Top 10 Strongest Fate/Stay Night Characters

Fate is one of the deepest series that anime has to offer, with dozens of different series and titles over in basically every format possible. We’ve seen countless numbers of servants and some are stronger than others, so we are going to go over who is the strongest in relation to the different Fate/Stay Night animes (Fate, UBW, Heaven’s Feel). For this list, we are going to take into account all three versions (or paths) that Fate/Stay Night.

We are also going to take into account the powers and abilities of the characters and not necessarily how they do in the holy grail war. This means that while one character might lose to another, they can still be ranked higher due to them being overall more powerful. What we mean as powerful being a characters ability to do damage in a head to head confrontation more or less. We will also be taking into account the events and feats that happen in the three different animes specifically and nothing else.

This list is also subjective and up to your own interpretation of the story and it’s characters. That being said let’s look at the top 10 strongest characters in Fate/Stay Night!

(Spoilers for all of the Fate/Stay Night animes ahead!)

10. Shirou Emiya

Top 10 strongest Fate/Stay Night characters

While he isn’t a servant (at least not yet) Shirou by the end of each anime gains so much power he can at least hold his own. Shirou has a limited magical ability when we first meet him but depending on which anime you are watch he gets different powers.

Any anime you watch however always has him come out with a significant power boost by the end, especially Unlimited Blade Works. Shirou gains access to the reality marble and on top of that, he gains enough skill and mana to use it properly. This means that this version of Shirou is strong enough to hold is own against Archer and Gilgamesh.

One could say that this easily makes him the strongest in Fate/Stay Night among the other humans like Kirei Kotomine and Rin.

9. False Assassin

False Assassin Fate/Stay Night

Next up on our list of strongest Fate/Stay Night characters is False Assassin. False Assassin, as known as the person who takes the identity of Koujiro Sasaki. Despite only being a wraith as Koujiro Sasaki never really existed, he is still pretty strong.

False Assassin was able to hold his own against Saber, who is considered to be the strongest class and the Saber he fought was one of the strongest heroic spirits in that class.

His Noble Phantasm, The swallow reversal, combined with his already insane speed makes it dangerous, even if on its own it’s not all that impressive.

8. True Assassin

Now we go onto the real Assassin in Fate/Stay Night, Hassan of the Cursed Arm, or more simply known as Hassan-i-Sabbah. This is the real assassin class servant in the fifth Holy War but only in the Heaven’s Feel route. Hassan takes the assassin label to heart more so than Sasaki, as he prefers to use stealth, evasion and trickery, rather than head-on attacks.

This is due to his overall lower stats in combat-related stats like strength and endurance while having an A in agility. His Noble Phantasm Zabaniya: Delusional Heartbeat, is very powerful and is basically a one-hit KO. It is an ability that negates all magical armor and resistance and once you touches your heart with it, it’s over for you.

While this is a powerful technique, it requires Assassin to get close to his target and while he is agile, most other Heroic Spirits use weapons to keep distance and also have fast enough reaction time to react to this attack.

This combined with his weakness in actual combat, puts him at number 8 on this list.

7. Rider

Fate Stay Night Rider

Rider makes it to number seven on our list of strongest Fate/Stay Night characters mainly due to her appearance in Heaven’s Feel where we really get to see what she can do.

Rider, also known as Medusa, gets a lot more attention and a significant boost in power in the Heaven’s Feel route due to Sakura Matuo being her master instead of Shinji.

Rider is fairly underrated as a Heroic Spirit and it can be hard not to when you look at her stats as they aren’t all that impressive but where she makes up for it is in her attacks, especially her Noble Phantasm Bellerophon.

Bellerophon is an Anti-Army type Noble Phantasm that is top tier. It has a few requirements before activity, such as Rider needs her mount and she needs to have her charge be uninterrupted. If these conditions are met she is basically unstoppable and this Noble Phantasm’s power rivals that of Excalibur.

She also has the ability to turn people to stone with her stare, being Medusa, and this makes her incredibly dangerous. We do have to knock a few points off for her most powerful technique needing a lot of prerequisites and the fact that she was defeated by a human in the UBW route.

