7+ EMOTIONAL Horimiya Quotes [HQ Images]

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With much anticipation, we got to see Horimiya making its debut as a slice life Anime. But, do you know what Horimiya is all about? Quotes! Hence, in this emotional blog post, we are going to talk about 7+ EMOTIONAL Horimiya Quotes. You can download these images as you please. Maybe set as your wallpaper?

Either way, just make sure to not get teary. Cause this is going to be emotional. Here are our most favorite Horimiya Quotes of all time.

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Izumi Miyamura Quotes

“Everyone starts from zero. If you mess up, just try it. Figure out why, and try again.”

Horimiya Quotes

“You can have the bad days so you can love the good days even more.”

“This is a surprise. You talking to me. I thought for sure after yesterday, you’d just avoid being around me”

“Under such circumstances, you shouldn’t say “where are you going” but rather “don’t go”

Horimiya Quotes

Kyoko Hori Quotes

“I kinda don’t want anyone else to see you like this, Miyamura.”

Horimiya Quotes

“Everyone has a side of themselves that they don’t want other people to see.”

“Why… Why is it always, always, always like this? Why are you always not around… Where is it that you’re going to, huh?

Horimiya Quotes

“Sometimes I’m not sure if you’re incredibly bold or incredibly stupid.”

Horimiya Quotes

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