12 Fullmetal Alchemist Zodiac Signs (Find Yours!) with IMAGES!

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How’s it going, everybody? Now we are back to something even epic and memorable to many anime fans. We’re pretty sure you know the Fullmetal Alchemist franchise. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of the original non-manga canon anime, the manga itself, or Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. The entire franchise, in our opinion, was ahead of its time. It is filled with action, power, determination, family, and hope.

At present, the franchise is still considered a huge fan favorite that is still being talked about everywhere, from anime websites to podcasts. It goes to show how a great icon this series is to the hearts of many.

Generally, Fullmetal Alchemist is centered on the life and adventures of two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who went on a journey to get the Philosopher’s Stone after a failed alchemy to revive their mother. Along the way, both of them meet a different set of characters who either help them, guide them, or even become their foes.

So right now, we are going to dive into these selected characters and find out about them through their birthdays, zodiacs, and personalities.

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Fullmetal Alchemist Birthdays

Fullmetal Alchemist is unique from the others out there is this: the series does not have “official” birthdays. The creator of the manga, Hiromu Arakawa did not actually list down the official birthdays of the characters. As for a reason, well… there’s no explanation as to why this is so. There have been various dates being published by anime archive sites, and these dates have been stuck with fans ever since.

Regardless if these are accurate or not, going through the personalities and zodiacs with these dates could be interesting. So, let’s get to it!

Aries (March 21 ~ April 20)

Roy Mustang

Full Metal Zodiac Signs - Roy Mustang

Birthday: March 25 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Aries

Roy Mustang is one of the state alchemists for Amestris’ State Military and is a passionate leader who dreams of becoming the next Fuhrer. On the surface, he looks cold, strict, and notable to be a shameless flirt. However, like his sign Aries, he is a confident leader and passionate in what he does.

He is, without a doubt, one of the memorable characters in the series as he always makes sure that his subordinates and friends are safe and out of harm’s way. He cares a lot for the people who have supported and trusted him along the way. He is also a popular example of “Never judge a book by its cover.” He may look selfish and heartless, but behind that fancy uniform is a person who is willing to sacrifice himself for people he cares about the most.

Alphonse Elric

Death Note Zodiacs - Alphonse Elric

Birthday: April 19 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Aries

If there is one loyal character in anime that stands out, one of them on the list is Alphonse Elric. Appearance-wise, Alphonse is notable in the series as his soul is trapped in a big metal armor. Like Roy, his birthday falls under the zodiac sign, Aries.

Alphonse is very loyal and cares a lot for his brother Ed. He is even willing to be on the frontlines in a fight just to help him and protect him that stands in their way.

Alphonse has a passionate heart for people, so he is probably that reliable best friend or brother you would ever have. Also, he loves cats… and cats love him!

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Taurus (April 21 ~ May 20)

Ling Yao

Death Note Zodiacs - Ling Yao

Birthday: May 20 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Taurus

Ling Yao, when introduced in the series, was 15 years old. Due to how tall he is, people would assume that he’s in his early to mid-20s. Characters under the Taurus sign are usually stable and very conservative. They rather are by themselves most of the time surrounded in peaceful areas.

Ling Yao is seen as silly and is a very lighthearted person. The latter sort matches the Taurus’ desire for peace.

However, Ling Yao’s ambition is to find the secret of immortality and become the Xingese Emperor matches the never-give-up attitude of the Taurus as well. Their anger and pride may get the best of him, but Ling Yao knows how to keep his feet on the ground even in the tightest situations.

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)

Winry Rockbell

Full Metal Zodiac Signs - Gemini - Winry Rockbell

Birthday:June 9 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Gemini

Those who fall under the Gemini sign are notable for their creative and playful in nature. They are definitely the right people to have when it comes to teamwork. In this case, Winry matches with her zodiac pretty well. If there is one person who knows Edward and Alphonse too well, it’s definitely her.