6. Archer

Fate Stay Night Archer

While he is a fan favorite and one of the most important characters in the series we do have to put him fairly low on this list. This is mainly due to the limitations that his powers have, as while he can use any weapon he’s ever seen, he isn’t able to use it to it’s full potential, and his creations will always be weaker than the original.

While he has been able to hold his own with top tier servants and even defeat some of them, he is overall not that powerful. He has some very strong abilities, his reality marble, Unlimited Blade Works chief among them, but in terms of sheer power he is actually quite lacking.

Archer also has some, fairly terrible stats, having a D in strength and an E in luck with his best stat being a B in mana due to him being in the Archer class. He also does his best work at long range with his bow because well, he’s an Archer, but he seems to get into sword duels more often than not.

For not playing to his strengths, we have to knock a few points down.

5. Lancer

Lancer Fate/Stay Night

Lancer is another servant who is fairly underrated by the Fate fans and this is has a lot to due to the various ways that he dies in each of the Fate/Stay Night stories, where in each he basically gets screwed. This went so far that in Fate Carnival Phantasm, they basically treat him like Kenny from South Park and kill him in every episode.

Despite being played for Laughs Lancer is very strong, having the stamina to outlast most of his opponent and a fair amount of power that is underrated. His weapon, Gae Bolg, is one of the most famous in the Fate universe and its Noble Phantasm is basically a one-hit kill that can never miss, so basically it is death.

The problem is that being a part of the Lancer class seemingly comes with the curse of being screwed at least once in every Holy Grail war and his lack of strength means he can be overwhelmed quite easily by some other people on this list.

4. Caster

Fate/ Stay Night Strongest Characters

Caster makes her way this far up this list no because any of her abilities are that powerful from a destructive sense but because her powers basically give her the ability to do anything that she wants.

Her Noble Phantasm, Rule Breaker, basically gives her the power to do whatever she wants, from summon her own servants like False Assassin, to steal other people’s servants and getting their master’s command spells.

This ability makes her super dangerous as instead of just fighting her you could end up fight servants shes stolen or summoned herself, on top of her already considerable magical abilities.

3. Saber

Saber Strongest FAte Stay Night

You probably know where this list is going to go from here but you might be surprised that Saber is third. While the Saber class is considered the most powerful class among the servant classes and Arturia is considered one of the strongest among the Saber class, it doesn’t make her invincible.

Saber is able to do things that are seemingly impossible, like dodge Lancers Noble Phantasm, which is literally impossible. She also has a high degree of magic resistance that can defend her from most magical attacks. Of course we have to mention her Noble Phantasm, Excalibur, which might also be in the top three for it’s own category.

Despite all of the things she has going for her, Saber still struggled against our next two entries.

2. Berserker

Berserker Fate Stay Night

Berserker might be the scariest servant you could go up against in the entire Fate series. First off his stats are just insane, having an A in everything, except for his B in Luck, which is no where near terrible.

Then his abilities are just insane, he has skin that is too hard to pierce with most weapons and he, despite having the Mad Enhancement like other Berserkers, still maintains his technique and finesse, making him even more dangerous.

All this with mentioning that if you somehow complete the Herculean task (get it) of putting this guy down, he will come back to life just as strong as before multiple times. Add in the fact that he has all the mana he could ever need thanks to his master and you’ll need to be the most powerful thing in existence to defeat this servant.

`1. Gilgamesh

Gilgamesh Strongest Fate Stay Night character

Yeah you saw this one coming, Gilgamesh might just be one of the most over powered characters in all of anime history. Seriously sure he isn’t all that imposing physically and he can take damage from a normal arrow from Archer.

The thing is that every time Gilgamesh loses, it’s because of his own arrogance, meaning he more or less beats himself and it’s not his opponent that beats him. Seriously if Gilgamesh ever tries to beat his opponents their basically screwed. All of the weapons he has in his collection are Noble Phantasms, or at least their original versions, meaning every time he uses Gate of Babylon, he is throwing hundreds of super-powerful weapons at you, at once.

Not to mention that he also has Ea and Enkidu chains are already OP weapons that he rarely ever uses. All of these reasons and many more are why Gilgamesh is clearly the strongest character in Fate/Stay Night

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