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I’m sure you have heard of Hunter x Hunter even if you aren’t a fan of the show! It’s a classic shonen that has had two adaptations so far. The latter, produced by Madhouse, hasn’t been finished yet despite airing in 2011, and the fans are still hopeful to see new episodes of their favorite anime!

The second adaptation is so popular that it’s currently the 5th highest-rated anime on MyAnimeList! The characters are remarkable, and Hisoka is even considered one of the best antagonists in anime!

Note, that not all characters have their birthdays clarified, so this list is partially fictional and is made for entertainment! Despite that, finding out the similarities between the characters and you can be a fun ride, so hop in and find the connection through your zodiac signs!

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Table of Contents

Aries (March 21 ~ April 20)

14. Kurapika

14. Kurapika

Birthday:  April 4th
Sign: Aries

Aries are surely dependable people! It will be hard for you to find someone who isn’t honest and passionate, ambitious and confident! They like to take leadership, plan with big goals, and their strategies usually work out well. If anything, teamwork is their biggest strength.

Many people have pointed out the similarities between the two intelligent blond boys, Kurapika and Armin from Attack on Titan. They certainly match not only in looks but in their strategy and values as well. But Kurapika is easily judgmental, and slowly lost his emotional and calm self in tragic events. He is wrathful but just. Are you anything like this main character? If your answer is yes, you certainly are a great addition to any group, as you will boost their morale for work!

Taurus (April 21 ~ May 20)

13. Gon Freecss

13. Gon

Birthday: May 5th
Sign: Taurus

Taurus is a very reliable star sign. They are devoted and hard-working, always wanting to harvest the fruits of their labor. They value physical contact the most and are pleasure-seeking. That doesn’t mean they would lose focus of their ambitions! They want to be rational in every situation and bring peace to heated arguments.

Gon is such a shonen protagonist! Hating insecurity, ambitions, and responsible nature? These are the typical traits of any main character from this genre. Of course, these won’t make him generic, as he is quite outstanding! He often gets more powerful by his anger and strives to be as powerful as possible. Great hero nature. He is very confident, but others find it hard to relate to him, or even understand his thoughts. Are you a friendly individual who aims high? Do you have problems with math? Then you are just like him! And probably like many others 🙂

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)

12. Hisoka Morow

12. Hisoka

Birthday: June 6th
Sign: Gemini

Gemini are fast thinkers, they like to express their emotions. They are open-minded, can take on several different professions, and are especially interested in beauty and art. They like to find the best in everything, always searching for something bigger, more amusing, an idea, a physical entity that can finally fulfill their desires. Of course, that thing rarely comes. They are very social creatures, who love to learn about new things, innovation is also their pleasure.

Hisoka’s personality is the exact opposite of his looks. To be fair, a clown is the first thing everyone would think of him. On the other hand, he is very careful and calm. He is not here to play games, but he kind of does. He is searching for someone who is a true opponent for him. He is a sociopath, a selfish merciless villain, but spares those who he sees potential in. Many people consider him as one of the best antagonists of anime, which is to be expected, as a character like him rarely comes across our lives. You are free to be like him, but try not to play with the lives of others!

Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

11. Killua Zoldyck

11. Killua

Birthday: July 7th
Sign: Cancer

Cancers are loyal and loving members of our circles. They are always there to help anyone in need, sadly they are also sometimes exploited because of their selflessness and kindness. You can easily set up picnics and social events with them because even if they are reserved if prompted enough, they are very happy to spend time with their loved ones and friends.

Killua is very similar to Gon at first, but later comes across as a little bit rude, yet calm and quick-thinking talented Hunter. He had a tragic past, and usually overestimates the strength of his enemies. Just like an assassin, he only likes to fight when he can get a decisive victory. He also likes candy and might have a gambling problem. Many fans love him, are you one of them? It’s great if you resemble him, just keep an eye out on your bank account!

10. Komugi (FICTIONAL)

10. Komugi

Birthday: July 8th
Sign: Cancer

Cancers can also be too emotional at times, and for sure lazy as well. If they are put under too much stress, they might lose their will to live, often shutting themselves in, and yet expecting help from others. They can be very dedicated, but failing in the only thing they are talented in can be emotional damage that they would never get rid of.

Komugi, if anything, is very talented at Gungi. This is the only game she can find happiness in, but later, it was the only thing she could do at all. An easy person to manipulate, and very shy. Do you feel like you are the weaker type of Cancer? Don’t give up, everyone can improve, sometimes you just need a little push!

Leo (July 23 ~ August 22)

9. Meruem (FICTIONAL)

9. Meruem

Birthday:  July 25th
Sign: : Leo

Leos are often cheerful and passionate, but that energy can easily turn them into proud and stubborn criminals. Pride is said to be the hardest sin to overcome, showed in, for example, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. They have a hard time facing reality, but it doesn’t mean they can’t change for the better.

Meruem was born with the only intention to be the best. He was the embodiment of arrogance, but as he spent more and more time with respectable humans, he questioned his superiority. Reasonable character development if you ask me! Being anything like him might not be a bad thing, as having trust in yourself is a good trait, just don’t let it turn into self-obsession.

