91+ FUNNY Haikyuu Memes That Will Cheer You Up In No Time!

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Are you guys getting bored at home during the holidays? If you’re going through a rough patch right now and you’re an Otaku, we have an awesome solution for you! In this blog, you will get to see some funny Haikyuu memes that will brighten your day and warm up your night.

Even though we think that Haikyuu is all about sports and is boring trust me that’s not true! It will make you learn a lot of things. For instance, unity, friendship, and breaking through your limits! So, I suggest you all watch Haikyu during these holidays.

Here is a list of 91+ FUNNY Haikyuu Memes

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Table of Contents

92. Akaashi Keiji

meme 92

Akaashi is seen as calm and composed most of the time in Haikyuu. Whereas, in the above meme, we can see a calm Akaashi and a panicked Akaashi. Which one is your type? Do let us know in the comments below!

He’s the type of guy who calls people out for the foolish things they do, especially his team member Bokuto with whom he is close.

91. That moment when you want to unsee things

meme 91

This happens when you accidentally see the spoiler of your favorite Anime. So, you pretend you saw nothing and move on with your life happily.

90. Kageyama but Orange (Hinata)

meme 90

I legit thought this was Hinata at first, but as I took a closer look, It’s just Kageyama with Hinata’s hair!

89. Kageyama in different fonts

meme 89

Kageyama in different fonts makes this meme one of the Funny Haikyuu memes as you notice that all guys are different in the image! Just look at this collage I see no difference. These four guys give the same bad-boy vibes.

88. Just Tsukishima things

meme 89

This is Tsukishima’s starter pack. He’s known well for his bad temper and being salty and is seen wearing headphones most of the time.

Despite being arrogant, he still feels inferior to every other player. Anyway, this was Tsukishima’s starter pack. 

87. Kageyama attacks!

meme 87

Kageyama may appear very loving to Hinata, but he’s seen beating him too! He may not show it but he adores Hinata. Just because of Hinata doing dumb things, he loses his temper.

86. When someone speaks the name of your favorite Anime

meme 86

Do you also get super hyper when someone asks you about your favorite Anime? Or have you ever witnessed yourself in a situation where someone speaks the name of your favorite Anime?Do let us know in the comments below! 

It’s like, you want to approach them and let them know that you like that Anime too!

85. Just Hinata things

Hinata and Kenma got along very well in the series. It’s almost like I want to ship them! Whereas, look at Hinata with kuroo as if he’s not Hinata anymore.

84. Karasuno!

This is so sweet! I haven’t seen anything so touching as this picture! They all look so good together as if they were meant to be together. And, sure Karasuno is going to do a lot well in the future matches!

83. Daddy Bokuto

OH MY GOD! Just look at Sugawara running after Bokuto to take back Hinata. Meanwhile, there are many things Bokuto taught him. This Monsters Inc. reference makes this meme one of the funny Haikyuu memes. 

82. Impressed Kageyama

meme 82

Okay, so this image portrays Kageyama’s impressed expression as Hinata goes for a quick strike. Each and every time, this moment has been a proud moment for both of them.

81. Matching Icons

Save these images of Kageyama and Hinata and set them as your partner’s icon! Oh, only if you’re not single. That’s not necessary though you can set this icon for your best friend, siblings, or anyone.

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80. That painful moment

How many of you experienced this feeling while watching Haikyuu? I felt this pain whenever Hinata got beaten up or fell badly during a match.

79. Wholesome Image

meme 79

I can hear this image! Can you? This was the most wholesome moment in Haikyuu. Look at these three goofs, they look so kawaii.

78. Come to Shiratorizawa

meme 78

Here’s a team member of Shiratorizawa Academy asking Sasuke to join Shiratorizawa. I shall not move into further details since it contains spoilers too!

77. Exposed!

The deep dark secret behind Bokuto’s Kneepads is these Neko Neko stockings. Can you guys believe something like this from Bokuto? That’s the reason why he wore kneepads. This is unexpected. 

