11+ Powerful Gajeel Quotes (HQ Images + Wallpaper)

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-protecting the girl i fell for is all that matters now

Inspiring Gajeel Quotes

  1. Honestly, Gajeel has come around so well. He has changed drastically. Probably one of the most in the show. This quote is a true representation of how much he’s changed.
gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-im a fairy tail wizard now-even if you beat me up now my heart wont break

2. This is actual true self-acknowledgement and true self-awareness. Knowing he has a dark side, and using it towards people who need to feel the fear.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-You never looked up to me. I know better than anyone else that I'm not the type to be admired. You feared me. Let me help you remember...that fear

3. A true show of power. That’s one of the reasons we all love Fairy Tail.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-you need to let everyone know-I can take care of these guys easily by myself

4. I love how these two are always fighting. Lol. They are always fighting but I believe it’s to show a mutual understanding and acknowledgement of each other’s skills.

To Natsu

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-there aint room for two dragons in the sky

6. My favorite part about Gajeel, is that he’s gotten gentler over time in the series. But the fact that no matter what at the bottom of his heart, he’s still a straight savage.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-ill remind you of that one more time how terrifying I am

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Sensitive & Love
Gajeel Quotes To Levy

  1. This is where Gajeel finally started revealing his sensitive side. When he was close to dying while fighting Bloodman
gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-you taught me what it means to love and for that i will be eternally grateful

2. Also during the fight to death with Bloodman

(Season 3, Episode 303)

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-protecting the girl i fell for is all that matters now

3. I love that everything he says, even a compliment is backhanded.

To Levy, when Gajeel saves Levy right at the last moment.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-its hard looking for someone so small.. so dont leave my side

4. By far the most heart-warming moment by Gajeel.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-having a future with you snatches away is defeinitely the most terrifying thing

5. Isn’t this the exciting, and the most hardest thing about life. I believe the hardest thing to do is find the right middle. But it is also my favorite thing to do.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-care too little you lose them-care too much you get hurt

6. A love quote by gajeel wow, definitely had to write this one here for us.

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-its not a sin to fall in love you cant even arrest someone over that

Funny Gajeel Quotes

  1. LOLLL funniest moment ever.

About Pantherlilly, In Edolas

gajeel-quotes-redfox-quotes-fairy-tail-quotes-Keeheehe. I like him. I'm going to make him my cat

Funny Gajeel Moment

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