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Ilulu is a dragon who is a member of the Chaos Dragon Faction. Just like a lot of other characters in the anime, Ilulu can transform into a human girl as well. Make no mistake, as she can turn into a dragon, capable of taking on any human. She made her debut in the manga in chapter 30

Her primary objective is to finish off Toru and separate her from Kobayashi. Despite having this goal, in the manga, we get to witness Ilulu experience a change of heart. She begins to live with Kobayashi and ends up becoming very close to her.


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Ilulu gives off a chubby appearance as a girl even though she’s actually quite lean. The optical illusion has a lot to do with her small stature combined with her huge bust. This combination gives her that round look, and it’s not something fans like to complain about.

Ilulu always likes to wear a black cloak with fur. And perhaps the most prominent feature about her appearance is her arms and horns. Despite taking on the form of a girl, Ilulu still retains her horns along with her giant arms. This proves that her real form is that of a dragon.



Character Info


Status: Alive

Birth: Unknown

Age: 16

More Information

Gender: Female

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Pink


Family: Unnamed Parents (Deceased)

Appearances in ANIME/Manga

Manga Debut: Chapter 30

Anime Debut: Episode 15

Voice Actors

Japanese: Tomomi Mineuchi



The elephant in the room when it comes to Ilulu’s personality is her hatred for humans. Even though she comes off as a decent person for other dragons her hate makes her an entirely different person in front of a human. In fact, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched to call her behaviours psychotic.

When Ilulu got to know that Tohru was living with a human, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted. Ilulu was certain that Thoru was being manipulated by the humans somehow. Her hatred for all humans is so firm that when she got to witness Kobayashi (a human)  save her, instead of thanking her, she was convinced that Kobayashi was a sly trickster.

However, she eventually learns that not all humans are bad and becomes friends with Kobayashi. Once we got to know her on a deeper level, we got a witness that she was actually in search of her purpose in life. Although, it’s hard to tell as she acts like a child most of the time despite being thousands of years old as a dragon.


  1. When she’s asked her age, she replies that she is 16. Actually, she is thousands of years old as a dragon, but no one considers this to be a lie, as she really does look like she’s 16. (chapter 52)
  2. We all know how big her breasts are, but have you wondered why? It turns out, she actually stores her “flame” inside them. Weird how that works, but this is coming from Ilulu herself, so it’s pretty hard to argue with that.
  3. It shouldn’t come off as a surprise, but I’ll mention it anyway. Because of her breast size, Ilulu gets tired really quickly. She finds it really relieving to find a place to rest after a long walk.


We’ve already covered the fact that for the longest time, Ilulu hated humans more than anything. In reality, however, as a child, she was on good terms with all humans. She’d go around playing with humans regularly and treat them just like she’d treat any other dragon. However, things took a bad turn when both of her parents were killed at the hands of a human. After that, she never looked at humans in the same way. She even stopped playing with all the other human kids she’d normally call friends.


ilulu kpbayashi

The one person she ends up developing romantic feelings for is Taketo. It wasn’t as romantic as love at first sight. She begins falling in love with him slowly (chapter 81)

Her relationship with Kobayashi was pretty weird, as they both started off as enemies. Kobayashi proved herself to be a good and trustworthy human time and time again. However, Ilulu just wouldn’t accept it, but after having her life saved by Kobayashi, Ilulu slowly began to put her trust in humans again.

Tohru is another dragon that Ilulu tried to destroy, but in the end, she failed miserably. To Ilulu’s surprise, Tohru was a far stronger opponent than she had anticipated. Eventually, they both end up becoming close friends as Ilulu develops into a more reasonable and mature character.


ilulu tohru

After getting to know that Tohru is fond of a human known as Kobayashi, Illulu immediately marks her as an enemy. She makes it her goal to destroy Tohru. During their first encounter, Tohru held back as she didn’t have anything against Ilulu. Tohru also didn’t want to cause any damage to the environment. After the encounter, Ilullu lost the battle but managed to escape.

However, this wasn’t the last of Ilulu. Later on, she kept spying on Kobayashi waiting for the right moment to attack. After witnessing  Kanna being upset with Kobayashi, she thought it was the perfect moment to turn Kanna against Kobayashi. This didn’t work out very well, as Kanna refused to aid any plan that would harm Kobayashi in the long run. It proves that even though she was temporarily angry, Kanan was a really good friend of Kobayashi.



After failing for the second time, Ilulu decided to confront Kobayashi herself. You see, as someone who thought that humans are the sworn enemy of Dragons, Ilulu hated Kobayashi. But at the same time, she was also very curious about her. She wanted to know why Kobayashi was so interested in dragons (in Tohru to be more precise). She came to the conclusion that it must be Kobayashi’s lust for Dragons. She even went as far as turning Kobayashi into a male so he’d fall in love with a dragon but that didn’t work out either.

Eventually, sometime later Ilulu was attacked by another dragon. She was almost about to lose her life till the person she least expected came to her rescue. And it was none other than Kobayashi herself. Later on, Kobayashi took Ilulu to her house for her recovery. It was after this event that Ilulu realized that not all humans are bad. She slowly starts to put her faith in Kobayashi after being saved by her. (chapter 89)

Voice Actor

Tomomi Mineuchi is the voice actress behind the voice of Ilulu. She’s known to have worked in multiple anime, making voice-overs for various characters. Some of her most popular work includes Carsa Kurnoah from Misfit of the Demon King Academy and Sheep from Beastars.


Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon; chapter 30

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon; chapter 52

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon; chapter 81

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon; chapter 89

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon; chapter 30 


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