76. Boku X Tendou

This uncanny resemblance makes this one of the funny Haikyuu memes. Is it just me that these two look alike? What’re your thoughts on this?

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75. Hinata's demon

meme 75

If you have watched Haikyuu you must be aware of the fact that Hinata is short in height and everyone makes fun of him. Whereas, he still believes in himself and takes risks to reach the top!

74. Awkward misunderstanding

meme 74

So here’s the thing, when you make your friends watch some anime they come up with even funnier conclusions as explained in the meme above.

73. Same Vibes

meme 73

These four characters from different Anime give the same vibes! I mean, just look at them. Don’t you think they have the same characteristics?

72. Dingo Bird X Bokuto

meme 72

Can you spot the difference? If you look at it for more than 2 seconds you will burst into laughter! Just look at both of them, I see no difference.

71. Buffy Iwaizumis

meme 71

This is now unfair! We wanted to see those muscles work in a match in the Anime! I do not understand why did they not let us see buffy Iwaizumis?

70. Fangirling every single team

meme 70

Don’t blame me! I mean, every single team had something worthy to stan them! And I’m sure most Haikyuu fans can relate to this meme.

69. Me X Bad decisions

meme 69

Ever happened that every decision you took was a bad one? It’s like bad things are happening to you on a streak? Don’t worry! You still have time to overcome hard things so take your time.

68. Proud Moment

meme 68

Of course, when the team does well the coach gets happy! Therefore, that’s the face their coach makes when Kageyama and Hinata do Quick sets. Now that I notice, he literally looks like Patrick. 

67. Akaashi X Bokuto (face swap)

meme 67

I think this swap might be a good idea for Bokuto. No doubt, he looks really good! Meanwhile, Akaashi looks kind of funny.

66. Me and my friends

meme 66

Now I feel bad about not going out during the quarantine. If we take a look at this situation as mature people it’s good that I didn’t go out. Covid-19 is real. Therefore, take as many precautions as possible.

65. Perfectionists be like

meme 65

Are you a perfectionist? Is being a perfectionist a good thing or a bad thing? I’d say it’s neither of them and varies in a different situation.

Ever happened that your friend mispronounced a word and your inner perfectionist kicks you to beat your friend?

64. Kageyama, a perfection

 No matter in which position Kageyama is he looks good no matter what! And that’s the reason most of the Haikyuu fans can die for him.

63. Why do you breathe?

meme 63

Do you hate when someone asks you why do you watch Anime? It’s like asking someone if he breathes or not! it is such a hilarious situation.

62. Human Tangerine

meme 62

Do you also think that Hinata is a human tangerine? Let me give you a piece of evidence!  Hinata tangerine

61. The truth behind intense Kageyama

meme 61

I, too, at first thought he’s such a scary guy but as the anime proceeds it turns out he’s actually very warm-hearted and has childish habits.

60. The wide mouth of Akaashi

meme 60

Man, thousands of apples could fit into that wide mouth! Don’t you agree? If you’re having a bad day open your mouth wide and scream until you feel well! Helps 10/10.

59. Karasuno Vs Oikawa

meme 59

It was such a fun match to witness! Karasuno went all hardcore against Oikawa and honestly! This meme is so funny with Sponge Bob’s reference.

58. Tskookies

meme 58

You know what! I can eat those cookies because why not? This meme is also one of the funny Haikyuu memes that will make you crave milk and cookies!

57. When the bag gets stuck in the vending machine

meme 57

So we know that two members in Karasuno are a little bit more determined than others. Therefore, these two members at the end will do everything they can to get the bag out of the vending machine.

56. The weird tag

meme 56

I have never found something as bizarre as this tag! Do you agree? Barack Obama? Are you serious!

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55. Chaotic Sugawara

meme 55

I haven’t seen this side of Sugawara yet but he still seems chaotic! Can you believe your eyes?

54. The King

meme 54

Kageyama gets so triggered every time he sees the word “King”. He has a past related to that word. Therefore, I shall not spoil it for you guys. 

53. The kicks in Haikyuu

meme 53

Of course, our athletic packages can kick one another very often! And every time they do I crack up hard. Is it like that for you too?

