11+ Haikyuu Characters’ Zodiac Signs (Find Yours!)

If you have a team, then you must know about how important every member’s contribution is! Similarly, Haikyuu is the anime that will make you feel bad for NOT having a team and if you have a team, it’ll make you work with more unity with your team. A team is indeed very essential for doing accurate work! Do find your zodiac sign and let us know in the comments. 
If you’re into sports anime you will like Haikyuu for sure! Now many of you must be curious about the Haikyuu character’s Zodiac Signs. So, let’s jump right into it! 
Here is a list of Haikyuu Character’s Zodiac Signs 

Table of Contents

Kiyoko Shimizu - January 6th

1. Kiyokoo Shimuzu

Birthday: January 6th
Sign: Capricorn

Like most Capricorn women, Kiyoko is indifferent and a very straightforward lady. In addition to her pretty looks, she’s passionate about her position in the volleyball team KARASUNO! 
Kiyoko has high-reaching goals and is purposeful. Even though she remains with all the guys’ team she is still very feminine and most of the team members are crushing on this beautiful lady. If you’re curious about this waifu in Haikyuu, check the series out! 

Hisashi Kinoshita - February 15th

2. Hisashi Konoshita

Birthday: February 15th
Sign: Aquarius 

An anxious but supportive member of the volleyball team, Hisashi Kinoshita is overly sensitive. Therefore, the smallest burden feels like a big sack of worries for them. And, I believe it is normal for Aquariuses to be sensitive. I mean all the people with this sign are sensitive around me. 
Hisashi is mostly confused about his abilities and doubts himself. Most Aquariuses focus on the negative things instead of the positive things and are known to be pessimistic.

Shoyo Hinata - March 20th

Birthday: March 20th
Sign: Pisces 

Despite being so short but dreaming high! Hinata believes he can fly and knock out the other team behind the net because of their synchronized teamwork! 
Passion is the definition of Hinata. His eyes burn with passion and he never gives up which makes him better every second. This is one of the most common traits seen in Pisces. They’re quite passionate. Therefore, nothing can stop this boy from flying.

Keishin Ukai - April 5th

Birthday: April 5th 
Sign: Aries

Moving on, we got Keishin Ukai who is a very hard-working coach. He does his best to improve the team and make the teamwork better. Not going to lie but most of the Aries want to keep the peace if you’re good with them. 
He’s a very lively guy in his 20’s and is very chill. Keishin Ukai won’t care about other teams and in fact, he will fascinate them with his coaching skills. 

Saeko Tanaka - May 5th

5. Saekoo Tanaka

Birthday: May 5th 
Sign: Taurus

People with the zodiac sign Taurus are rebels, loud, and very confident but, Saeko here became a rebel on her choice by hanging out with the bad kids. Though, she’s the sister of Ryunosuke Tanaka. 
Saeko just lives her life on thrills and that’s what makes her an interesting character. Oh yes! she’s on the right track. One should live every day as if it’s their last. Lastly, she’s a big waifu material do watch Haikyuu and find out more about her. 

Koshi Sugawara - June 13th

6. Koshi Sugawara

Birthday: June 13th
Sign: Capricorn

Sugawara is a guy who will melt your heart with his calm presence. He’s super friendly with every member of his team. If he were in a relationship, he would’ve been a SIMP. If you know what I mean. 
Anyway, Gemini is usually very friendly and passionate. They care deeply about their friends and make sure to be there for them. He’s such a nice guy though and gives those warm feelings when you look at him and listen to his voice in the series. 

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Tooru Oikawa - July 20th

Birthday: July 20th
Sign: Cancer

Tooru can cheer you up but also scold you very harshly if you make a mistake during the match. Although, he’s very intellectual but can’t swallow the fact of someone being better than him. 
We usually see that people with zodiac signs of cancer have huge pride in them and they want to be better than everyone. They have some positive traits including intellect, loyal, and protection. Too bad, you won’t get to see this guy in the series for much longer

Morisuke Yaku - August 8th

Birthday: August 8th
Sign: Leo

He’s that type of player who plays for his team more than for himself. Morisuke is a very light-hearted person who chills with his juniors and is quite honest. 

Since his personality resembles Sugawara he’s a very nice guy. Overall, he has good volleyball skills as well! Honestly, players like him succeed throughout the tournaments. 

Hitoka Yachi - September 4th

9. Hitoka

Birthday: September 4th 
Sign: Virgo 

Hitoka gets nervous easily and I understand why. Just imagine yourself being surrounded by tall volleyball players, wouldn’t that make you nervous as well? 
Just like that, Hitoka tries her best to cheer her team members up when they’re facing a rough patch and succeeds in doing so. Since Hinata is the smallest and least intimidating, she gets along very well with him. They both legit vibe with one another. 

Kenma Kozume - October 16th

10. Kenma Kozume

Birthday: October 16th
Sign: Libra

Do you know how there are people in this world who are quite selective in making friends? Kenma is one of them but he doesn’t exist *sad noises*. Anyway, since Libras tend to care a lot about how other people might think of them it becomes hard for them to approach someone. 
One interesting fact about Libras is that they appear chill when they’re stressed but internally they are shaking! Similarly, when you look at Kenma he appears chill. During their match with Karasuno, he saw Hinata flying and got so intimidated by his skills. 

Tetsuro Kuroo - November 17th

Birthday: November 17th
Sign: Scorpio 

Like most scorpions, Tetsuro Kuroo tends to get on the nerves of other people and pisses them off quite often. I guess most of you will be aware of the fact of how Scorpios get on your nerves. 
However, it’s to be noted that they mostly show their tough side. Nobody is aware of what goes inside their head. He might as well be a player, not the volleyball one, the other player. 

Keiji Akaashi - December 5th

12. Akaashi Teiji

Birthday: December 5th
Sign : Sagittarius 

As a king, Akaashi is calm and composed. He’s very honest when it comes to polishing the skills of other members and replies to them with blunt facts. 
Similarly, people with the zodiac sign Sagittarius remain calm and stoic even in stressful conditions which make them quite tough. 


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