you know, like we usually, try to in live, work on our biggest fear, and through that we find our true passions at times. For example: Let’s say you get rejected by your crush in your high school. So then to make up for that, in university or college, you make sure to sleep with as many people as possible.
jellal-fernandes-quotes-the loneliest people are the kindest-the saddest people smile the brightest-the most damaged people are the wisest-fairy-tail-quotes

2. It’s so true, emotions are a gift and curse. They’re the source of our biggest mistakes usually, and also the source of our biggest strength, and ability to perform miraculous tasks.

To Erza Scarlet

Jellal quotes. Fairy Tail Quotes. 'Life and death are the very basis of all things. They intensify every emotion.'

3. When we’re overwhelmed, and unable to describe all the things we’re feeling in an instant, is what I also believe causes our tears to come. To show how intensely we’re feeling.

jellal-fernandes-quotes-tears are how our heart speaks

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4. This is so true for me, as there have constantly been people in my life, that have given me the ability to see the light, or be more courageous, or just not give up. I think my girlfriend right now is now of those people. I believe my best friend is that on more than one of those occasions.

To Erza Scarlet

jellal-fernandes-quotes-your words gave me courage to guide me towards the right path again

5. This was just savage by Jellal. Jellal when he was evil, really knew how to push people’s buttons so well, my goodness.

To Natsu Dragneel

jellal-fernandes-quotes-you are even more irrational than the rumours say-did yodu enjoy striking one of your own nakama-fairy-tail-quotes

6. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve personally used anger to get jobs done. But in the end the most beautiful work I’ve done has come from the love towards the task that I’m doing, and not anger, or hate, or revenge.

To Erza Scarlet

jellal-fernandes-quotes-but the hatred will only rob you of your heart's freedom and eat away at you...-fairy-tail-quotes

7. This one is a hard one for me. I don’t truly understand what he means by this one.

To Erza Scarlet

jellal-fernandes-quotes-this is my sin-gap between dreams and reality-fairy-tail-quotes

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