7+ REALISTIC Godzilla Singular Point Quotes! [HQ Images]


One of the latest anime Godzilla SP is a show that revolves around dinosaurs and reptiles, as the name suggests. It’s super wild and I’m sure you’ll love it because of its unique storyline and concept! 

We don’t see shows with a rare plot very often, but here we have GODZILLA SP! The main character, Arikawa Yun is a very intellectual programmer and resembles Gintoki Sakata from Gintama! There’s a very wholesome female researcher Mei Kamino! 

We get to see the unity among these companions as they’re handed an unprecedented threat. 

Arikawa Yun Quotes

Arikawa Yun

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yellow point arrow

Kamino Mei Quotes

“Just because they’re theoretical lifeforms doesn’t mean you can just make up whatever you want. Everything has to have some logic”

“It’s about exploring the structure of the universe in order to truly understand the world. We must understand that which doesn’t exist within”

Kamino Mei quote 2

Satomi Kenora Quotes

“Screw the industrial robots. We need to hurry up and get ready for the next battle”

“When the sea is stained red, the Beast of End Times will emerge from the boundary”

Satomi Kenora quote

Gorou Ootaki Quotes

My body, forget of steel; My brains, flowing electrons. Stunning crying children into silence, and silent children into tears. Jett Jaguar takes the stage!.”

“This is the end of the line for you. I challenge you to a duel!”

“Hit the gas before we get sandwiched!”


These were some of the factual Godzilla Singular Point Quotes. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Share these quotes with some of your “not-so-wise” friends to make them wise! Stay tuned for updated quotes! 


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