31+ FUNNIEST Fruits Basket Memes For The True Fans!


Fruits Basket has been a popular show worldwide because of the way its story is portrayed. This anime made me fall in love with it instantly! The animation, sound effects, and storyline are just amazing! 

If you’ve been looking for a pleasant casual anime to binge-watch, Fruits Basket is a good pick. The story is interesting enough to keep the viewers engaged with it. The best thing about Fruits Basket is that we get to know the story of each character. And this lets us know why a certain character acts the way they do. 

Even though the series is quite depressive at times but the meme makers out there succeeded in adding a little sparkle of humor in it. So, we’re going to show you some of the DARKEST Fruits Basket Memes! 
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Table of Contents

32. Your crush X You

Meme 32

That unbelievable moment when your crush starts talking to you! We do know that one-sided crushing hurts like hell but we do it anyway. I believe that we all can relate to Momiji Sohma when our crush starts talking to us. Just imagine your crush talking to you, yes right! You can only imagine. Just kidding! Hand in there, there will be a time that you won’t even have to try hard to seek their attention. 

31. The actual Fruits Basket

When your mom asks you to hand her the “Fruits Basket“. Oh well, if you’re not a fruits basket fan then this basket must appear in your brain. However, if you’re a huge fan of it then I must appreciate your legendary imagination! YES! we’re different than ordinary people who haven’t even watched Fruits Basket! Who can relate to this meme? Do let us know in the comments down below. 

30. The generous characters in Fruits Basket

Meme 30

Yes! That’s right, Ritsu, Tohru, and Saki will die for you first! These are some of the most generous characters in the series. Although Saki seems a bit moody and scary and when it comes to the sacrifices, she’ll surely sacrifice! Then we have some nice characters like Momoji who would try their best to save you from any danger!

29. Kyo being spicy in every scene

Meme 29

Now we have Kyo being the hottest character of all time! No matter what he does, he remains spicy! Isn’t that right? How many Kyo fans are out there? To be honest, Kyo made me fall in love with him in the very second episode, I still remember it! 

28. When fans thought Fruits Basket won't be coming back

Meme 28

Firstly, we didn’t expect Fruits Basket to come back with another season but always wished for it to release the second season. And guess what? It came back with another dope season and storyline! I’m sure that most of you already know! We are living in a global village after all, right?

27. Just Shigure Sohma things

Meme 27

Shigure Sohma is an anti-villain throughout the season and he has done nothing wrong but still gets hated by many of Fruits Basket anime fans out there. I don’t know why but I don’t see anything SUS in him. If you feel like this good guy has done something wrong, I’d recommend you to watch season two! We all love Shigure Sohma no matter what! 

26. He looks Kawai in that dress

Meme 26

As for the characters in Fruits Basket, the guys are too Pretty to be called guys! I mean, that’s unfair! why did they have to add beautiful soft boys in the series that gain more attraction as compared to the girls in the series? Look at how kawaii Ayame Sohma looks in that dress. You can’t deny it! 

25. Tohru Honda being a role model

Meme 25

We all are aware of the fact that Tohru Honda is such a dedicated and persistent girl. She doesn’t give up on things easily and makes sure to give it her all! So, we should learn persistence from her! And if you’re looking at this meme you already get +3 points of unlimited Stamina which you obviously stole from this poor girl! 

24. My brain is giving up

See! I told you guys above that Fruits Basket characters are on a whole different level than ordinary characters. I mean, yeah we do have some anime having the concept of women and men similar to Fruits Basket but look at how beautiful the men are in the series! And I remember how my brain gave up back in the days when I watched this series and considered some characters as a girl. 

23. No one:
Kyo: Let me in!

Meme 23

We know how Kyo isn’t a part of the zodiacs so when he wanted to enter the annual banquet he couldn’t do so. Not being able to be where everyone is kind of dark and hits different. Isn’t that right?

22. Kyo is a Neko!

Meme 22

If you’re a huge fan of cats and have a slight crush on Kyo. I swear you wouldn’t be able to find yourself a perfect man like that in real life! Hey girls! Ask your mom to bring you a cat named, Kyo! That’s right. You wouldn’t get bored and will have such a reliable cat at home! Though, there could be a problem, since Kyo doesn’t like himself in the cat form!

