Dragon Ball Theory: Who Will Be The Next God Of Destruction?

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Dragon Ball Super ended its fifth season on March 25, 2018, or October 5, 2019, for you dub watchers and a ton of fans are waiting for the announcement of the next season. There are a ton of questions that a bunch of fans want to be answered but one that fans have been wondering for a while is who will eventually take Beerus‘ place as Universe 7’s God of Destruction.

Ever since the concept was introduced in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods fans have been speculating on who has the potential to replace Beerus as the next God of Destruction. Most people usually suggest the same hand full of Dragon Ball characters when it comes to this debate and it might be time to look over some argument for those in that handful.


Goku God of Destruction

Pro Arguments

The pro arguments are a little thin for Goku. One of them for Goku being the next God of Destruction is that he has been willing to abandon his family in the past. Goku has gone out to get milk and never come back a lot in the Dragon Ball series.

Becoming the next God of Destruction would also give Goku the opportunity to continue his training with Whis. The idea of being able to train with Whis for possibly Millions of years may sway Goku to take the position of God of Destruction.

This would also be an interesting end to his character from a thematic standpoint, starting from a low-class Saiyan refugee to have power that rivals gods.

Con Arguments

On the other hand, Goku hasn’t ever really been one for destruction or even killing. Goku actively moves fights to areas where bystanders won’t get hurt, so destruction on a planetary scale probably isn’t one of his favourite things to do.

Goku also hasn’t done a lot of killing compared to the rest of the Dragon Ball cast. He actively didn’t want to kill Frieza and even when he tried, he failed. He also regretted having to kill Kid Buu, hoping that he would be revived one day, as a better being.


Vegeta, Next God of Destruction

Pro Arguments

Vegeta has always been a lot more down for destroying things than Goku has. Vegeta destroyed planets on a whim before joining up with the Z fighters, so making that his job probably wouldn’t be too far fetched.

Vegeta would probably also want to train with Whis for as long as possible, and taking the position may be the only way for him to continue after Beerus retires.

Vegeta has also expressed the dream of becoming immortal in the past, it’s the whole reason he came to earth in the first place!

Lastly, it would again be a nice end for the character thematically, going from being the prince of a nearly extinct race to becoming the next God of Destruction.

Con Arguments

The problem is the Vegeta would stay for one reason Goku might not, he’s a family man. Vegeta, no matter how much he tries to hide it, clearly loves his family too much to ever even think about abandoning them.

Do we even need to mention the time he freaked out when Beerus slapped Bulma or when Trunks was killed by Cell?

There’s also the fact that despite Vegeta being a planet destroyer in the past, he hasn’t done that in decades. He has even gotten over his dream of becoming immortal, probably because it might mean he would live without his family.


Broly Next God of Destruction

Pro Arguments

We haven’t seen a ton of Broly considering how he’s only been in one movie so far.

Broly’s main claim to being the next God of Destruction is his just astonishing level of power and destructive potential. Broly, with any real combat experience apart from sparring with his father and fighting off insects, was able to push Vegeta to use SSG, before transforming into his Wrath state.

When Broly eventually turned into a Super Saiyan, he was able to beat both Goku and Vegeta in there SSB forms, and absolutely dominate Golden Frieza for a whole hour.

With all this in mind, it’s safe to say that Broly is defintely God of Destruction material. Can you imagine what he could be if he started training with Whis?!

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Con Arguments

Outside of his Wrath form, Broly doesn’t seem too interested in destroying things, despite his insane power.

Broly definitely enjoys a good fight, as seen when Goku is dropping off some supplies for him and his crew on his “home planet” but becoming an immortal killing machine is just a bit beyond that.

Broly probably doesn’t have any idea about Gods of Destruction or the multiverse, so it would be weird to think of him taking over with that limited knowledge. Broly probably also lacks the attention to detail that God Ki requires.


Frieza, Next God of Destruction

Pro Arguments

Frieza was basically trying to become the next God of Destruction from the very start of the series. Frieza’s main job was buying and selling planets but he also spent a good amount of time destroying them too.

Frieza is the being who destroyed planet Vegeta and like 99% of the Saiyan race. He also has no problem with killing, even when it comes to his own subordinates. Seriously, Freiza has probably killed more of his own men than Goku has.

Frieza, like Vegeta, has also expressed that he wanted to become immortal during his time on Namek.

Frieza is also very aware of Beerus and was one of the main reasons that Universe 7 won the Tournament of Power, which saved all the lives in the multiverse.

Con Arguments

While Frieza did want to be immortal, he stated in Dragon Ball Super: Broly, that he no longer wants to become immortal, as he would no longer enjoy fights without the possibility of his own death.

Frieza may also enjoy the job a little too much if he actually got it. There’s a decent chance that if Frieza becomes the Next God of Destruction, that he will eventually go off the rails and might try to destroy everything, so best to avoid the chance entirely.


Majuub, God of Destruction

Pro Arguments

Majuub is a little bit out of the left-field but please bear with me. While h hasn’t made an appearance in Dragon Ball Super, that’s because he is still a baby but he has a ton of potential. We didn’t get to see it flourish much in Dragon Ball GT but Uub is the reincarnation of Kid Buu, so he has a ton of latent destructive power.

There’s a reason that Majuub is specifically listed. Majuub is what happens when Uub absorbs Majin Buu, technically making him whole. Uub becoming Majuub not only gave him a big boost in power but also made him immortal, as his old human body was still subject to ageing.

Talking about this from a thematic perspective one last time, the reincarnation of someone who would mindlessly destroy the universe to being the next God of Destruction would be cool.

Con Arguments

The big point against Majuub is his personality. He probably doesn’t have it in him to be a God of Destruction, being naturally kind-hearted and basically the exact opposite of Kid Buu.

We’ll have to see how Majuub would be portrayed in Super if he ever makes an appearance, as GT is non-canon and he might be different in canon, like Broly.


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