21+ MEANINGFUL Dragon Maid Quotes! (HQ Images)

Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

If you’re looking for some anime with crazy and interesting storyline, Kobayashi Maid Sama or Dragon Maid is a must-watch! Slice of life mixed with dragon spice is what Dragon Maid is all about. So, if you’re tired of watching too much shonen and want to relax, do watch Dragon Maid.

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Tohru Quotes

#1. This quote shows the way you’ll be raised and the way you’ll become in the future. Tohru was a dragon but her parents raised her in that way and taught her that if you take favors from someone, always keep in mind that you have to repay them at any cost.

Kobayashi saved Tohru’s life and to return that favor, Tohru decided to become her maid and help her in every possible way.

"I was raised to repay all favours, even if owed to foolish, inferior humans!"

Tohru Quotes

#2. Tohru and Kobayashi became so close that for Tohru, Kobayashi became everything. She just wanted to be with her. Everything was for Kobayashi and this was because of the bond both of them created between them.

"Living here with you is my life now"

Tohru Quotes

#3. This one phrase described Tohru’s whole life: that she was born in an environment where everything was messed up. Chaos was everywhere she lived in that catastrophe and grew in it and the next thing that she knew was fighting gods.

"I was born with the chaos faction, lived with chaos, and fought the divine"

Tohru Quotes

#4. This quote is about the difference between the ones we trust and the ones whom we don’t even know. You can go anywhere and live. But if everyone’s a stranger then that’s just you living among strangers, and it’s no fun living among them, but if you are with the ones you know and trust then that makes everything fun and worth living.

"Living among them doesn't mean living with them."

Tohru Quotes

Kobayashi Quotes

#1. What makes us different from others? Our face? Color? Body type? No. The thing which makes us human is our skill and quality we are good at things which are difficult for others, so it’s better to focus on that one particular thing, but we try to do other things too, yet we forget that those are not for us there are things which are made for us, we have to do those.

"You should focus on doing things only you can do".

Kobayashi Quotes

#2. This is a sad truth that humans are afraid of accepting things that are different from us.

Tohru and Kanna were dragons and if people knew about that, they’ll not be able to accept that instead, they would assume that they are a threat to us.

We are scared of things that are different and sometimes even if that one thing won’t cause any harm to us, yet we’re still scared of that.

"But humans don't like things different from themselves."

Kobayashi Quotes

#3. We all love peace as it relaxes our soul but sometimes, what we want doesn’t happen yet something opposite does happen at that time.

When we want is quietness and peace, and when someone starts being noisy that makes us hate those people. And it doesn’t matter how good they are for us at that point they become annoying.


What each of us hates is someone being too noisy when we want some peace and quiet."

#4. If we want something, we have to compromise on something. Take an exam if you want good grades, you have to study, and it’ll require compromise in some stuff like playing games or something else.

If you want to earn more you have to work hard, and you have to compromise a bit of your peace and sleep. Simply it is not possible to get something without compromises.

"You'll never get anywhere if you can't compromise."

Kobayashi Quotes

#5. We all know that we all are not the same, we are different in good ways or maybe in bad ways maybe it is because of our body which makes us different maybe the color and sometimes this makes us insecure every body shape every color is beautiful on its own. 

But we just can’t accept that and when we do when we know we are different, and we accept it becomes a movement when a journey to moving forward starts.


"Knowing you are different is only a start."

Kobayashi Quotes

#6. This is a fact, not just a fact but a complete reality!  Our society is about giving and taking. If we want something from someone in exchange, we have to give them something, nothing is free.

Let’s take the example of Kobayashi. She works in an office, but why? To earn money,  does she get it for free? No. In exchange, she has to work hard for the company even though her chief yells at her but still she works there to earn her livelihood. It’s all about giving and taking the more give the more you are given. 

"It’s a simple fact of life that human society is built on give and take.”

Kobayashi Quotes

#7. This is what Kobayashi’s life was. She was always busy and away from her parents there was no one who wanted her or was desperate for her but when Tohru came into her life, she became precious for her and that was the time when Kobayashi felt special.

"I’m not used to being wanted. That’s never happened to me before"

Kobayashi Quotes

#8. There are people who love to be alone then there are people who are alone because they have no other choice, Kobayashi was from those who didn’t have any other choice. But when Tohru came to her life she accepted her and decided to live with her. 

