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Best Itachi Uchiha Quotes

1. I have a sister, so I can really relate to this quote. I remember when I was younger she was hit by someone. It made me furious, and I did something to hurt the person who hurt her, and made sure she felt protected. Even though that was wrong, I just know how Itachi feels, and what he means when he says that.

itachi-quote-dont cry sasuke your big brother is here to protect you no matter what happne-naruto-quotes

2.  Ah love this one! Just straight-up self-awareness. I think this one means so much. You have to acknowledge not just the good parts about you but also all the bad parts about yourself.

itachi-quote-Those who cannot acknowledge their true self... eventually fail-naruto-quotes

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3. I had to make a wallpaper out of this one. This is the true meaning of self-acceptance. Finding not just acceptance, but approval of one’s self. To truly realize who you are, and to truly use that to your advantage in life.

wallpaper itachi quotes - naruto quotes- he who forgives and acknowledges himself that is what it truly means to be strong

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4. Protect your NAKAMA!! over everything!

He said this to Kisame

itachi quotes - naruto quotes- those who turn their hands against their comrades are sure to die a terrible death

5. This is the most beautiful thing, that no matter how much we try to be perfect in order to make others love us more. The real secret is that we can never be perfect jsut by ourselves in the first place.

itachi-quote-no single thing is perfect by itself-thats why were born to attract other things that make up for what we lace-naruto-quotes

6. It’s crazy that Itachi could be so objective, in the most fearful moments. Because the funnies thing is that it’s a natural human reaction to fear the unknown. So it’s not something that we can attain naturally, but it’s a disciplined task to train yourself to look at the unknown objectively.

itachi quotes - naruto quotes- its foolish to fear what we have yet to see and know

7. It’s true that we can use our negative emotions to fuel our ambitions, and use them to strengthen us, but I don’t believe Itachi did the right thing here. Making Sasuke hate him in order to make him stronger.

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8. I think he’s saying that in life, we don’t appreciate anything that we don’t work hard for. Hence, something that we get to easily has no value in it.

download wallpaper itachi quotes - naruto quotes-teachings that do not speak of pain have no meaning for humankind cannot gain anything in return

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9. Don’t be judgemental, yup noted, even though I still catch myself doing it many times.

itachi quotes - naruto It is not wise to judge others based on your own preconceptions and by their appearances

10. Oh man! I love this one. To be leaning into your fear can be the most exciting thing in our life. Are you doing it for yourself? Are you using this lesson from Itachi?

itachi quotes - naruto quotes- Growth occurs when one goes beyond ones limits. Realizign that is also a part of the training

11. It’s so funny, but truly each one of us out of all the billions of people on Earth, has a different life. A unique life, and a unique perspective, and yet we all have something in common as well… we’re all human.

itachi quotes - naruto quotes- those who turn their hands against their comrades are sure to die a terrible death

12. No one is perfect, even Itachi said. Now I can finally take it easier on myself. How about you?

itachi quotes - naruto quotes-I actually dont think perfection exists. That is I think why we are born able to absorb things..

13. Naruto: “How can you be easy going at a time like this?! If we’re caught we’ll never be able to get out. I only got out of planetary devastation because of nine tails rampage
Itachi: “It’s not about being easy going, analysis requires calm. Every jutsu has a weakness!”

(Itachi was so smart and analytical, he wouldn’t even flinch in the hardest of situation. Even when Killer B and Naruto together couldn’t figure out a way to defeat Edo Nagato. he figured it out in a matter of minutes.)

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