12+ Dr. Stone Characters Zodiac Signs! (Find Yours!)


In the world of Science would you want to find yourself? I’m sure you do! The story of Dr. Stone revolves around a boy named Senku who changes the old stone age into the world of science! He makes new nakamas and builds things together, and grows them mentally. This is why their team always surpasses other teams with no scientific power. In fact, Science is the biggest superpower!

So, let us find you in the world of science and see how intellectual you are! Here’s a list of 12+ Dr. Stone Characters Zodiac Signs!

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Table of Contents

Aries (March 21 ~ April 20)

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Taurus (April 21 ~ May 20)

12. Taiju


Birthday: May 12th
Sign: Taurus

Taiju is the type of guy who has endless willpower in him. Tauruses are known to have infinite stamina and they do not give up very easily. Taiju is the perfect example of a Taurus guy.

When it comes to shoving the enemies in their faces, Taiju is always ready to do so. He’s very strong mentally and physically. Tauruses are also very loyal to their people and they would do anything for them.

Taiju is an extroverted person who’s friendly as well as enthusiastic about performing little tasks diligently for his team! So, if you’re a Taurus you’re the tough guy Taiju!

Gemini (May 21 ~ June 20)


11. Yuzuriha


Birthday: June 10th
Sign: Gemini

Geminis are social butterflies and are loved equally by everyone. They carry a rare aura around them and that leads to attracting everybody to them.

Yuzuriha being a typical Gemini is an out-going person who’s nice to everyone. She’s very talented and has exceptional sewing skills too! And she also made the flag for the Science kingdom!

Geminis are great supporters of their team and would do anything for them. They genuinely get so caught up in doing things for their team. So, if you’re a Gemini you’re the extroverted and talented Yuzuriha!

Cancer (June 21 ~ July 22)

10. Tsukasa


Birthday: July 13th
Sign: Cancer

At times Cancerians can be violent but they’re aware of their actions. Their little gestures mean a lot to their loved ones. Similarly, Tsukasa is fierce in battles but is actually a polite man.

Tsukasa has psychotic behavior as well, he goes all crazy during the wars and doesn’t care about anyone. It’s like he’s ready to destroy everyone! So, if you’re a Cancer you’re the fierce Tsukasa!

Leo (July 23 ~ August 22)

9. Kohaku

Birthday: August 13th
Sign: : Leo

Kohaku is a very diligent worker. Like a typical Leo, she’s very passionate about doing things and never loses motivation. She’s strong and would sacrifice everything for her older sister, Ruri.

We all have seen her fighting desperately for her sister and finding the medicine for her too. Once Leos have decided their goal they will make sure to achieve it!

Kohaku is a very extroverted and friendly lady. She’s literally perfect, you know how? It’s bec1ause she has all of the good traits! so, if you’re a Leo you’re the wholesome Kohaku!

Virgo (August 23 ~ September 22)


8. Chrome


Birthday: September 21st
Sign: Virgo

If there’s someone genuinely interested in science, it’s Chrome. He has a lot of curiosity for science and learns a lot of things from Senku too. He’s confident enough about his intellect.

Chrome doesn’t really care about age when it comes to befriending people. His friend is Kaseki who’s over 50 years old. So, Virgos tend to care less about things as compared to other zodiac signs.

Virgos are highly intellectual and their thinking is based on logic. Once they have a deep interest in something, they go all-in for that. Just like how Chrome is super interested in Science! So, if you’re a Virgo you’re the smart Chrome!

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Libra (September 23 ~ October 22)

7. Gen Asagiri


Birthday: October 15th
Sign: Libra

Libras are a very humorous type of people, they’re very lively and are likable by everyone! They keep everything in balance. Just like how Gen tried to keep both of his teams balanced, the one with Tsukasa and the one with Senku.

Gen is a very funny guy and an extroverted guy, he can also imitate others very well. He also loves drinking coke and fooling around. To be honest, due to this character Dr. Stone has been really fun! So, if you’re a Libra you’re the entertaining Gen!

Scorpio (October 23 ~ November 22)

6. Kinro


Birthday: November 18th
Sign: Scorpio

Scorpios can be intimidating at first but they’re very focused on their goals. They tend to get disappointed very quickly but their motivation to do things is very strong!

Kinro being a typical Scorpion looks kind of scary but is a good guy. It’s hard to distract him and he takes his job very seriously! So, if you’re a Scorpio you’re the serious Kinro!

Sagittarius (November 23 ~ December 21)

5. Ginro


Birthday: December 21st
Sign: Sagittarius

Ginro is Kinro’s brother. He’s a coward who gets scared very easily. He tends to lose hope very quickly too! Ginro tries to do his best to not get startled by things but it’s just in his nature. Although he’s been supporting Senku in the building of his Science kingdom! So, if you’re a Sagittarian you’re the coward Ginro!

Capricorn (December 22 ~ January 19)

4. Senku Ishigami

Senku Ishigami

Birthday: January 4th
Sign: Capricorn

Senku is the leader of everybody in the series and is always shining so bright. He’s literally the mentor of everybody and is teaching them different scientific methods.

His analytical thinking gets him through the tough times. And the most interesting thing about Senku is that he’s always prepared to face the music beforehand and nobody knows how!

Like a pure Capricorn, Senku is down-to-earth but also a good instructor. His eyes burn with passion when he sees chemicals! Capricorns are sharp and they build everyone around them. So, if you’re a Capricorn you’re the scientist Senku!

3. Ruri


Birthday: January 12th
Sign: Capricorn

Capricorns are very diligent and goal-oriented. They’re strong and hold enough power to scare off other people. Ruri is Kohaku’s sister who remained sick most of the time in the series in the first season.

In the second season, she has been supporting Senku and his team. In fact, she became a part of his team. She’s one gorgeous, kind, and friendly lady who’s easy to get along with. So, if you’re a Capricorn you’re the generous Ruri!

Aquarius (January 20 ~ February 19)

2. Kaseki

Birthday: February 5th
Sign: Aquarius

Once Aquarians find out something they’re good at, they can burn the world with their two hands. No, I’m not exaggerating that’s the fact! Kaseki is one prideful man who’s very good at his work. He’s been helping Senku building things with the power of Science. He’s very intellectual
and has been of such a big help to Senku!

Pisces (February 20 ~ March 20)

1. Suika

Birthday: March 13th
Sign: Pisces

Now comes the character that everybody loves! Suika is very down-to-earth and is loved by everyone, even the viewers of Dr. Stone. She’s got supersonic speed and spies on everyone. Although she’s a bit insecure about the looks that don’t necessarily stop her from doing amazing tasks! so, if you’re a Pisces you’re the amazing Suika!


I think that’s it for Dr. Stone Characters Zodiac Signs. I hope you guys found your favorite smarty from Dr. Stone and enjoyed it. Share it with your friends to let them know about Dr. Stone’s character based on their zodiac sign! See you guys on the next blog!


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