35+ HILARIOUS Hunter X Hunter Memes To Make Your Day!


All this time our MC didn’t know about his dad. Gon Freecss along with Killua who’s like a brother to him set out on a journey to find Gon’s dad! And that’s how their journey of finding his father begins! So, that’s basically all for the intro of the Anime. 

If you’ve watched Hunter X Hunter this is going to be a crazy ride for you! And NOW! it’s the time to make you guys laugh with the dark humor hidden behind their faces! 
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Here’s a list of 35+ HILARIOUS Hunter X Hunter Memes

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Table of Contents

36. Facts!

36 meme

Hunter X Hunter started just because Ging didn’t raise his kid and startled Gon with his whereabouts all of a sudden in the series! Or else you all have been simping over some other anime right now. 

35. When Gon doesn't have his fishing rod

35 meme

Gon takes his fishing rod literally everywhere. Maybe it’s like a lucky charm, but it’s probably not since he lost it. 

34. When a bag is stuck in a vending machine

34 meme

While others would never think of trying everything with a single vending machine, Ging and IIIumi Zoldyck would try all of the above in that order.  

33. Villains will be Villains

33 meme

I mean, we can’t expect anything from the antagonists in the series, right? That’s how they are! And there’s no way that they’re letting you copy their homework. You’ll be left on seen! 

32. Anxiety Moment

That Panic moment you go through when you have to present something you didn’t even prepare! So, you just try to smoothly get through the situation by making one at that time. HAHA! nice, try! 

31. Let's go card surfing!

The “Card Surfing” makes this meme one of the most hilarious Hunter X Hunter Memes! Isn’t it hilarious? Imagine using a sturdy card and surfing on it! Sounds hilarious to me.

30. True Nakama Energy!

30 meme

Now moms will never understand the Nakama energy which we all need in our lives. Why? because our moms belong to the boomer’s category unless your mom’s an otaku! I mean, she must understand then that how important it is to have nakamas. 

29. Hunter X Hunter in a nutshell

29 meme

I mean, Killua doesn’t look like a murderer from any angle. Especially if you’re seeing him for the first time you won’t believe and will scroll just cause it’s a meme. But HAHA! I told you all that there’s going to be some dark humor as well. And just how does Hisoka look shy?! 

28. Little Gon to make your day

28 meme

You guys have been blessed! Just look at that precious smile of Gon! And you may continue your scrolling now.


27 meme

No offense but, I won’t be able to stop myself from laughing here. They just roasted you all!  

26. Me when I find out that someone likes HXH

26 meme

That’s probably me to my class fellow when I stalked her and found out she had Hunter X Hunter stickers! Have you guys done something like that? 

25. Sitting down is overrated

25 meme

Imagine riding horses by standing up on them! Wooh! that totally sounds nuts to me! Would you guys like to risk your lives by riding a horse while standing? Oh, I wouldn’t have a problem if I were KILLUA! 

24. Free blessing

24 meme

It literally feels like the universe is helping you out when you find free wifi in public. And then you get curious about who’s such a kind-hearted person to have open wifi?

23. Killua X Kakashi

23 meme

Haters will say that both pictures are different. However, Killua starts with K and Kakashi starts with it as well. OMG! This can be one hell of a crazy theory! right?

22. Hisoka is love

22 meme

I wonder how many of you simping over Hisoka even in 2021, after watching Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojou. I mean, get out of your homes and socialize with real people! Y’all no offense but these characters do not exist in reality. *sad noises* 

21. Moms always say no to their own children

21 meme

That’s how I’ve been my whole childhood. This is so relatable that it’s making me cry now. I’ve always asked other people to convince my mother. This is also one of the most hilarious Hunter X Hunter Memes! 

20. When people try to underestimate you

20 meme

People really do underestimate us Otakus by saying that “How long can you talk about a specific anime?” Oh well, we have endless stamina so we can go all night! 

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19. Killua X Gojou

19 meme

I knew this was going to happen someday! And OMG! They both look like father and son! Both are so wholesome though. 

18. Killua's super power

18 meme

Oh yes! indeed he protects, he attacks but most importantly he will zippady zapp you! 

17. Perfection in Hunter X Hunter

17 meme

I don’t get it when people go like that nobody’s perfect. Well, have you taken a look at anime characters? They’re just jealous of their perfection. That’s it! 

16. Killua X Kitten

16 meme

Killua literally resembles this kitten. And this is making me crack up so bad! Just look at them, do you guys find any difference? 

15. Leorio X Netflix Adaptation

15 meme

NO! You can’t just do that to Leorio! That’s illegal and I can’t just unsee it now. I hate whoever made this meme. 

14. Hello Hisoka from JJBA, Hello Dio from JJBA

14 meme

Dio and Hisoka both are villains of another level, Isn’t that right? And their resemblance is uncanny! 

13. When someone says they don't know about HXH

13 meme

Why do people not watch Hunter X Hunter? They’re super popular and then they’re still like they don’t know about this show. It literally makes me mad! 


12 meme

This is one of the most hilarious face swaps in Hunter X Hunter and doesn’t get old! Imagine if Gon had eyes like Hisoka’s in the series. That’d be sick! 

11. 2020

11 meme

We all know how tough 2020 was for all of us or does 2021 has something even shocking to show us? Damn, this kind of makes me nervous now. 

10. Just HXH tragedies

10 meme

You all Hunter X Hunter fans must be crying after watching this meme, damn it makes me sad too. 

9. True tradgedy sounds like

9 meme

It’s really tragic when you want someone to like you but then you get a punch on your face by them. *sad noises*. 

8. Hisoka just loves Gon

8 meme

I’m calling the FBI right now! This is illegal! does that look normal to you guys? 

7. Gon, where's your dad?

7 meme

No, but for real though, Gon.. where’s your dad! Is Killua obsessed with his dad? 

6. HXH appreciation post

6 meme

Oh definitely yes! Thank you for teaching me to fight together! But exclude Hisoka! Pardon me, I do not simp Hisoka (Internally simping over Hisoka). 

5. Killua, a sleepy baby

5 meme

That one moment when you can’t seem to stop yawning and then you just give up and yawn while acting cool. And tbh just looking at Killua yawning is making me yawn! 

4. How the email found me

4 meme

That’s how I feel whenever I receive any mail. Never been in a good position so, explains a lot about my life. HAHA! just kidding. I’m here for making you all laugh. 

3. How starting and ending your favorite anime feels like

3 meme

That’s how finishing your favorite anime feels like. I still remember finishing my favorite anime and I cried loud and the whole household got worried about me. It’s okay, I feel you! 

2. My siblings to me when i eat their food

2 meme

I mean, I know how bad it feels when someone eats your food but I can’t just control when I see something yummy in the refrigerator! Can you relate? 

1. Boomer X Boomer

1 meme

HAHA! This Boomer X Boomer is hilarious! Both dummies! Especially Gon for thinking that he can actually click the book! 


I hope these made your day and brought a smile to your face! These were some of the most hilarious Hunter X Hunter memes I could find on the internet. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Let us know which meme was your favorite and share it with your friends too! 


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