21. Me spilling nonsense about a certain anime I started

Meme 21

That’s literally me when I find some good anime! You know how hyped up a person gets when talking about their favorite anime, so it’s like that! But when someone calls it “Nonsense” or doesn’t appreciate or vibe with you at that moment, you have to punch them! 

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20. When a Kawai girl goes like:

Meme 20

Okay, I don’t mean to be lewd but oh woman! There are many ways to pay for things! For Tohru, she has to pay for the cuteness she holds!

19. Perfect color scheme, literally

Meme 19

You know how there are certain aesthetic scenes in anime that are candy to your eyes, this is one of those aesthetic scenes! Do you find this aesthetically pleasing too?

18. That one friend

Meme 18

Do you guys also have a friend like this who puts on such a good WTF face at the most emotional things ever? I do have one and it’s so hilarious but you know actions matter a lot throughout life, so it’s better to have a great shining face instead of a dark and mean face!

17. Me coping up with the pandemic

Meme 17

That’s how I’ve been coping up with the coronavirus and the lockdown. What about you guys? Are you binge-watching your favorite shows?

16. More depression adds up

Meme 16

That dark moment when someone doesn’t appreciate your meme much. Moreover, it’s about depression so that’s quite dark. 

15. This is no less than a trap!

Meme 15

If you didn’t watch Fruits Basket you would never be able to guess if he’s a boy or a girl, isn’t that right?

14. That sad moment

Meme 14

That sad moment when you go to Burger King but you do not get your crown! It’s so painful! I mean, I always thought that I would get a crown if I ate a burger from burger king but that was a lie that I told myself! Who can relate to this meme? 

13. I missed you!

Meme 13

If you’re possessive, Nah I’m just kidding. If you’re a loving girlfriend you can relate to this meme! There are times like you miss your boyfriend a bit too much and end up hitting him all over like some crazy woman!

12. Just mom things

Meme 12

You know you’re going to hell when you break your mother’s favorite vase! It’s like there’s a strong bond between both of them. Maybe we’ll get to experience the same things when we grow up. We still have some stuff from our childhood that we cherish the most. Right?

11. My friends X Me

Meme 11

Although friends should appreciate us for talking about something we love with them. But If you talk a bit too much about something it can cause bleeding in their ears, right? So, make sure you don’t get too fired up while talking about Fruits Basket with your friends!

10. What I got at the end was DEPRESSION

Meme 10

It’s funny how we thought that Fruits Basket is going to be happy and adventurous. But we know how it reflected the story of the characters which was quite depressing at times too!

9. You're a riceball with a plum on its back

Meme 9

Sohma compared everyone with riceball with plum on its back! Doesn’t that sound funny?

8. Me to COVID-19

Meme 8

Some of you must not like to stay at home all day, right? So, you can surely relate to this meme!

7. KYO!

Meme 7

As I’ve mentioned earlier that Kyo is the hottest guy in the series, well not really but still quite hot! There’s just something about him that’s very unique as compared to other characters!

6. Hatsuharu Sohma

Meme 6

That hilarious moment when the ladies thought that Hatsuharu is going to ride some royal car but ended up riding a bicycle, it was such a turn-off for them.

5. When people ask me about Anime

Meme 5

I don’t really like to tell about myself since I’m in a process of finding myself. So, I prefer people to ask me about my favorite anime! Can you guys relate?

4. My obsession with Fruits Basket

Meme 4

It’s funny how you keep blabbing about your favorite anime in front of your Non-Anime friend or someone who’s not a true otaku! 

3. When there's a spider

Meme 3

As expected from the most generous characters, they’ll be like oh! please don’t kill it. It didn’t do anything wrong to you! 

2. My friends who don't watch Fruits Basket

Meme 2

I keep sending my friends Fruits Basket memes and they have no idea what I’m talking about. It sort of pisses me off but it pisses them off more than me!

1. The right way to cook leeks!

Meme 1

There’s no right way other than this to cook leeks as they smell kind of bad! 


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