52. Face Swaps

meme 52

It’s one of those cursed images that I once wrote about! Close your eyes if you don’t want to let your brain pain this image in your brain and then you’ll remember it during serious moments.

51. Follow your Liberos

Every single team in Haikyuu is scared of their Liberos. I think that is very adorable and their expressions are priceless!

50. Don't touch Hinata

meme 50

This squad will never forgive someone who tries to hurt Hinata. I think we need such a squad too for ourselves in our lives.

49. Nishinoya's Uniform

meme 49

Nishinoya’s uniform hits different! He’s a libero therefore, he has to be in the spotlight and different than other team members.

48. Sugaside

meme 48

No one:
Sugawara: we have 10 kids
Pretty adorable of him to assume that.

47. My Sunshine

meme 47

These two need to be protected at all costs throughout the series! I mean, Haikyuu is good anime but without these two it’ll turn dark. 

46. Sushijima

meme 46

His actual name is Ushijima isn’t it hilarious how they placed him on the top of Sushi and made his name Sushijima. Therefore, this has to be in the top 50 of funny Haikyuu memes.

45. Vice Principal's Wig

meme 45

You all remember that moment when Hinata threw volleyball randomly and because of that, the wig of Vice-Principal went flying through the roof of the gymnasium? It was one of the legendary Haikyuu moments I cannot forget.

44. Daichi's tooth

Our badass wing spiker Daichi broke his tooth with no problems! This is also one of the legendary and Funny moments in Haikyuu.

43. First impression of Hinata's Quick Reflex Attack

meme 43

Hinata left everyone speechless and stunned by doing his Quickstrike. Therefore, their expressions are priceless!

42. Haikyuu characters but with a beard

meme 42

Have you all been curious that how would Haikyuu characters look with a beard? Here’s the answer! In my opinion, they won’t look bad but tell us your opinions in the comment below!

41. A Beautiful Setter

meme 41

Do you think that Akaashi is such a beautiful setter? Good in looks, good in being a setter, and is calm. What are your opinions on Akaashi being a skilled setter?

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40. The Pouting Squad

meme 40

Here are some of the four precious Haikyuu characters who appear very mean and rude but as they pout they look so kawaii and turn into different people!

39. Development of Ogasawara

meme 39

Okay, that’s actually not Ogasawara. He was a minor character in the series and just because he resembles Toru they made this meme. 

38. Hinata tries to talk while eating

funny Haikyuu memes 38

It’s funny how we can hear this image! Can you hear him talking too? I remember him saying some words only an Alien would understand.

37. Life has got me like

Funny Haikyuu memes 37

This is how life’s been hitting us all in 2020. This year is about to end so, do not lose hope! Leave all the negativity behind and start new!

36. Kageyama choking

meme 36

Do you all remember that moment when Kageyama almost choked to death but Hinata was too busy enjoying eating?

35. Thirsty?

You all should really use this meme whenever someone mentions being thirsty. It’ll be fun!

34. Same Vibes

funny Haikyuu memes 34

Kenma and Kunimi give out the same vibes! I mean just look at the above meme!

33. Let's go Dateko!

funny Haikyuu memes 33

Remember Karasuno’s match with Dateko? That’s all I could hear during the match! It has grown on me now.

32. How you like that?

Real legends melt at this point. This is one of the sweetest scenes in Haikyuu. Although, they wanted to show us something else our crooked brain works that way.

31. Yaku, a proud mom

funny Haikyuu memes 31

Kenma and Hinata got along very well! Whereas, Yaku is having a proud mom moment. This will always remain one of Funny Haikyuu memes.

30. Don't talk to me!

Funny Haikyuu memes 30

That moment when you are vibing to your favorite song and someone disturbs you. I hate it! Why even bother talking to me when I’m vibing?

29. The Naruto Run

funny Haikyuu memes 29

Ever got caught doing the Naruto run in public? Yes, it’s an embarrassing moment! but I can relate to this meme.

