15+ BEST Dragon Ball, Z, GT, Super Quotes (IMAGES)

Dragon Ball Z Quotes. Beerus Quotes. Before Creationg must come destruction. Quote The Anime.

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Android 16 Quotes

1. Android 16 makes a lot of Sense. Sometimes we need to fight and that might mean physically too be able to stand for something that is more just. I mean if for example: Is being threatened for their life. I believe it would be okay for the father to stand and physically fight, which mine means Island but I think that’s a right cause to violence for.

Dragon Ball Z Quotes. Android 16-It's not a sin to fight for the right case. Quote The Anime.

Beerus Quotes

1. Love this quote by Beerus was a surprise to me, given that I think it goes to show about who politicians really are. I believe Beerus is trying to say that people who speaks so loudly about righteousness and justice, must be people that are more diplomatic and the least righteous. Because I think the people that are actually extremely humble cam I know they’re downfalls and how fragile the line between what’s good and bad in life really is.

Dragon Ball Z Quotes. Beerus Quotes. Nobody preaching about justice is ever a good guy. Quote The Anime.

2. This quote is unbelievable, but in some religions and a lot of religions this what’s said in some ways or another that or something new to begin the old must be destroyed. I say also natural disasters in our world show us this kind of Destruction and then creation or restart as you might call that. Basashi reminds me of the anime dr. Stone oh, we’re actually a whole society of people is petrified and Turned to Stone, but eventually wakes up and the society is restarted.

Dragon Ball Z Quotes. Beerus Quotes. Before Creationg must come destruction. Quote The Anime.

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Frieza Quotes

Frieza was such an insane character. He was shown to be such an evil character from the beginning. His development in the story-line of the show, through all the series, supported this about him. Up until maybe the Dragon Ball Super Tournament between the universes that was held. Because Frieza actually ended up fighting alongside Goku to defeat Jiren. But even then, Frieza did that in order to save himself, and no other reason.

DRagon Ball Quotes. Frieza Quotes. I doub i need an introduction but just in case, I am the mighty Frieza . Quote The Anime.

Goku Quotes

1. this is one is one of the most angriest quotes, I’ve heard from Goku. And we all know that Goku isn’t the type of guy who actually gets angry that much. He’s very like happy-go-lucky and usually just laughing most of the time.

'Certain things are understood. You don't ever miss with a man's family.' -Goku quotes. Dragon Ball Quotes.

Dragon Ball Son Goku Case

This is one of my favourite moments when all three of them, Goku, Gohan and Goten combine to do a “Kamehameha!”

Dragon Ball Quotes. Goku Quotes. KameHameHa Quote The Anime.

Goku Black Quotes

In totality, I think us humans cause a lot of damage. I definitely agree with that, and can’t deny it. Like in terms of the pollution we’ve created from our factories. The extinction of animals due to hunting. The wars that have taken many innocent lives.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Goku black Quotes. Humans must be destroyed. Quote The Anime.

Gowasu Quotes

This is probably one of the deepest quotes out of the whole series of Dragon Ball to me because it goes into the root of good and evil. I think the lesson here for is that justice is not doing the right things always. But always searching and being on the quest to do the righteous thing is justice.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Gowasu Quotes. Keep search for the path of good. Don't let evil lose your way. Quote The Anime.

Grand Elder Kai Quotes

I think this one is too complex for me to understand. It also goes into spirituality vs. philosophy. But if we were to keep it philosophy, in the Dragon Ball universe, even when they pass away, they still seem to have their physical bodies, and all. Which is why this quote makes sense.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Grand Elder Kai Quotes. Death is simply another stage in life. Quote The Anime.

Hercule Quotes (Mr Satan)

Hercule or mr. Satan is just hilarious and I think he was such a cute character in the whole series of Dragon Ball as far holder of attention through comedy and silliness.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Hercule-Mr.Satan Quotes. Peace made against Earch. Thanks to my name accross the Galaxy. Quote The Anime.

Piccolo Quotes

The enemy for me is the enemy in me. I heard this line recently I really resonated with me the fact that we were really competing against ourselves and that is where our biggest growth was to be their last record.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Piccolo Quotes. My greatest opponent is myself. Quote The Anime.

Vegeta Quotes

I think it’s so true because in life we live with the regret of doing something, or the regret of not being able to do something. I would like to choose the regret of doing something along with some ethical lines that I would not like to break ever in my life.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Vegeta Quotes. Push through the pain. Giving up hurts more. Quote The Anime.
Dragon Ball Quotes. Vegeta Quotes. I will not stop until I reach my goal or die trying. Quote The Anime.
Dragon Ball Quotes. Vegeta Quotes. There is only one certainty in life. Quote The Anime.

Whis Quotes (Angel)

I think the lesson here that West was teaching Vegeta and Goku was very important because I think once we understand a concept deeply our intuition is much better at solving problems are getting us the next solution as it works on a way deeper and subconsciously faster level then we can consciously think.

Dragon Ball Quotes. Whis Quotes. You need to teach every part of your bodies to respond on their own. Quote The Anime.

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