30 MOST Popular Haikyuu Ships! (Soulmates)

Haikyuu Ships

Hello everyone. Today we present you with 30 Popular Haikyuu Ships! We hope you enjoy them! It was fun to make. I watched Haikyuu every morning for a month straight, and let me tell you, some of these pairings made me snort milk so many times.

I scared my little brother, but that’s the price I’m willing to take if it means I can get a good laugh every now and then.


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Table of Content

20) Oikawa & Ushijima

Y’all, I don’t really understand this ship, but at the same time, I’m not mad at it. Oikawa hates Ushijima because of his phenomenal skills. Perhaps it’s not hate. I feel like it’s more of a competitive jealousy vibe that I’m getting.

At the very least, the two respect each other a great deal. Yes, there is tension between the two whenever they appear on the same screen, however, that’s to be expected. They are on separate competing volleyball teams.

When you first witness Oikawa’s perspective of Ushijima, you would assume he hates his guts. But, in reality, it’s actually admiration. It may not be an innocent kind of approval, but what can you expect from Oikawa?

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19) Tanaka & Nishinoya

Tanaka and Nishinoya

HAHAHAHA! I present you with Dumb and Dumber! Nishinoya and Tanaka are the exact definitions of two best buddies sharing one brain cell. Man, sometimes I feel like that one brain cell is half dead.

They are the funniest comedic duos you will ever see in the anime world. It is such a shame that they don’t get enough screen time together. God, I wish that wasn’t the case.

These two pals make me want to slap them stupid sometimes, but that would be like beating a dead horse.

In my humble opinion, this isn’t a romantic association at all. It’s a crack relationship.

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18) Kuroo & Yamaguchi

Kuroo and yamaguchi

Hear me out. I didn’t expect this ship to be so popular internationally, but it is. I don’t think I can see them both sharing life together, but it’s cute or whatever.

I’m not mad at this. It’s definitely out of the blue for me because I never interpreted their relationship to be that of what the general public believes it to be.

Each to their own, I guess!

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17) Ushijima & Tendou

Ushijima & Tendou

Aw! I love Ushijima and Tendou’s friendship. These two surprised me with how wholesome and down to earth they can truly be when they are around each other or thinking of one another.

Again, I can’t see these two being more than friends, but a soulmate isn’t just a lover. I believe these two were destined to meet each other.

These two can’t be anymore different, which is why they click so well. Ushijima and Tendou are often first thought of as crazy and scary beasts, but they are such cinnamon rolls on the inside. I’m a sucker for that, man.  It’s hard not to melt over them.

They help one another out, and that kind of bond is super hard to find in life. I want a friend like one of these two!

Matching Pfps:

Ushijima pfp


Tendou Pfp




16) Yahaba & Kyoutani

Yahaba & Kyoutani

Yahaba and Kyoutani did not start off on the right foot. Yahaba can’t stand how Kyoutani is unknowingly disrespectful at times.

However, their dynamic changes in season two of the anime series, and it’s just adorable to watch. You have Kyoutani who is this energetic mad dog who goes ballistic, but when his responsible half puts their foot down, Kyoutani gets obedient all of a sudden.

It’s precious!

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15) Kindaichi & Kunimi

Kindaichi and Kunimi

Kindaichi and Kunimi ship name is a great tongue twister to try out! Their merged names are KuniKin. I bet you can’t say that 10 times straight without any mistakes! I could hardly get past 5 times, but trust me, I’m not all that special. I’m sure you guys can say it at least 8 times. Give it a try.

Do you know how opposites attract? Well, not in this case. Kindaichi and Kunimi share something in common: they hate Kageyama!

Aw! I quite like Kageyama despite random urges of wanting to head butt him right in his nose. Kindaichi and Kunimi are also childhood friends, which is just the cherry on top!

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14) Ukai & Takeda

Ukai & Takeda

Ukai and Takeda is also a very popular pairing. I honestly didn’t feel anything romantic between the two. However, I love their interactions.