28. Haikyuu season 4!

funny Haikyuu memes 28

Me to my friend at the starting of 2020. Only the good thing that happened in 2020 was the release of Haikyuu’s season 4.

27. Rolling Thunder!

funny Haikyuu memes 27

No one:
Literally no one:
Not even a soul:
Nishinoya: Rolling Thunder!

26. Kenma X Stray Kids

meme 26

I see no difference in these two pictures! This member of stray kids known as Hyunjin looks a lot like Kenma. Soon, we’ll compile a list of k-pop artists that resemble Anime characters. Look forward to that.

25. Our Pretty Setters

funny Haikyuu memes 25

Now, that’s a fact that all the setters in Haikyuu are so good looking! Don’t you agree?

24. Who's a baby?

Funny Haikyuu memes 24

Our king Kageyama is secretly a baby! Did you guys know that? he has childish and ambitious behavior. 

23. I'm Ugly

meme 23

*cries in a corner* This art style really does make you feel ugly. Why Haikyuu characters have to be so good looking?

22. It's never too late to do something productive

Funny Haikyuu memes 22

Don’t you guys agree? The moment is now! Grab your work or homework or whatever it is. You can do it.


funny Haikyuu memes 21

I wonder if his arm is alright because just look at that! Was Toru a gymnast? 

20. Cursed Haikyuu image

meme 20

Okay, this is surely a cursed Haikyuu image.

19. Legendary Trio

Same vibes, different characters. If I could I would write fan fiction on these three characters.

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18. 2020 X My Plans

meme 18

So, here’s the thing. 2020 did everything it could to cancel my plans in every way. Did the same thing happen to you? 

17. When your best friend curses himself

meme 17

Don’t you hate it when your best friend is perfection and curses himself? It pisses me off though!

16. Tsukki is playing with someone else

meme 16

I think I’ll feel the same if someone else is playing with someone I am close to. How would you feel? Let us know in the comments below!

15. 1080 is the best quality

meme 15

Yes, 1080 is the best quality! Good going Kenma.

14. Time is just an illusion

meme 14

Time is just an illusion therefore, there is no specific timing to sleep. Just sleep anytime anywhere!

13. Kenma's Owner

meme 13

Kenma does give the vibes of a cat! And, his team member always looking out for him is his owner. That’s pretty cute.

12. Tobio Kageyama

meme 12

Tobio Kageyama is a different one. Just look at the soft expressions of everyone meanwhile, Kageyama looks scary.

11. Clueless

meme 11

Ever been so clueless that you knew you had an exam just before one day of exams?

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10. Just Haikyuu things

We all are familiar with Haikyuu characters’ personalities. Therefore, Kageyama might appear as a strong fellow but he is a sensitive one.

9. All the things that happened in 2020

2020 is soon going to end so enjoy this meme while you can.

8. Opps!

meme 8

Do you also suspect that they’re not grabbing his shoulders? This is one of the funniest Haikyuu memes! I’m laughing so hard at this.

7. Asahi's light mode Asahi's dark mode

meme 7

This is so hilarious! Asahi can be your angel or your satan. Therefore, get yourself a man who can do both.

6. That hurts

A sad fact that we all have to accept. These both are not going to be in the Anime and Manga again. 

5. Expectation Vs Reality

meme 5

Kageyama is such a cutie. He loves his team more than anything unlike the vibe he gives!

4. Hinata Boke

meme 4

Kageyama is tsundere therefore he acts cold and harsh but internally, he’s got that loving side too!


meme 3

Even though Hinata is small but he can jump very high! Everyone was surprised after seeing his potential!

2. Kageyama studies?

meme 2

You heard that right Kageyama studies! And when he does results are remarkable. Be like Kageyama.

1. Kuroo is such a sweetheart

meme 1

Kuroo is such a sweetheart who made Kenma eat food by snatching his video game. And, I think this meme should be on top of Funny Haikyuu Memes.


Did you smile and laugh? Because this was the goal! If you smiled that’s great! And, I hope you had fun reading this blog and watching the memes. Tell us your favorite Haikyuu moments in the comments below!


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