101+ FUNNIEST Dr. Stone Memes!

If you’re a science student who watches Anime, you’re at the right place! It’s interesting how one can learn a lot of things from Anime. You get to learn unity, power, and even chemical knowledge! 
Dr. Stone is all about creating “New things” and providing people of the stone age some scientific knowledge with our mastermind SENKU! If any of you watched Dr. Stone it’s going to be a fantastic ride for you, put on your seatbelts and get ready to enjoy! So, in this blog, we’re going to be sharing Dr. Stone Memes with you guys!
Here’s a list of 101+ Dr. Stone Memes

Table of Contents

102. Abandon Science!

102 meme

There’s no way Senku can abandon science, isn’t that right? He’ll abandon literally everything else but not science. No way!

101. Stone World

101 meme

Adam and Eve of Stone World! HAHA! That’s a nice one Senku. But just look at your friend, I don’t think he’s up for that.

100. Senku's waifu is science!

100 meme

That’s absolutely right! Senku has so many pretty girls around him meanwhile, he’s busy discovering things! His waifu is SCIENCE!

99. Among Us players be like

99 meme

Among Us players in real life also find everything sus! (suspicious) and it’s so funny!

98. Senku's Cola

Okay, now I’m curious how does Senku’s Cola taste like? I wonder if it’s any different from the original cola. If it isn’t then it’s no fun, right guys?

97. Gorilla Girl

97 meme

That’s right! Kohaku is our powerful Gorilla girl since she has immense strength as that of a gorilla! This comparison of Gorilla with Kohaku makes this one of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes!

96. The cockroaches on the wall

I literally get super hungry in the middle of the night out of nowhere and then I get up to grab a meal then all of a sudden I see roaches on the wall and freak the hell out of everyone!

95. Senku X Tsukasa's Empire

Senku is such a big brain and an amazing scientist that he discovered gun powder! And that’s such an evil discovery since he’s planning on destroying Tsukasa’s empire!

94. Spicy Water

94 meme

Third graders out of nowhere: Lava is just spicy water! Excuse me but what is “Spicy water” and what does it have to do with lava? I’m not gonna lie but this lowkey makes sense. Lava looks pretty spicy!

93. Boomers be like

93 meme

Boomers are always criticizing us for using the things they invented! This is just so unfair! Why do we have to be attacked for something they invented and then they shut us up by saying that they don’t need our opinion!

92. "Stop making memes"

92 meme

Oh! You must be kidding, right? You’re approaching me? * in Dio’s voice * You can’t just go ahead and tell me not to do something I LOVE the most! It’s my job to make you all laugh! 

91. When your girls takes her makeup off

Can you relate to this meme? Send this to your girlfriend right now! Or maybe no because who knows about the outcomes. HAHA! Anyway, this is also one of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes!

90. Just me and my crackhead

90 meme

Has this ever happened to you? I mean we’re sitting in our class peacefully and then some very bizarre yet funny thing comes to our mind and we just can’t stop laughing! As a result, we get caught by our teachers!

89. Me trying to watch Anime at home

89 meme

Every single inconvenience is on its way when I’m trying to watch anime at home! Mom will go like, go wash dishes! Dad is like, hold this flashlight while fixing something. Can you relate? And me who has got a shit ton of stuff to study. 

88. Home Alone Vibes

88 meme

Do you guys like staying at home all by yourself? Do you feel the freedom and peace too? I can party all by myself very well!

87. Profile Pictures over social media apps

87 meme

 This is literally the story of every person. They be uploading the most revealing picture of themselves on tinder!

86. Boomers X Memes

86 meme

Boomers will never get memes but will know what a “Meme” is! Isn’t that right? I find it very cute of them.

85. Dr. Stone

85 meme

I really feel like Dr. Stone is very underrated. Everything is exceptional in the series, the storyline, the animation, and everything! So, let’s get Dr. Stone popular! You all share this meme with your friends!