I get the hype people have for these two. If we were able to see them as high school students, it would be a story of an athletic popular delinquent and a shy, nerdy boy. I’m not going to lie, it’s an adorable trope.

I’m very thankful for these two because they are both constantly trying to support their volleyball team in any way they can.

Thanks for the great work you two!

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13) Yaku & Lev

Yaku and LEv

Oh my gosh. Everyone, listen to what I’m about to say. Yaku and Lev’s height difference is unmatched. I need to not explode right now.

A shorty and a giant?! Are you joking? Yaku is sensitive about his height, so he tries to play it off with an arrogant attitude. But guess what? Even the giant Lev is tall enough to see through Yaku’s complex!

GAH! Okay, I have to stop. I have work tomorrow morning, and I can’t get anymore excited than I already am otherwise I won’t be able to sleep.

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12) Konoshita & Narita

Konoshita And Narita

This is yet another pairing I found to be surprising, but I also like it. I know, I’m weird. But, at this point, that shouldn’t shock you.

Kinoshita and Narita are good friends, and they are usually joined by the hip during volleyball practice. A classic friendship. You can’t go wrong with an original base for romance.

I think my obsession with them stems from the lack of screen time. I get it, Haikyuu is centered around the Karasuno boys, but I get tired of seeing the same faces.

I love my boys, but I too need some spice in my life.

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11) Kuroo & Bokuto

Kuroo and Bokuto are so attractive. I’m out of pocket for that one, but I don’t care.

Not only are they highly skilled in volleyball, but these two are some OP captains. They are also another Dumb and Dumber duo when their together, and you know I love some humor.

Stunning, strong, and superior? I’m single, and I am very much ready to mingle.

It’s not fair!!! I want a ship with one of them!

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10) Hinata & Kenma

Hinata & Kenma

Hinata and Kenma are such munchkins. They look fluffy and huggable. Kenma does look like he’s ready to bite someone if they try to get close with him.

It warmed my heart watching Hinata befriend Kenma. The friendship and trust that blossomed between them in the anime and manga is beautiful and realistic.

I’m glad to see the two on fantastic terms throughout the series up until the end of the manga. That reminds me, give Haikyuu the manga a try!

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9) Nishinoya & Asahi

Nishinoya & asahi

AWW! These two are the cutest! This is another short and giant pairing that is wholesome. However, their relationship was strained quite a bit during the first season. Despite all that tension, Nishinoya and Asahi never failed at caring for one another.

Nishinoya is the prime defense, and Asahi is the prime offense being that he is the ace. Although Asahi is one of the tallest players in the series, he usually lowers his head.

But don’t worry, Nishinoya is always there to raise Asahi’s lowered chin for him. Not physically though because Nishinoya is a shrimp, but I’m sure you get my drift, right?

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8) Kuroo & Tsukki

Kuroo and Tsukki

.I am not laughing. I am not laughing. Give me a second.

I get it. I understand the Kuroo and Tsukki ship. But seriously? Tsuki wants to chew off Kuroo’s arms. Maybe I’m being a bit too harsh on some of these couples. I have to dial it down a bit.

During the training camp arc, there were some moments between Kuroo and Tsuki that did make me tilt my head I will give them that.

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7) Tsukishima & Yamaguchi

Tsukishima & Yamaguchi

This is definitely one of my top ships in Haikyuu. The minute I saw Tsukishima and Yamaguchi’s dynamic on screen and on page, I knew that the fandom would go crazy over them.

And I was right! I’m never right!

My favorite character is not Tsukishima because he has more of a dark and smug personality—which I am not a fan of. However, one of my favorite members of the Karasuno High volleyball team is Yamaguchi. Why? Well, he’s just adorable.