Kobayashi was alone for a really long time, always busy and working most of the time. She didn’t get time to make close friends, and she lived separate from her family but Tohru was like a light to her dark life, and she accepted her.


"Maybe it won't be so bad to have someone around from now on."

Kobayashi Quotes

#9. We are always taught that never trust strangers but, we are also taught that trust your friends and family. Ever thought of why should we?  We build a bond that makes us trust them which brings us closer to them. That bond is called love.

When Kanna first met Kobayashi she said that Kobayashi is just going to use both of them for her own benefit but  Kobayashi didn’t say anything to her or asked her to trust her. 

She told her this quote and that she understands why she can’t trust her. It was because Kobayashi was a stranger to her. She was not her friend nor her family which makes it hard to trust her.

"Trusting Someone is something that happens after you became friends or become lovers"

Kobayashi Quotes

#10. Respect is something we all want but we can’t get respect by force. if you can respect someone by your own will and the other person respects you because you are a good person then both of you can form a bond. A bond of trust, a bond of love, every relationship wants respect from the other and that respect keeps the bond strong and unbreakable.

"If you can respect each other, then you can forge both trust and bonds."

Kobayashi Quotes

#11. We, humans, build relationships. We have some relationships from our birth like a relationship of mother and son. This relationship will never break.

Then there are temporary relationships like a love relationship between a girl and a boy, but this is temporary even if a marriage is temporary it’s not permanent even a 15 year of marriage can break just by signing a paper.

Human Relationships are just so confusing and hard to understand. We make promises which we can’t keep just to make a relationship and then break the relationship because we were unable to fulfill the promise.

"Often I think human relationships are just confusing."

Kobayashi Quotes

#12. Do you know when a child becomes an adult? Is it when he grows older or his body starts changing and starts to look like an adult? No, it’s when they start taking responsibility for their certain actions. 

We all wanted to stay kids. It’s fun but, as we grow old we take on more responsibilities and the next thing we notice is that we are not kids anymore.

"Most people don't try to become adults, they just can't stay children any longer."

Kobayashi Quotes

Fafnir Quotes

#1. According to Fafnir, there are two kinds of humans one who is good, and they are hits, and one who is bad they are misses.

Fafnir’s misses are good for him because they’ll try to steal his treasure and he can punish them for that but, Fafnir now knows because of Takiya that there are hits that who won’t steal his treasure and he can trust them and Fafnir even considered Takiya as a hit.

"Humans are either hits or misses."

Fafnir Quotes

#2. We are afraid of telling people about our desires because we are afraid they’ll make fun of us, but the one who is not afraid of telling their desire without any fear without any shame that person is a real human! We don’t have to be afraid or ashamed of our desires those are our desire our wanting we don’t need to hide them.

If you can overcome this fear then you are a real human.

"You would voice your desires without shame"? Very well. You are truly human."

Fafnir Quotes

Takiya Quotes

#1. This quote is based on our wanting.
It doesn’t matter what choice we have, all that matters is what we want. Kobayashi was so busy at work that she didn’t have time to go to Kanna’s sports festival but Takiya asked her if you don’t have time. 

All that matters is do you want to go or not. That movement Kobayashi realized what she wanted and worked really hard and completed everything and made it to the sports festival. It’s about what we want. The way will come forward to get our wants.

"Well, I think it's more a question of do you want to go, rather than can you."

Takiya Quotes

Kanna Quotes

#1. The moment when Kanna understood that being with everyone and working together is not bad it is so much fun she decided to be with everyone.

The same goes for us humans if even being a dragon Kanna can understand this one simple thing why can’t we?

"That's fine. It's better being with everyone else."

Kanna Quptes

Shouta Quotes

#1. Even though Shouta is just a kid but doesn’t intend to achieve his desire with someone’s help, he wants to achieve it by himself.

Even Shouta can do it, why can’t we? We are humans. We can do everything if our will is strong, and we can achieve any of our desires.

"I’ll achieve my desires myself."

Lucoa Quotes

#1. When sometimes a couple fights it is because they care for each other, and they can’t see their mate being on the wrong path.

A Friend will stop you when you do something wrong even if they fight just to stop you. This is because they care for you, and they are close to you. The one who’ll not be close to you will never stop you but the one who is close to you who loves you will stop you at any cost.

"This fight only happened because you've grown so close to each other"

Lucoa Quotes
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