84. Small dreams

84 meme

What if you wanted to go to Ishigami Village but Kinro said “rules are rules”. That’d be one of the saddest Anime moments! Isn’t that right?

83. How Dr. Stone solves problems

Other Anime be like, “The power of friendship is everything one needs” Meanwhile, Dr. Stone, “We’re going to use the power of Science”! That’s honestly dope and unique!

82. Power of Science

82 meme

How would you feel if you went back into the days with the current knowledge you have? Will you continue living in the stone age or work hard to upgrade the civilization?

81. Green Onions X Senku

81 meme

Why didn’t I think of that? OMG! Whoever came up with this edit must be a funny person. HAHA! It just goes so well with Senku’s hair! I swear this meme to be one of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes!

80. My uncultured friends blessed with my taste

80 meme

It’s funny how my friends are uncultured even when they’re my friends! I always suggest them one hell of an amazing anime so that they can thank me later! 

79. Evil Weeb-ish plans

79 meme

When you have literally planned the popularity of a specific Anime. But for real though, Dr. Stone deserves more attention and hype than any other anime. It’s just so good!

78. A girl who can pump Oxygen into an Iron forge

78 meme

Senku wouldn’t want a kawaii and basic girlfriend. He’d want someone who’d sacrifice her oxygen and pump it into an iron forge. That sounds intense my man Senku! 

77. Count every second!

77 meme

No way our Senku’s panicking in going back to the stone age! He’s not even worried about knowing the time. He’s such a mastermind he calculates time every second!

76. Second Graders be like

76 meme

Man, I really don’t understand why I did the same when I was in second grade, maybe I wanted to impress everyone! HAHA! but this is also one of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes of All Time.

75. Hasta La Vista Baby

75 meme

HAHA! OMG, some true genius must have made this meme! This must be shared with your friends who’d understand reading the periodic table. 

74. I just counted

74 meme

I hate how chill my friends are about geometry. I find it exceptionally hard. Do you feel the same?

73. Building things without the tutorials be like

73 meme

I really do feel like a scientist when I build things without the tutorials. Like what? Like leggo blocks! Have you ever built a yacht out of them? 

72. Star Wars Vs Stone Wars

72 meme

Star Wars Vs Stone Wars, the decision is yours to make? I’d surely pick Stone wars! In fact, this series is on-going these days and I’m so hyped up for it! 

71. Tsukasa X Thanos

71 meme

Tsukasa or Thanos, man they’re literally the same and you cannot change my mind! They’re unbelievably genius with attack strategies! 

70. Mikasa es Tsukasa

70 meme

It literally means, “My house is your house” and why the heck does this sound hilarious! Mikasa es su casa. It’s a fabulous pun 10/10 for an Otaku to use!

69. Senku's cosplay

69 meme

First green onions and now cabbage! Are you guys kidding me? This is getting out of hands now. 

68. Just Gen things

68 meme

Gen just wants cola and nothing else! I think I understand him. I’m quite addicted to cola myself too!

67. Wholesome Dr. Stone Characters

There’s just so much perfection when it comes to the characters of Dr. Stone! Isn’t that right? Every character has a unique vibe around them! For instance that maniac scientist Senku! 

66. Senku to Kohaku

66 meme

Ruri is a gorgeous princess! In fact, she’s the sister of Kohaku who’s totally opposite and isn’t very feminine. So, Senku decides to save Ruri princess!

65. When you see a kid alone

65 meme

I just hate when kids cry and scream so when I meet them all alone in a corner. I feel so evil!

64. You X Doctor

64 meme

HAHA! We all can relate to this since we all have been through this test once in our lifetime.

63. People whomst'd've watch Dr. Stone

63 meme

People who watched Dr. Stone are proved to be smarter than those who go to Harvard University! It might be unbelievable for non-otakus but I believe it!

62. Me watching Dr. Stone

62 meme

Every time I’m trying to watch Dr. Stone my mom bothers me to get out and socialize with everyone. Like why should I leave my virtual world and disappoint myself with the real world?

