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Do you know what makes a series interesting? A person who no one knows anything about yet, he is very lethal. Like “Sai” in Naruto or “Future Trunks” when he first appeared in Dragon Ball Z. When he first joined team 7, he was an anonymous character who no one seemed to know much about.  

Well, I am not saying that Hirofumi Yoshida is exactly like Sai but there are some similarities. In the beginning, Sai was shown to be straightforward and something about him never added up. That is exactly what makes the series interesting.

Hirofumi Yoshida

It makes you keep thinking what if something were to be done? Or what if there comes a huge twist? Everything seemed to be suspicious. It keeps you on your toes.

Well, you are in luck. Hirofumi Yoshida is like a private investigator, well to be exactly on point, he is a private devil hunter. It is like your own personal bodyguard. He only works for high-class profiles.

Table of Content

Hirofumi Yoshida

Octopus Devil:

Character Information

Position in Anime: Devil Hunter


Gender: Male

Species: Human

Professional Status

Occupation: Private Devil Hunter

Appearances in MANGA

Manga debut: Chapter 55

Voice Actors

Japanese: To Be Announced
English: To Be Announced


Hirofumi Yoshida Appearance

Hirofumi Yoshida is not your average-looking man. He has black silky hair and has a mole on the lower right cheek of his face. Though he calls it his beauty mark. He also gives somewhat of a gangster look with the piercings in his ear. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 55)

Anyways, you know those jocks in high school that look really cool and are brilliant in sports? Well, Yoshida has a similar jock look to him. He has the perfect body and his dress sense suits him. He wears an open jacket and pants. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 55)



Hirofumi Yoshida is pretty much unknown. In all the chapters that have been released, there is not much about his personality. However, he has had a few fights in the manga. He was only featured in chapters 55-70. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 70)

He is quite secretive and does not talk much. However, that does not mean he is stupid. It’s just that he prefers to listen more rather than speak wrong. He has knowledge about everything that is necessary like the ‘Doll Devil’. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter: Chapter 59)

It is because of him that others were able to remain cautious and ultimately win the fight. (Chainsaw Manga Chapter: 66). Afterward, Yoshida helps Kishbe in cleaning the remains of the Doll Devil.

Even during fights with his enemies, he likes to make small talk. This might sound familiar. Well, Naruto’s “Talk no Jutsu” or Goku’s inspiring speeches to their enemies are famous. You can include Hirofumi Yoshida in that category as well (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 66).

Hirofumi yoshida

Well, do not take him for being a Mr. Nice guy. He still is dangerous to his enemies. He killed his own immortal brother in a dark alley. He could have given him a respectful death but well, that’s not Yoshida. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 57)

Hirofumi Yoshida always smiles, even when he is in a fight because he actually enjoys it. However, people often interpret it the wrong way. If he smiles that does not mean that he is a funny guy. Absolutely not. He actually is a very ruthless character. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 57)

Strengths and Skills

Unnatural Strength

Unnatural Strength

Even though Hirofumi Yoshida is a human, he has strength and endurance that can rival any devil for some time. Of course, the time limit he can maintain is just a few minutes. But he can easily fight like an equal(Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 63)

Well, this strength is not normal. Fighting against supernatural creatures requires utmost confidence and strength. No normal being can stand up to them. Even so, he always leaves a mark no matter where he goes. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 63)

His fight with Quanxi proved to everyone that he can fight as an equal for a few minutes. Well after those few minutes, Quanxi easily picks him up and throws him through the window. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 63) 

Hirofumi yoshida

Summoning Octopus Devil’s Tentacles

Hirofumi Yoshida has signed an agreement with the Octopus Devil. The agreement states that the Devil must appear whenever he calls upon it. All Yoshida has to do is twist his index finger with the middle finger. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)

He has some special attacks too. For example, by saying the word “ink”, the tentacles release ink and then it blinds the enemy. It also helps in creating the perfect escape plan. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)

Hirofumi Yoshida Appearance


Hirofumi Yoshida is quite intelligent. He can figure out the enemy’s tactics quite easily. In his first fight with Quanxi, he came to the conclusion that Quanxi was not human. Rather, she was some supernatural thing. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 63)



Hirofumi is quite popular among the fans of the manga. When the first poll was done, he got 10th position and when the second poll happened then he stood in 6th position.


Hirofumi is pretty cold when it comes to his character. He’s rather brutal. This was shown in his fight where he killed the middle brother of the immortal brothers. Now you get the idea.


Past of Hirofumi

No history of Hirofumi Yoshida has been stated in the manga. The only known thing about him is that he signed a contract with the Octopus Devil. Although no one knows what the Octopus Devil got in return. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)

Hirofumi Yoshida was a side character who left his mark on everyone who read the manga. He appeared for only one arc and that is the ‘International Assassins Arc(Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapters 55-70).

However, no details of his character had been shared before. We only know that he is a Private Devil Hunter. There is no background of this character, and it is almost impossible to figure out his thinking process.


Hirofumi Yoshida Appearance

Private Devil Hunter

Well, he is not officially affiliated with anyone. His occupation is a Private Devil Hunter. Whenever someone hires him, he gets affiliated with them. Otherwise, he has no affiliations with anyone.

Octopus Devil:

Octopus Devil

I cannot say for sure if they have any relationship because no details have been given in the manga. But I am sure that both are affiliated based on a contract they signed. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 61)




She was the one who ordered her subordinates to get a hold of Hirofumi Yoshida to protect Denji for a month. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 55)



Yoshida was so ruthless that he killed Aldo’s brothers. Unlike his other brothers, Aldo is a sensitive guy who can be vulnerable at times. He’s full of empathy and cares about others a lot.


International Assassins arc

International Assassins Arc

Denji had now become vulnerable to his enemies due to the news. A media person revealed his identity and existence. Now, Denji had become a target for his enemies, and everyone knew who he was. Makima is a higher-ranked Public Safety Devil Hunter.

She ordered her assistants, pupils, and subordinates to get a force of Public Safety Devil Hunters. She then also thought of hiring Hirofumi Yoshida as a safety measure.

His job? His job is to protect Denji from all sorts of troubles and dangers. The entire world’s assassins are trying to kill Denji and rip his heart out. However, all those enemies have got to go through Hirofumi Yoshida. (Chainsaw Man Manga: Chapter 55-70)

Voice Actor

JapaneseTo Be Announced

EnglishTo Be Announced

Don't Forget to Comment!

My take on this character is that it was an absolute necessity to include him. Some of you might be wondering, “Why am I saying it was a necessity?” Well, let me give you an explanation for my claims.

For starters, this manga lacked secrecy. We all know everything about everyone, right? But we know nothing of the history of this character. We do not know where he came from. We know nothing about his deal with the Octopus Devil.

So, this secrecy is what keeps us interested in the manga itself. We hope after reading every chapter that, maybe we will get to know something about this character. The writers led us on for more than 10 chapters.

Also, someone new was needed for such an important task. The task of protecting Denji. Now, who would be better at protecting Denji than someone who no one knows anything about? Hirofumi Yoshida is a perfect character. Cold, yet sensitive.


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