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10. Commissioner Q

Comissioner Q God of High School Cosplay

Cosplayer: Jose Alvarez
Insta: Ultimate_nightmare_cosplay


Accuracy: 5
Presentation: 4
Effort: 10

Commissioner Q points: 21 

Even though body proportions do not matter, I will still give a 10 for his effort! Commissioner Q is also known as Judge Q he trained Daewi for the tournament, that is the type of person he is. 
Now, let’s talk about Jose’s cosplay. He is giving us the same vibes as judge Q and we all can agree to that. The only difference I observe is that our cosplayer has a beard while the character in the Anime has no beard. It would have been better if there was a particular background in his picture with some special effects to make it a bit more like the Judge Q from the series. I would still say that his effort is 10/10.

This makes me believe that cosplaying is an art and you do not need many resources you can just give the same vibes as the anime character you are cosplaying. So, do not worry and express yourselves with your love for Anime! 
Now, If you want to know more about this Commissioner Q watch God of Highschool and you guys won’t regret it!! 

9. Jin Mori

Jin More God of high school cosplay

Cosplayer: Lisa Cos
Insta: Lisacos_


Quality: 6
Accuracy: 6
Presentation: 5
Effort: 6

Jin Mori points:  23 

I am wondering how did this cosplayer manage to get those sparkle in her eyes like Jin Mori! 
Jin Mori is the main protagonist of G.O.H who cannot be defeated by humans because he is not one. Lisa did exceptionally well with the expressions and the costume and those sparkly eyes like Jin Mori, but It could have been better with less outline around her eyes and the presentation with some more sugar and spice.

As you can see the piece of cloth on Jin Mori’s head, is used as a sleeping mask!! Unbelievable! How come I did not think of that? Overall, the cosplay is not bad as she does look quite like Jin Mori despite being a girl.
For more details watch God of Highschool! 

8. Han Daewi

Cosplayer: Maggie 
Insta: wolfish.160


Quality: 5
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 6
Effort: 7

Han Daewi points: 26

After inheriting the Wisdom of the Sage, his eyes show the “Omega” sign which makes him look good, and it glows too! He was a part of the powerful duo named “Mad Cows”, is one of the main protagonists of “The God of Highschool”  that someone like Maggie was able to imitate very finely. Maggie was able to show the same seriousness as Daewi. I must say that his makeover, including the light brown skin, is perfect!

Although, he is not as muscular as the Han Daewi in the anime still the accuracy rate is quite high as his face also becomes sharper when he gets serious. I do believe that the cosplay could have been better if there were finishing touches and it was taken under the sky making it look more likely to the image of Han Daewi. However, cosplay is not that bad. He has put in the effort that only he knows. So, we can just appreciate him. Watch God of Highschool for more details about Daewi!

7. Park Mujin

Park Mujin God of high school cosplay

Twitter: Sukuna’s side dish


Quality: 7
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 7
Effort: 7

Park Mujin points: 29

His name used to be “Park Mubong” but he changed it to “Park Mujin” He is the organizer of G.O.H’s Tournament. Park Mujin is seen as a badass guy with a bad temper. With the exact Hawaiian shirt as Park Mujin, this woman has nailed the cosplay! Also, the criss-cross marks on her forehead look so cool!

Overall, the cosplay is nicely done including the accessories. The only thing that is missing is the presentation. If the background was silver-white as that of Park Mujin’s background then her cosplay would have been on no.1 in Top 10 God of High School Cosplays that look real! I am a woman yet I still got dibs on this lady for being able to cosplay Park Mujin so well!

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6. Park Ilpyo

Cosplayer: Misaki Mei
Insta: wizardess_miseria


Quality: 7
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 8
Effort: 7

Park Ilpyo points: 30

Okay, I must say that Misaki Mei did an amazing job with cosplaying Park Ilpyo. Now, if we talk about who Park Ilpyo is? Find out in the series, “God of Highschool.” He is the champion of the G.O.H tournament and is considered the top 3 strongest fighters in the country.

Park Ilpyo is a fox and he trained Jin Mori too for his betterment. And despite being a girl, she nailed this cosplay! Her makeover, those effects, and most of all the efforts she has put into slaying this cosplay are worth the appreciation since it is really hard to pull off characters of the opposite gender. Here this lady is looking good cosplaying perfectly! 

