12 Motivational Hajime No Ippo Quotes (With Images)

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Hajime No Ippo quotes here for you, as we strive to be your #1 source for Anime Quotes.  Now, truth be told Hajime No ippo had some of the best and most inspiration quotes and moments. Hence why we decided to make this list for you guys. If you have not watched Hajime No Ippo, it’s one of the best sports anime. Specifically a boxing anime. It will make you cry, and tear up all the time, if you’re like me. But that’s why I like anime in the first place. The story is about a shy, not confident person, who finds a passion. He becomes better and better, and is able to improve to a place where he’s able to compete with world class athletes. A  below average guy (ippo) doing amazing things in the boxing world. Along with him are his coach, and gym mates, or teammates you can say. A great story, if you want some motivation for yourself, and what it really takes to become the best at something.

The meaning for Hajime No Ippo = The First Step. And this is actually an irony on the main character’s name Makunouchi Ippo.

It’s really well done character development. Every fight lasts more than an episodes, and many lessons are learnt within them. It was a TV Show with its first season in (2000-2002).

  Best Hajime No Ippo Quotes



Takamura Mamoru Quotes



1. This is really harsh quote, but I absolutely love it, because it doens’t matter how much talent we’re born with, it doesn’t matter what your potential could’ve been or is. It’s all about the person who attains the #1 position by working their hardest.

~Takamura Mamoru

No matter how much talent you have, if you aren't the best, you're nothing because there can only be one king."~Takamura Mamoru

2. It’s true, it’s way harder when someone is supremely more talented. But at the end it doesn’t matter because even then you’re still based and judged on the results you product, regardless of your starting point.

~Takamura Mamoru

Hajime no Ippo - takamura - Fact is genius’s can take all the hard work of the com

Aoki Masaru Quotes

1. I love Aoki, because potential-wise, he probably has the least aount of talent. Yet he’s an overwhelming amount of energy, and zest in order to replace that. He musters up everything he has, and the will to never give up, and with his comedic side, he becomes lovable by everyone.

~Aoki Masaru

Hajime no Ippo - aoki masaru - “If having no talent makes it okay to give up, then what was the point in ever trying

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Coach Kamigawa Genji Quotes



1. Hard work. Because nothing is a greater short-cut than hard work.

~Coach Kamogawa

"Run until you can't run anymore, and then run again. Constant effort is life's greatest shortcut."~Coach Kamogawa

2. To be courageous, and to be daring, the moment we take a step back, instead of moving forward, and cower inward, we lose. This is why we must stay focused in the midst of battle.

~Coach Kamigawa (Kamigawa Genji)

Hajime no Ippo - coach kamigawa - “The moment you back down is the moment you lose!”

3. This one is the hard truth of the world we live in today. That we can work really really hard, and still get nowhere. But to become the best, to succeed, anyone who has gotten to that pinnacle, has worked hard.

~Kamigawa Genji (Coach)

8. To always know what your mission is. What our vision is, so we can stay grounded when we get punched in the face by life.

~Coach Kamigawa

Hajime no Ippo - coach kamigawa - “Why are you punching What are you chasing You should already know the answer to that. To become strong

Makunouchi Ippo Quotes



1. To always be the underdog, never letting the ego getting to your head.

Hajime no Ippo - makunochi ippo - “Until I understand what true strength is. I’m the Challenger! So I’ll always stand up!”

Nekota Ginpachi Quotes

7. My favourite line so far in the anime. I don’t know why but this quote is the best. I still can’t find a relation to this in our real lives. But if you guys know, pleaseee please let me know.

He who rules with his left rules the world."~Nekota Ginpachi

10. The more famous, or more we succeed, the more problems, scrutiny, and everything else that’s negative, comes along with it.

~Makino Fumito

The brighter they shine, the darker the shadow grows.”~Makino Fumito

Date Eiji Quotes



1. That’s why it’s good to surround yourself with like-minded or people more successful than ourselves. So that, we don’t let ourselves idle around.

~Date Eiji

Hajime no Ippo - date eiji - Everyone around you is doing so well. You’ll be easily forgotten if you idle around for too long

Date Eiji and the Makunoichi Ippo fight was insane, gotta love Hajime No Ippo.

2. So beatifiul, and I think in the end we’re all fillled with scars, some beautiful, some not, but at the end of the day, all of them, ours.

~Date Eiji

Hajime no Ippo - date eiji - “Forgetting Is like a wound. The wound may heal but it has already left a scar.”

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