7+ Powerful Genos Quotes – One Punch Man (HQ Images)

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One punch man’s favourite Cyborg. This anime is filled crazy fights, and an over powered superhero called Saitama. His side-kick, student, disciple, is GENOS. Genos gets encouragement from Saitama’s strength, and is always amazed at how Saitama is so powerful. Genos himself is very intelligent, and in fact handsome as well. But he’s more of a lone samurai (pun on lone wolf). Genos has got a sad past. Hence, why his integrity is so solid.

Best Of Powerful Genos Quotes

Genos (ジェノス, Jenosu)

Motivational & Inspiring
Genos Quotes

1. Wow, this is actually such a profound line. I truly believe this is very true. It reminds me that if there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm. Or the fact that we need to train the mental inside ourselves as much as we train our physical or exterior.

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-even the most powerful weapon would be meaningless if its wielder is weak

2. It’s true if we’re afraid of facing bigger and better people, then we’re taking away the chance from ourselves to improve, and get better.

(Season 2, episode 6)

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-i will not grow if i cannot face superior opponents

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3. Just straight conviction, and determination to do whatever is required from within you. Nothing excites me more than that. What about you guys?

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-no matter what whatever it takes

Powerful Genos Quotes

1. The reason this is a good quote is not because it has deep metaphorical meaning. But it’s a great quote because it shows Genos’ passion towards his opponent. It shows his level of conviction that he thinks with, speaks with and trains with.

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-ill eliminate you

2. “At this rate… I’m unworthy.”

Genos says this to himself when he isn’t able to defeat the Dragon level threat Centichoro

(Season 2, Episode 12, 14:55)

Towards Saitama
Genos Quotes

1. This one was said to said Saitama, “If this is the path you choose to walk… I will not interfere. But if you turn the people against you… Will you be able to function as a hero” He then preceded to say, “This worries me. But if you ever get in a tight spot… I will be there.” It shows how much he values Saitama, and that he’ll always have his back, that’s why I thought this was a great quote in my opinon.

One Punch Man Quotes. Genos Quotes. 'But if you ever get in a tight spot, I will be there.'

2. This is just quote towards Saitama in all honestly.

About Saitama, (Season 2, Episode 2)

genos-quotes-one-punch-man-quotes-master doesnt team up with anyone nor does he compare himself to anyone-he attracts strong people

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