5. Baek Seungchul


More pictures: CSL.official


Quality: 10
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 7 
Effort: 9

Baek Seungchul points: 36

I am wowed right now by the effort this guy made to look like the guy from the Anime. Baek Seung Chul is one of the supporting G.O.H characters. He seems interesting as many Anime characters are found in cool-looking yet uncomfortable costumes. This guy is all easy and comfortable because he wears a tracksuit. I always wondered if those Anime costumes do not bother the characters during battling. I would prefer fighting in a tracksuit! Although, imagine a guy fighting a strong Crown Prince.

Overall, this cosplay is nicely done without flaws. Therefore, this is one of the best God of Highschool we have ever seen. Wanna know more about Baek Seungchul’s character? 

Watch God of Highschool for more details!

4. Oxen King

Oxen King

More pictures: CSL.official


Quality: 10
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 7
Effort: 9 

Oxen king points: 36 

Oxen is the power of Baek Seungchul, which enabled him to fight the Second Crown Prince. Just look at this cosplay! I must say she pulled it off real smooth. The costume, the makeover, the pose, and everything looks great.

In addition to that, she is beautiful and most of you must have fallen in love with her charismatic appearance. She has put a lot of effort into cosplaying. This makes her one of the best cosplayers of God of Highschool. For more details check out the Anime “God of Highschool”

3. Yu Mira

Mira God of High School Cosplay

Insta: sweetteacat


Quality: 9
Accuracy: 9 
Presentation: 9
Effort: 9 

Yu Mira points: 36

Yu Mira is a girl protagonist of God of Highschool. Out of all her family members, she is a young woman with a nice body! She is also a lovely character in the series. As you can see from the above picture, those sweet and blossoming vibes! The cosplayer Sweetteacat looks just like Yu Mira that’s right, this is the power of makeover and beautiful effects. We can see her efforts clearly that she has done a good job with making this cosplay look very legit!

Also, her work with the background is what got her in Top 3 of God of Highschool cosplays which look real. When I first looked at her I was like “Oh! Is she real or is she in the series?” One could easily get confused about the Anime and reality after watching her. Good for Yu Mira’s fan community they have found her in real life, good luck fellows!

2. Park Ilpyo and Jin Mori

Mori and Ilpyo god of high school cosplay

More pictures: Deviantart


Quality: 10
Accuracy: 8
Presentation: 9
Effort: 10

Park Ilpyo and Jin Mori points: 37 

This scene is portrayed very well by these cosplayers just as how it was in God of Highschool! They rocked it! In this scene, Park Ilpyo was training Jin Mori without him knowing. Even though they started off as rivals but as time passed like, they become nakamas.

Jin Mori’s grandfather trained Ilpyo and asked for a favor from Ilpyo, which was to train Jin Mori and that is why he trained Jin Mori. In this way, they both started fighting and now this scene is a pleasure to my eyes and yours! Do you agree? Do let me know in the comments. This was a pretty epic scene, if you want to watch more scenes like this check out the Anime God of Highschool! 

jin mori chibi maskk

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1. Jin Mori's Female Version

Jin Mori Female 1

Cosplayer: Eki 
Facebook: Eki Cosplay


Quality: 10
Accuracy: 10 
Presentation: 10
Effort: 10

Jin Mori Points: 40

If Jin Mori was a girl, she would have been super gorgeous! For instance, take a look at the picture! She is perfect in every aspect, and for perfect quality, accuracy, presentation, and effort she gets a perfect score! Her name is given above check this lit cosplayer out! I know you all like to see your favorite characters being cosplayed by her. She is so good with cosplaying though. Therefore, Eki’s cosplay is at the top of the Top 10 God of High School Cosplays that look real. Find out more about Jin Mori in the Anime “God of Highschool”


Now after making a long list, we have got to know who’s cosplaying skills were sharp and on point, who made an effort to become the most like their favorite characters. Therefore, these cosplays caught my eyes the most and are my favorite.

Do let me know your favorite God of Highschool cosplays in the comment down! Or, if you are a cosplayer yourself and haven’t cosplayed G.O.H’s characters, try doing it! 

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