I’m just kidding, but at the same time, I’m not. Yamaguchi is a friendly guy who doesn’t have the best self-esteem. Throughout the series, he sees him bashing himself and at one point, he ends up breaking apart because he believes he is worthless at volleyball.

Despite all the demons he is battling within himself, Yamaguchi perseveres through. Maybe because I’m biased and I love him too much, but I consider him to be one of the most hardworking team members of the Karasuno volleyball team.

I could go on and on about how lovely Yamaguchi is, but I got to make sure to not keep you all bored. Personally, I find the relationship between Tsukishima and Yamaguchi to be captivating. They have been friends ever since Tsuki saved Yamaguchi from a couple of bullying.

Man, I’m a sucker for timid x arrogant ships. I know it’s toxic, but at least it’s not real.

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6) Aone & Hinata

Aone and Hinata

This is FREAKING CUTE! Aone and Hinata are such a wholesome couple. It doesn’t matter if you don’t consider them to be more than friends, but you have to admit, their relationship warms your heart.

Listen, Aone offered a handshake to Hinata after his team lost to Karasuno. Instead of being big-headed like most opposing teams are, Aone was civil and gentlemanly.

Don’t look at me like that! I know that is basic human decency, but true respectful humans are hard to come across nowadays.

Their story doesn’t just end there. OHO. There is more! After hearing Futakuchi talk smack about Hinata, Aone did not hesitate in throwing a couple of sharp daggers at him. Aone even speaks up for Hinata despite him being a more reserved fellow.

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5) Daichi & Sugawara

DAichi and Sugawara

These are my parents. They’re not, but imagine? They would be great caretakers and everything. If I want candy, Sugawara will try to make me some, and Daichi will be out the door heading straight for the nearest 7/11.

These two would definitely spoil their kids rotten. It’s okay. I am more willing to volunteer. Let this be my version of Hunger Games.

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4) Oikawa & Iwazumi

Oikawa and izumi

Oikawa and Iwazumi are so funny to watch. They are extremely different from one another. You have this happy go lucky guy paired with this super serious dude.

Although Oikawa does have a darker side to him. That adds to the complexity Haikyuu gives to its characters.

Oikawa and Iwazumi are childhood friends, and they are the closest in their team. It’s sweet and entertaining to watch them look out for each other in their own respected ways.

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3) Akashi & Bokuto

Akashi & Bokuto

If you guys haven’t seen this couple flooding your Tumblr page or Instagram feed, then were under a rock in 2016?

It’s impossible for you to be in the anime community and not see a fanart of these two.

They are cute to look at though. Akashi and Bokuto are another case of polar opposites attracting one another.

Akashi is the cool and collected guy, whereas Bokuto is this loud and obnoxious energy ball. What makes this pairing a lot more popular is the screen time they had.

We got to see more of their complex dynamic. I also think it’s because Akashi is so beautiful to look at. I’m a superficial girl, so I give bonuses to attractive people. You can’t shame me because I’m already shameless.

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2) Kenma & Kuroo

kenma and kuroo

If this list wasn’t based on popularity, then I would have Kenma and Kuroo as number one. I love the next pairing, but these two are what got me into Haikyuu!

There isn’t a single time that Kuroo did not look out for his childhood friend Kenma. He is aware of this paternal side of Kuroo, but you do see him appreciate his friend every now and then.

Also, don’t their character designs fit so well with each other?! They look lovable together.

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1) Hinata & Kageyama

hinata and kageyama

This one shouldn’t shock you. If it did, then you probably did not watch Haikyuu. This is one of my favorite ships in the series.

Their both so incredibly stupid individually, so their fights are down right suffocating for anyone with a functioning brain.

Hinata and Kageyama had a pretty bad first encounter, but poor guy Kageyama was being himself. Well, maybe that’s why Hinata hated Kageyama.

However, they are now rivals and we see their relationship smooth out as each chapter/episode progresses further into the plot.

Enemies to rivals to friends to whatever you may think. Cute!