61. Me when my mom has my grade sheet

61 meme

That terrible moment when your teachers hand over your grade sheet to your mother. And this is the face you make when you see her expressions!

60. Dr. Stone's Netflix Adaptation

60 meme

This one Netflix adaptation should be included in the best Netflix Adaptations X Anime. This is just hilarious!

59. It wasn't anything important

59 meme

Yes if Senku doesn’t remember something it probably wasn’t important at the very first place. 

58. When the MC dies in the first episode

58 meme

Dr. Stone fans after the main character dies in the first episode. While other anime with the same storyline containing the death of MC in the first episode. 

57. Senku after inventing a phone in 99th episode

HAHA! That’s literally how Senku looked like after inventing a phone so late in the series!

56. Humans after inventing fire

56 meme

That’s a hundred billion percent right! That’s how we took dominance over animals! 

55. Slaying science exam be like

That’s how slaying science exam feels like! And I usually pass science subjects since they’re interesting and thanks to Dr. Stone for teaching me more than my college! 

54. Science User

54 meme

Chrome is the smartest guy after Senku in the series! So, we better not underestimate him. 

53. That guilt

That moment when you tell everybody to pay money to watch anime just so you can watch pirated anime without any worries or guilt! 

52. Chrome X Netflix Adaptation

52 meme

Honestly, I don’t see any difference at all! What about you guys? What do you think about this? 

51. Tsukasa to Senku

That hilarious moment when Tsukasa didn’t realize that Senku came up with gunpowder! And Senku can also make Coca Cola! I am just so curious about the Cola itself! 

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50. RAMEN!

51 meme

OMG! Yes! I don’t want anything else! Perfect ramen would be more than enough. 

49. Front Camera be like

Trust me, the front camera makes your face look so ugly! It’s totally the opposite of how your face looks from the back camera! Don’t believe me? Check it by yourself.

48. Ginro X Senku

Is it just me who finds this swap quite good! Ginro X Senku sounds good and looks amazing as well! 

47. Profile Pictures

47 meme

People be uploading their worst pictures on these social apps except for TINDER! 

46. Once someone wise said

Once someone wise said, “Murder is okay”. Just who the heck came up with such dark humor OMG! 

45. Me when someone asks me about basic math

I hate when I can’t calculate simple calculations. I really do not like maths! And It just pisses me off!

44. All my love and affection into that nitric acid

44 meme

If you want my love and affection please drink this miracle water! 

43. Once someone very wise said

43 meme

If you want to become a better person do as Senku says! 

42. Senku X Netflix

42 meme

Just some of our scientists from Netflix and Anime! 

41. Internet ruined my life

41 meme

It did ruin my life and now I won’t be able to look at Senku in the same way! but as long as it made you guys laugh, I’m glad! 

40. Minecraft Veterans be like

Minecraft has been stealing ideas from Dr. Stone or is the other way round? That’s so confusing omg! 

39. Astronauts in Dr. Stone

39 meme

When the whole earth turned into stone, only the Astronauts survived! 

38. Dr. Stone X Minecraft

38 meme

Can’t we just have some tea and talk about how much similar Dr. Stone and Minecraft is? 

37. Seven Vs One

37 meme

Advancing the civilization to just 500 years? Dude! That’s boring! I prefer Senku’s idea!! 

36. Just Senku things

36 meme

Honestly, I had the same reaction as Gen! It was hilarious but he proved it!

35. Everyone else is failing this lab

35 meme

As long as Senku is in there.. they all are failing! 

34. Is this a Jojo reference?

34 meme

That’s what Giorno witnessed when he was handed that golden piss in a fancy cup! And, he drank it! 

33. My mom when I steal my siblings' food

33 meme

She literally gets so worried about it. Like, I’ll buy something else for them mom! Don’t worry! 

32. Dr. Stone Vs Fire Force

32 meme

Which one do you prefer? Dr. Stone or Fire Force. I prefer Dr. Stone but yes I like Fire Force as well. They both are very dope! 