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

8. Neferpitou (FICTIONAL)

8. Pitou

Birthday: September 1st
Sign: Virgo

Virgo are practical and hardworking, but they have an overbearing trait: loyalty. Depending on others sometimes can be a huge burden, but if you have a Virgo in your circles, it will surely work out! They would follow you through all hells, and their protecting nature makes them great parents as well!

Neferpitou surely is an incarnation of loyalty. Chimera Ants sometimes come across as one-sided, they have their values. She was only loyal to the Ant King, and no one else. But she also protects those who she sees as worthy of it. A Leo can be a great guard, and a friend at the same time. Make sure to be one, or have one of them around you, and appreciate them!

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Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

7. Illumi Zoldyck (FICTIONAL)

7. Illumi

Birthday: September 29th
Sign: Libra

For the people born under Libra, the partnership is everything. That for some reason doesn’t mean they can be honest with the person they want to be around. They would hold a grudge forever and rarely ask for help. They are diplomatic and unpredictable.

Illumi doesn’t like to express himself. He has a monotone but joyful tone, that distracts the conversation partner from what he thinks: his selfish needs. He keeps up a weird relationship with his family members but cares about them. He even has a questionable friendship with Hisoka. If you are anything like Illumi, people around you probably have a hard time figuring out what is on your mind.

Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 22)

6. Shaiapouf (FICTIONAL)

6. Shaiapouf

Birthday: November 11th
Sign: Scorpio

Scorpios value truth and honesty more than anything. They are extremely reliable, true friends who would sacrifice their reputation for justice. Being passionate and mysterious all around are positive traits of a Scorpio.

Shaiapouf is a real hypocrite if anything. He likes to bloat about his honesty and rational behavior, but in reality, his emotions usually take over his mind. Despite being in the Royal Guard, he wasn’t exactly loyal to Meruem, but a version of the King that he made up. Not a pleasant guy to be around, if you are a Scorpio, you might want to check out the other candidate right below!

5. Chrollo Lucifer

5. Chrollo Lucifer

Birthday: November 15th
Sign: Scorpio

Scorpios are good at management. This mostly comes down to their charisma and problem-solving abilities. They have great discipline and are skilled at enforcing this discipline on others. Grand ambitions usually come with grand sacrifices, but they are eager to recognize them.

Okay, let’s be honest, everyone thought at first that his name is Lucifer. No, there is another L in his name. Despite this minor issue, he is a fantastic leader character, and a respectable villain all around. A master commander, yet inhuman nature of actions, makes him an unforgettable foe. This is the Scorpio personality that I would recommend, without the violence of course.

Sagittarius (November 23 ~ December 21)

4. Ging Freecss (FICTIONAL)

4. Ging Freecs

Birthday: December 3rd
Sign: Sagittarius

Sagittarius usually aren’t reliable, they take on more work than they could handle. They are idealistic and impatient, but all around pleasant to be around. They also value freedom a lot and want to explore the world for themselves. 

Ging is the very father Gon was searching for, but when we finally meet him, it’s hard to believe he is the one. A childish man who does not care for his son, but has great enthusiasm. If you are anything like him, think about having children twice.

Capricorn (December 22 ~ January 19)

3. Feitan Portor (FICTIONAL)

3. Feitan

Birthday: December 26th
Sign: Capricorn

Capricorns are disciplined and ruthless. They are unforgiving but have good manners. They wake up some kind of fear inside everybody they talk to, which makes them either highly respected or immensely hated. Their attitude usually comes with great strength as well.

Wow, a short, strong man with an emo hairstyle? Must be Levi Ackermann! Looks like Attack on Titan had quite a bit of inspiration from Hunter x Hunter, but as said, recycling good characters might not be a bad idea. He is not a man of words, but a great torturer. He gets along well with other members of the Phantom Troupe. Are you a bad boy as well? Or a nice soldier, at the very least.

Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 19)

2. Isaac Netero (FICTIONAL)

2. Isaac Netero

Birthday: January 31st
Sign: Aquarius

Aquarius people are humanitarians. They always try to solve conflicts with the least amount of casualties, and value helping others a lot. They are good listeners, but they also like to give voice to their ideals. Progressive thinkers, who can do well at any job.

Isaac is an old man. That would usually mean that he is polite, proud, and just a figurehead. In this case, he is something that we would not expect from someone his age. He is energetic, likes to play dumb, and also likes to play games instead of taking things seriously. One time when he doesn’t want to fool around is when people are in danger. A very useful person to be around! You should feel good if you resemble him, even if you aren’t an old man.

Pisces (February 20 ~ March 20)

1. Leorio Paladinight

Birthday: March 3rd
Sign: Pisces

Pisces people are usually intuitive, rational, yet artistic. They don’t want to be betrayed, and sometimes overly trust others. Spirituality and sports are also a big strength of theirs. In relationships, they can be unreasonably clingy and trusting, which makes for great disappointments.

Leorio is the „old” guy in the teenager group. Being portrayed as selfish first, he later reveals his emotional goals, such as becoming a doctor and helps those who are in need. He won’t back down against powerful enemies and often plays a comic relief. Are you like him? I think every team needs a versatile member, who can be the jester when the morale drops!


Hunter x Hunter has so many interesting and relatable characters! These short zodiac sign descriptions might have helped you find your HxH soulmate, but don’t be disappointed if no one caught your eyes. Check out our other lists, and find someone who suits you best!

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