Matching Pfps:








9) Kiyoko and everyone on the team of Karasuno High


Come on everyone. This may not be an actual pairing, but it should be. Every single team member in Karasuno’s volleyball team is head over heels for Kiyoko.

I mean I don’t blame them! She’s stunning! I just thought it would be fun to troll you all with this one. Don’t worry, I will get into some ships with her in this list.

I wanted to emphasize Karasuno’s obsession with her because it’s just so evident in Haikyuu! But! I don’t think Kageyama pay that much attention to her. He’s probably not capable of understanding emotions other than hunger and enjoyment from playing volleyball.


8) Kageyama and Yachi

Kageyama and yachi

Kageyama and Yachi isn’t a popular ship, but it is nice to see. Kageyama is this reserved guy with only one thing on his mind—volleyball. Yachi is a klutz who is clumsy. I don’t see them ever getting into a relationship.

But hey! I love random and unexpected couples. It gives off a more mysterious aura around the lovers. It’s kind of romantic in a sense.

Their fanarts are adorable too, so that’s a plus!


7) Kiyoko and Sugawara

Kiyoko and Sugawara

My man Sugawara is so into Kiyoko. Poor guy gets angry when he meets the guy who stole her heart. I won’t spoil who the lucky man is, but you will find out soon in this list!

I would also like to clarify that Sugawara isn’t a violent person. It’s only when he sees Kiyoko’s husband that he is ready to bear his teeth.

It’s alright Sugawara. There is plenty of fish in the sea. Probably not as gorgeous and enchanting as Kiyoko, but at least there is something swimming around.


6) Kuroo and Yachi

Kuroo and yachi

Kuroo is a troublemaker and Yachi would be the type of girl who tries to clean up his messes. They give off a mouse x cat vibe, which I find cute. I feel like I keep saying cute too many times, but there really isn’t another word that fits their dynamic better!

You know what, they are kind of like a good girl x bad boy couple. Oof. Now that is a trope I will never grow tired of.


5) Yamaguchi and Yachi

Yachi and Yamaguchi

This, I get. I 100% am on board with this couple. Can’t you just picture how awkward and sweet their first date would be?

I just know Yamaguchi would treat her like a Queen!! He has a kind soul, and she has a pure heart. They both are perceptive of other people’s feelings, so their communication would be top-notch.

Yamaguchi also is seen paying a lot more attention to Yachi in the series compared to the other Karasuno members.

Just once, can’t the nice guy get the girl?


4) Daishou and Yamaka

Daishou and Yamaka

These two were dating some time ago, but Yamaka felt like Daishou wasn’t paying enough attention to her. She broke up with him.

But you know what they say: If you love someone, let them go—but if it was meant to be, it’ll be.

Despite their breakup, you see them still having feelings for each other.

And guess what? They were meant to be.


3) Daichi and Yui

Yui and Daichi

These two are adorable. Daichi and Yui are semi-canon, but I don’t believe that. They are both captains of their respected volleyball teams, so they already had me on board with that one.

They are good friends, and it’s nostalgic to see Yui stammering and blushing whenever she is talking to Daichi. Bite the bullet and go for it girl!


2) Hinata and yachi

Hinata and Yachi

This is a popular pairing which is understandable because it follows the shounen logic of Male MC x Female MC.

It’s a lighthearted relationship that I found entertaining to watch. But I’m still rooting for my man Yamaguchi.


1) Tanaka and Kiyoko

Tanaka and Kiyoki

Sorry Sugawara, but Tanaka is Kiyoko’s husband! HAHA! Girl, we’ve known Tanaka had a thing for Kiyoko.

I am all for this married couple, and although we didn’t see a shoujo-like story blossom between the two, we did see them grow into their feelings in a more realistic manner.

Gosh, you better treat Kiyoko right, Tanaka!

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for taking the time to read this blog. We can’t wait to share with you even more content about anime.



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