Her strong-willed determination actually matches well with Edward Elric (making them one of the best couples in anime!) She is also very kindhearted and empathetic. For the record, she one of the best-supporting characters ever in the world of anime.

She can repair machines well. Heck, she can even fix Ed’s automail without a sweat. She is one of the badass women in the series who appreciates engines and machines. She will always have you back through thick and thin.

Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

No Signs For This Yet

Leo (July 23 ~ August 22)

No Signs For This Yet

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)

Fuhrer King Bradley

Full Metal Zodiac Signs- Fuhrer King Bradley

Birthday: August 25 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Virgo

Virgos are practical individuals who are very loyal and sensible. It’s goes to their point that their loyalty can possibly be turned into an obsession if not controlled. This is the case with King Bradley. He is one of the key antagonists in the series as he is actually the final homunculus created by Father known as Wrath.

Seeing King Bradley in the series makes you feel like he has two selves. On the other side, one side is a caring gentleman, while on the other side, it’s heartlessness and evil. It’s evident that he is loyal to Father hence helping him in becoming the ultimate being. 

Alex Louis Armstrong

Full Metal Zodiac Signs - Alex Louis Armstrong

Birthday: September 9 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Virgo

Now here’s another loyal fellow in the State Military that has all the muscle and bravery. Alex Louis Armstrong is one caring and reliable ally to both Roy and Edward. His physique may be intimidating to some, but he is a very soft-hearted and caring person on the inside.

Like Roy and Ed, he never backs down in protecting the people he cares about and he will always be there no matter what. Virgos are known to be very respectful to their superiors, which Alex Louis Armstrong is also notable for.

Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

Riza Hawkeye

Full Metal Zodiac Signs- Riza Hawkeye

Birthday: October 2
Sign: Libra

Just who wouldn’t notice Riza Hawkeye? If there’s going to be a showdown between Winry and Riza, it’s tough to choose who is the best between them as they are two of the best women characters in the series.

Various sources cite Riza Hawkeye’s birthday to be on October 2, which is under Libra. This actually matches her really well. Besides being part of the State Military, she is usually seen together with Roy Mustang as his right-hand person.

The two of them together are perfect during fights. In fact, they seem to have good chemistry with each other as a couple. Although they don’t get along at times, their huge respect and understanding for each other are the things that I admire when it comes to these two.

Based on zodiac compatibility, there is a chance for an Aries and a Libra to work out with a good relationship, although there are some hurdles and challenges along the way.

In the case if the Roy and Riza ship is canon, unfortunately it wasn’t really mentioned in the series if they really ended up together. So far in the series, it’s only Ed and Winry that got together. It was also hinted that Alphonse and Mei Chang were a thing at the end of the series.

Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 22)

No signs for this yet

Sagittarius (November 23 ~ December 21)

No signs for this yet

Capricorn (December 22 ~ January 19)

No signs for this yet

Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 19)

Edward Elric

Full Metal Zodiac Signs- Edward Elric

Birthday: Feb 3 (Fictional Headcanon)
Sign: Aquarius

Various anime websites record Edward Elric’s birthday to fall on February 3, which is under the zodiac sign Aquarius. As a zodiac under the air element, those born under it are intelligent, charismatic, thoughtful, and are expert communicators.

We are fully convinced that this fits Ed quite well. Although faced with chaos and fights along the way, he keeps his cool and quickly thinks of the best solutions in any situation that he faces.

He may be stubborn at times and hot-headed, but he has a big caring heart, especially for the people that mattered to him, like Alphonse and Winry. He may be a shortie (like literally), but we can all agree that he is one of the best Alchemists in the whole series!

Pisces (February 20 ~ March 20)

No signs for this yet


Without a doubt, Full Metal Alchemist is one fantastic series to really read and watch out for. Every episode will move you and you crave for more. If you feel like giving this series a chance very soon, we recommend that you read the manga, watch the 2009 anime reboot, and the live-action film. Enjoy!

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