31. My friends to me

31 meme

My friends always have to make me the dumbest person alive in the world! Can you relate? Send this to your friend! 

30. Twins

30 meme

What do you mean by “how many”? HAHA! This is one of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes on the internet. 

29. No one:
My principal to me:

29 meme

That’s literally how my principal looks when he says that rules are rules and it’s just hilarious but sad too since I get in trouble every now and then. 

28. Stray cats be like

28 meme

When I feed stray cats I feel so good and I start to cherish them as if they’re my own cats. Can you relate too? 

27. Normal distanced eye of Kohaku

27 meme

I feel like everything will turn out right if Kohaku’s given normal eye distance! Do you feel the same way? She’s just so gorgeous. 

26. When WiFi drops by one bar

26 meme

Literally, when the wifi bar drops by one bar the whole video quality is ruined! 

25. Kohaku being a sister

25 meme

I really love this strong bond between sisters. And seeing that in anime is beautiful and I miss my sister now. 

24. When there are no clean dishes

24 meme

I’m Chrome! I swear I’d rather starve than to do the dishes. Only if Senku invents something that’d do the dishes by itself. I know dishwasher exists but it’s a hassle to add dishes in it. 

23. Me when I have only one glass of water the whole day

23 meme

Keep yourself hydrated if you don’t wanna end up like sweeties  Suiki! 

22. Change of plans!

The reason why Senku is alive to this day is because of his confidence in saving Tsukasa’s sister. 

21. A cursed Senku's drawing

Why am I seeing this right now? OMG! This image is cursed! 

20. Senku's ideal type of girl

20 meme

I see, he’s a man of culture as well! 

19. A very good pun

Do you get it? The answer is in the picture! It’s CHROME! 

18. Don't ask the obvious things!

18 meme

I’d be a big fool to ask people about Dr. Stone’s art style because it’s absolute perfection! 

17. Literally me

17 meme

I really love how these anime teach us more than our school does! 

16. A high IQ to understand Dr. Stone

16 meme

A high IQ is all you need to understand and watch Dr. Stone! 

15. Spring onion!

15 meme

I can’t have enough of Senku’s green onion hair! It’s just hilarious! 

14. Senku X Tsukasa

Senku is always stomping on Tsukasa’s plans! Tsukasa is always tired of Senku! 

13. Beware old people!

13 meme

Tsukasa is out there on the hunt on killing old people. You all better send this your parents! 

12. Magma Vs Chrome

12 meme

Just Dr. Stone things! 

11. I gotta do it for this guy

Senku being a good student always motivates me to become smart like him, I do get lazy at times but then I remember his priceless smile! 

10. OHIO!

The beginning of the Dr. Stone Intro be like OHIO! 

9. Me when I watch Dr. Stone

9 meme

I literally feel like a scientist when I’m watching Dr. Stone. It feels like it’s making me smarter every day! Can you guys relate?

8. Me when I fix the wifi

8 meme

I’m the genius sciencer, after all! 

7. When I understand Dr. Stone

7 meme

I believe in Dr. Stone supremacy! 

6. Ohayo Sekai Good Morning World!

This is literally in my mind when I wake up early in the morning! 

5. When you invent mobile phones

5 meme

Senku is hyping everyone with his authentic and fresh inventions! 

4. Don't do chemical cooking!

4 meme

Don’t try this at home! Never ever! Chemicals are scary and you shall stay away from them! 

3. My revision!

3 meme

I just want to be as confident as Senku! 

2. Have some IQ you villagers!

2 meme

Senku being a nice guy while these villagers underestimating his knowledge. 

1. Facts!

1 meme

You all really need science to survive in this world! 


These were some of the funniest Dr. Stone Memes! I hope these memes made you laugh and if you can relate to these memes share them with your friends! And do let us know in the comments below that which meme was your most favorite! See you guys on the next blog.


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